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In The Dressing Room

In the dressing room – Crossroads

As you can tell, In the dressing room posts have been coming once a week lately. I’ve put myself on a buying ban in the lead up to moving, but I still want to show YOU some of the awesome stuff that is in store. Thank you to everyone who has commented letting me know about the items you’ve scored.

In Adelaide, the girls of my local Crossroads store knew me by name, and would try and keep things aside in my size that they knew I’d like. I miss those ladies! I was drawn into Crossroads the other day by the racks of coloured jeggings, but was most excited about the below.

A gorgeous cut out skater dress! (HERE – $49.95). I picked it up in a XL and dashed off to try it on! The XL fit me perfectly, the pleats were in a great position and the cut outs in the neckline were such a cute detail. I kind of wanted to cry hanging it back up on the rack, $49.95 is a steal, but I didn’t NEED another black dress. Go check it out though, it is amazing!

I do however, need a few more warmer things, especially seeing as that where i’m moving too is colder then my current house. On the left is the ‘Open Panel Top’. I am so so so in love with the mint colour that is currently in. Such a pretty colour. I also tried on a few of their jeggings. The picture to the right is the ‘Penny coloured jegging’ in ‘Bluebell‘ size 22. I ended up having to go down to a size 18 to get the best fit. I came home and ordered the Pop Pink in my size, I’ll try and get some good OOTD pictures in them to show you the fit better.

Unlike the previous ITD posts, these are JEGGINGS, not actual jeans, but I found them so much more comfortable. They are somewhat higher waisted and just elasticated. No zips or buttons. Sure, when I wear them, I’ll have to wear more of tunic shirt, they create more of a ‘camel toe’ then normal jeans, but IMO, they fall more in the ‘pants’ column then the ‘legging’ column. They are a thick, sturdy, elasticated material. I had to jump a little to get the 18 on, but once they were on, they felt GREAT. I was told they’ll stretch out a little, due to the elastic, but I felt comfortable and that everything was held in place.

But really, how awesome is that cut out skater dress!?

In the Dressing Room – Best & Less

When I was younger, my Mum would have to drag me into Best and Less, these days, it’s more like the other way around. I’m a huge fan of the ‘Lily & Lou’ range, 9 times out of 10, it’s bang on trend & reasonably priced. I wanted to show off a few of the things that are in store at the moment. Please excuse the somber expression, I was feeling pretty sick the day I took the photos.

Skater dresses! I tried on the red, in a size 22 and it fit pretty perfectly. I loved the sleeve length on it, but the skirt area isn’t as full as I usually like my skater dresses. I like to have a pleat in the front/middle area, without it, it made it a lot more form fitting. The material was thick, but not as thick as the City Chic skater dresses. I LOVE the contrasting colours top, I’ve been enjoying the mint colour that is in. I tried the top on in a 24 (I wanted it oversized) and it was really oversized, I would probably go the 22 if I was to buy it. The jacket is amazing, but I find the jackets always seem too big on me, I am smaller up top and even the size 18 looked a little too oversized.

Red and blue skater dresses. Bright pink and teal skinny jeans. Mint and Blue shorts. Hello pretty colours!

I tried on a pair of jeans and I have to say, I was debating with myself over buying them. The colour is an amazing bright pink, the material is thick and rather warm, they are accented with gold fastening and zippers. I tried them on in the 22 and this is how they fit, pretty comfortably, but more on the tight side, as apposed to Big W’s 22 which was baggy. So if you may have to size up. I was really impressed with these and i’m now kind of wishing I had bought them. (I’m trying to save with having to move)

Pricing wise, I think it was great value. The jeans were $35, skater dresses $35, contrasting jacket was also $35 and the mint contrast top was $25. For those who aren’t too fond on bright colours, they also have stuff in more neutral colours and super sassy leopard print. They have a leopard print maxi skirt that kept catching my eye, oh and a polka dot shirt!

In the dressing room – Big W

I have to admit, lately I’ve found the plus size section of Big W boring. It had been drab & dreary, clothing to cover, not enhance. So I was quite pleasantly surprised when I checked out my local store today to find a selection of amazing coloured pants, printed leggings and a colour block ponte pencil skirt.

The cobalt blue and bright red pants.

They still have a way to go, but it was a step in the right direction. I forgot to look what sizes they go up to, but I know that they came in sizes 18-26. I picked up two pairs of the bright pink jeans to try on, and give you an idea of what they are like.

First off, I’d like to mention, I don’t wear pants often, as I have a bit of what is referred to as an ‘apron of fat’ and think pants tend to look weird on me.

I tried on both the size 20 and 22, both fit quite well. (Pictures shown are of me in the 22) The 20 being a little more snug of course, but still comfortable. The material is thin to medium, not a heavy fabric at all, but for $25 I wouldn’t expect something fantastic. The material has stretch to it, the legs seemed to be a bit more of straight leg then a skinny leg.

For $25, I would have bought them, if they’d looked any good on me, as it stands, I only own like 3 pairs of pants cause they just aren’t me. I also tried on the ponte skirt that is in the picture above, while I liked it, it was a bit too clingy for my liking and I tend to go for more flouncy skirts then pencil.

These leggings were AMAZING and i’m kind of kicking myself that I didn’t pick them up. The size 18 was super strectchy and I think may have even been a bit too big on me, but I didn’t try them on as i’m trying to save money for the move. So these would be perfect for anyone that is a size 20+. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 26 would fit someone who is a size 28, maybe even 30. The grey leopard print you can see next to the abstract print, was also available in the normal leopard browny/goldy colour way. $14.98.

A selection of the range. Those are the pink pants I tried on. A really amazing pink, I actually gasped when I saw them, to which a lady passed me by and said “I had the same reaction when I found them too”. She tried them on in the red and blue.

Are you digging the coloured jean trend?