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In The Dressing Room

In the dressing room – Big W

I have to admit, lately I’ve found the plus size section of Big W boring. It had been drab & dreary, clothing to cover, not enhance. So I was quite pleasantly surprised when I checked out my local store today to find a selection of amazing coloured pants, printed leggings and a colour block ponte pencil skirt.

The cobalt blue and bright red pants.

They still have a way to go, but it was a step in the right direction. I forgot to look what sizes they go up to, but I know that they came in sizes 18-26. I picked up two pairs of the bright pink jeans to try on, and give you an idea of what they are like.

First off, I’d like to mention, I don’t wear pants often, as I have a bit of what is referred to as an ‘apron of fat’ and think pants tend to look weird on me.

I tried on both the size 20 and 22, both fit quite well. (Pictures shown are of me in the 22) The 20 being a little more snug of course, but still comfortable. The material is thin to medium, not a heavy fabric at all, but for $25 I wouldn’t expect something fantastic. The material has stretch to it, the legs seemed to be a bit more of straight leg then a skinny leg.

For $25, I would have bought them, if they’d looked any good on me, as it stands, I only own like 3 pairs of pants cause they just aren’t me. I also tried on the ponte skirt that is in the picture above, while I liked it, it was a bit too clingy for my liking and I tend to go for more flouncy skirts then pencil.

These leggings were AMAZING and i’m kind of kicking myself that I didn’t pick them up. The size 18 was super strectchy and I think may have even been a bit too big on me, but I didn’t try them on as i’m trying to save money for the move. So these would be perfect for anyone that is a size 20+. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 26 would fit someone who is a size 28, maybe even 30. The grey leopard print you can see next to the abstract print, was also available in the normal leopard browny/goldy colour way. $14.98.

A selection of the range. Those are the pink pants I tried on. A really amazing pink, I actually gasped when I saw them, to which a lady passed me by and said “I had the same reaction when I found them too”. She tried them on in the red and blue.

Are you digging the coloured jean trend?

In the dressing room – Autograph!

So, I headed out to the shops today to post something off to Caitlin, and I decided to duck into my local Autograph store to check out the sales. After seeing

LEFT OUTFIT – I can’t seem to find the top online, but I think it is the ‘pull over lurex knit’ but in blue (XL for oversized fit). With the star print leggings (M). The jumper was really nice, I liked that it wasn’t very thick, it had a really nice glitter through it. It is rather sheer though. The leggings were super cute! STARS!
RIGHT OUTFIT –  Animal Jaquard Tunic (XL for oversized fit) with cobalt blue leggings (M). This tunic was LOVE, it was so comfortable and warm, I kind of didn’t want to take it off!

You can see the pattern of the star leggings a little better in this photo.

The cobalt blue leggings aren’t really cobalt, they are a little more darker, but still lovely. I ended up buying these & would have bought the purple pair, except they didn’t have my size. I really wanted the jumpers I tried on too, but you can’t layby when it’s sales. 🙁

The leggings are rather long, this is what they looked like when I put them on, but I found once I kind of moved them around a little, it wasn’t too noticeable. They bunch a little at the bottom, but I don’t mind that, and I like them when they are long like this for my boots. I’m about 5’5ish.

So, I hope that helped anyone who was thinking about snapping up any of the leggings. Autograph currently has 50% storewide, online and instore, but i’m not sure how long that sale lasts!

Sorry about the rather dodgy photos, it can be a little hard to snap pics in the dressing rooms and I’m actually rather shy.