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Giant horses, huge dogs & puppies, OH MY!

You’ve heard me rave on about Anatolian Shepherds a lot on the blog, it’s easy to say they are a breed I feel strongly about and absolutly adore. I’m lucky that Melbourne has a pretty amazing community surrounding these dogs and on Tuesday I went and helped out on the Takas Volkodav property. By help out I mean, play with all the animals.


This is Geronimo, he’s HUGE! It takes a lot to make me feel small and standing next to him, well, I felt pretty small! There is a picture where his head is in front of my body and it’s pretty much the size of my torso. He was absolutely stunning and so friendly! I fed him a hay brick and then some bread from my hand! It’s true, I turn into an excited 7-year-old around animals.

Anatolian Puppies

PUPPIES! I’d never actually met any Anatolian puppies before, so it was a lot of fun getting to baby sit them! They are crazy cute little terrors who tried to eat all my clothes and hair. I’m not sure of their exact age but they were born in October.

Georgian Shepherd

This is Sunny, who nearly bowled me over with her beauty and her strength, seriously, I couldn’t walk her, she was a bit too strong for me. She is a Georgian Shepherd imported from Georgia. I stupidly asked ‘As in America?’ because I really do suck when it comes to geography. No, as in Georgia, the country in Europe. It then clicked in my head, because while I didn’t know about Georgian Shepherds, I did know about the Caucasian Shepherd/ Ovcharka.

Georgian Shepherd

She was super friendly, I am still surprised when you meet such a friendly huge dog. Not that large dogs aren’t friendly, it’s just that a lot of these dogs are guardian dogs and so much of the research i’ve read points to them being very protective and somewhat standoff-ish. Nope, not Sunny!


Central Asian Shepherd

This is Shamash, who I got to walk, she was very strong too and at one point was dragging me along the path. It was gravel and I couldn’t get a good enough grip on it. Once he got all her excitement (& pee) out he calmed down a lot and was easier to walk. This was my first time meeting a fully grown Central Asian Shepherd, I’d previously met Baby Sham Sham who is one of Shamash’s progeny. I got to meet a couple more CAS through windows as they aren’t as friendly and loving as Shamash.

Anatolian puppies

Puppies again! George, the brindle (lower left corner) will be heading off on a new adventure to Italy soon! Jicky is now protecting thousands of free range chickens on an organic chicken farm & Rajah will be a working dog on a farm in Dubbo!

It was such a wonderful day and my idea of heaven. Horses, dogs, beautiful land and a view. I learnt that hay gets everywhere, I came home with more hay in my bra than boobs! I’ve learnt that while I love huge dogs, I think Anatolians are still the right choice for me. The CAS are gorgeous, but I think too much of a strong dog for me, strength wise and personality wise.

What’s your favourite farm animal?

Nambucca Heads in Pictures! #xlinnambuccaheads

Sorry about the slight absence! I flew up to Sydney last week and decided to have a bit of a social media break. It was a good time to just spend time with my family and just be present in the moment. We headed up to Nambucca heads for my cousins wedding and the views were just amazing!

Nambucca Heads Nambucca Heads

It’s funny, when I was younger, I used to get car sick. I still kind of do, but not so bad. My Grandparents lived in Port Macquarie and it used to take us 2 days to get up there because I just couldn’t do it. We did the trip up to Nambucca Heads in one day. It was just under 500km! I was quite proud of myself!

Nambucca Heads

I’d never been to Nambucca Heads before, but golly it’s breathtaking! A lot of these photos are taken from the balcony of the hotel we were staying at. I’m not a huge beach person, but I could totally live with that view. It’s so serene. I loved hearing all the wildlife too.

Nambucca Heads Nambucca Heads

One night when coming home from a walk, I looked up to see all these bats flying past! It was so amazing! I remember seeing bats like this when I used to stay with my Sister in the city. There were hundreds of them! I stood outside watching them for ages.

Nambucca Heads

This giant length of mosaic is out the front of the police station. I took SO many photos of it because it was like playing a game of eye spy. One of my favourite pieces was a teeny pig ornament in one of the octopus tentacles!

Nambucca Heads Nambucca Heads Nambucca Heads

I have a few pictures of this not-so-little guy! He was hanging around the hotel and pretty friendly. I think he was quite used to having people around.

Nambucca Heads

Fiiiiish! It was so cool to walk around to where the river and sea met and see all the fish that were living there! Another thing I could just sit and stare at for hours!

Nambucca HeadsNambucca Heads

I’m a little sad I didn’t get to have a swim, in the river, ocean or hotel pool. I may not be a huge beach fan but I am a total lover of water. I grew up with a pool and pretty much lived in it! Swimming is something I sorely miss doing.

Nambucca HeadsNambucca Heads

Have you visited Nambucca Heads? Where is your fave place to holiday?

Anatolian Shepherd Champion Show 2016

It’s that time of year when the Anatolian Shepherd dog show rolls around. This was my 3rd year and 4th show attended & I’m more in love with these dogs than ever. It’s been amazing getting to know the dogs & their owners and to see the community grow.

Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016

There were lots of new dogs this year and many familiar faces. It was interesting to see some of the more recent litters and their temperaments. So many of the younger dogs were so friendly and wanting of attention, be it human or other dogs. I’m not saying the older Anatolians aren’t that way, but I guess they are more set in their way.

Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016

I’ve never really been around younger Anatolians though, and from what I’ve read & know of the breed, they are the years when you really have to shape them into the dog you want them to be. Socialise them heavily if you want them to be a pet, or get them used to animals if they are to be guardians. It was just strange walking past so many dogs who were all “Pat me, pay me attention“.

Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016 Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016

This is the beautiful Zazu, who you may remember that I got to show last year. He’s grown even more and is as handsome as ever. I’m so excited because he’s going to a new home and I just know he’s going to love it there. Sadly this year there has been several tragic losses of some beautiful dogs who are so very much missed.

Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016
Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016

I got to babysit and show Dragon, who I also babysat with Zazu early last year. She is such a gorgeous girl and I admit to having such a soft spot for her. I love that even though I can’t have a dog right now, I still have the opportunity to go to events and form bonds with these amazing dogs.

Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016Melbourne Anatolian Shepherd Specialist Champion Show 2016

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If you could own ANY animal, what would it be?