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Giant horses, huge dogs & puppies, OH MY!

You’ve heard me rave on about Anatolian Shepherds a lot on the blog, it’s easy to say they are a breed I feel strongly about and absolutly adore. I’m lucky that Melbourne has a pretty amazing community surrounding these dogs and on Tuesday I went and helped out on the Takas Volkodav property. By help out I mean, play with all the animals.


This is Geronimo, he’s HUGE! It takes a lot to make me feel small and standing next to him, well, I felt pretty small! There is a picture where his head is in front of my body and it’s pretty much the size of my torso. He was absolutely stunning and so friendly! I fed him a hay brick and then some bread from my hand! It’s true, I turn into an excited 7-year-old around animals.

Anatolian Puppies

PUPPIES! I’d never actually met any Anatolian puppies before, so it was a lot of fun getting to baby sit them! They are crazy cute little terrors who tried to eat all my clothes and hair. I’m not sure of their exact age but they were born in October.

Georgian Shepherd

This is Sunny, who nearly bowled me over with her beauty and her strength, seriously, I couldn’t walk her, she was a bit too strong for me. She is a Georgian Shepherd imported from Georgia. I stupidly asked ‘As in America?’ because I really do suck when it comes to geography. No, as in Georgia, the country in Europe. It then clicked in my head, because while I didn’t know about Georgian Shepherds, I did know about the Caucasian Shepherd/ Ovcharka.

Georgian Shepherd

She was super friendly, I am still surprised when you meet such a friendly huge dog. Not that large dogs aren’t friendly, it’s just that a lot of these dogs are guardian dogs and so much of the research i’ve read points to them being very protective and somewhat standoff-ish. Nope, not Sunny!


Central Asian Shepherd

This is Shamash, who I got to walk, she was very strong too and at one point was dragging me along the path. It was gravel and I couldn’t get a good enough grip on it. Once he got all her excitement (& pee) out he calmed down a lot and was easier to walk. This was my first time meeting a fully grown Central Asian Shepherd, I’d previously met Baby Sham Sham who is one of Shamash’s progeny. I got to meet a couple more CAS through windows as they aren’t as friendly and loving as Shamash.

Anatolian puppies

Puppies again! George, the brindle (lower left corner) will be heading off on a new adventure to Italy soon! Jicky is now protecting thousands of free range chickens on an organic chicken farm & Rajah will be a working dog on a farm in Dubbo!

It was such a wonderful day and my idea of heaven. Horses, dogs, beautiful land and a view. I learnt that hay gets everywhere, I came home with more hay in my bra than boobs! I’ve learnt that while I love huge dogs, I think Anatolians are still the right choice for me. The CAS are gorgeous, but I think too much of a strong dog for me, strength wise and personality wise.

What’s your favourite farm animal?

Outfit of the first Melbourne Fashion Week Plus show!

Friday night marked the first night of Melbourne Fashion Week Plus, you can read about the runway and my thoughts HERE. I decided to go on something comfy and colourful. I really loved this dress the moment I saw it on the New Look site, as I waited to have the money to buy it, it went on sale.

MFW+ OOTD ft New Look

The dress did sell out in my size, so I bought a size up figuring I could always get it taken in, but I don’t mind how it looks in the larger size. I think it will be nice and cool in the summer. It’s still quite cold in Melbourne, so of course I layered and decided to take some of the 90’s fashion trends that’s in atm and layered with a white shirt underneath.

MFW+ OOTD ft New Look

Shirt (under dress) – Kmart || Dress – New Look || Shoes – Kmart, I think.

At the LuWow in Melbourne after MFW+

After the show, a whole group of us headed over to The LuWow. I’d been before and loved it, so I’m glad everyone enjoyed themselves! It really is such a fun and kitchy place. Our cab ride over had us all laughing and singing and then when all the cocktails came out with all sorts of things in them, oh the photo opportunities that arrived. I am SO sad that it’s closing at the end of the year.

At the LuWoW Melbourne after MFW+MFW+ OOTD ft New Look

Afterwards, we all realised we didn’t really have many good outfit photos, so we tried to take some more. By this time, I know I was a bit drunk, especially after trying tequila for the first time! As this was happening Liv made a friend who had around 3283798 photos with her and then decided to sneak in a photo with me, that I just had to include.

MFW+ OOTD ft New Look - with a random dude crashing the photo.

Have you ever tried tequila?

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus – Show Four

Show Four was the last of the shows and took place on Sunday night. It had a much more up beat attitude with the models able to have a lot more fun on the runway. I understand that different types of clothes suit more non-smiling, serious faces, but I just love seeing happy, smiling models. The audience really got into it too!


Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - Photos by JessieObialor - Sprinkle

Sprinkle is a Melbourne based label whose retro vibes had me looking like the heart-eyed emoji. I just fell head over heels over the sailor chic outfit below left! Though after tracking them down online I was a little sad to see that they only do sizes 8-18. So if you’re an inbetweenie, be sure to check them out. Check out their website, Instagram and Facebook.

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - Photos by JessieObialor - Sprinklespacer
Juicy Lucy Plus

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - Photos by JessieObialor - Juicy Lucy

Juicy Lucy is a plus size resort range made from pure silk! All of their garments are handmade in Australia from exclusive Chinese and Vietnamese silks. The colours in this range are amazing and I love how many different cuts they have, from ponchos, vests, jackets and kaftans, most in different lengths! My favourite, the blue/purple/pink one above even has a hood! Find more on her website, facebook and Instagram!

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - Photos by JessieObialor - Juicy Lucyspacer
Joolz Fashion

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - Photos by Jessie Obialor - Joolz Fashion

Joolz has been on my radar for a little while now after we’d connected over social media, but her new collection has me going gaga! I mean, fat unicorns and Golden Girls prints! These items are designed and made in Melbourne by Joolz and available in a range of styles/prints. The leggings are gold and remind me of Black Milk for plus size! I’m super lusting after the cute as eff outfit Curvy Sam is wearing below left. Don’t tell me what to wear tunic and Golden Girl leggings are a match made in heaven. I’m also looking forward to crop tops she’s just perfecting at the moment! Find her on Etsy, as well as Facebook and Instagram.

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - Photos by Jessie Obialor - Joolz Fashionspacer
Miss Scarlett did it

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - Photos by Jessie Obialor - Miss Scarlett Did It

Miss Scarlett Did It is THE place for bras and underwear that are not only functional but gorgeous! Plus owner Regina does bra fittings, which I keep getting told I need! Oh, and that bra fitting can be done internationally over Skype. You do have to search a little on the site to find the right sizings though. See more designs and find out more about a fitting, check out the Miss Scarlett Did It site, facebook or Instagram.

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - Photos by Jessie Obialor - Miss Scarlett Did Itspacer

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - Photos by Jessie Obialor - Sonsee Woman

If you catch me in stockings 90% of the time it will be Sonsee (see!). After I was kindly gifted a pair a few years ago, I was a convert. These are actual PLUS SIZE stockings in a range of thicknesses and colours. Not only that but they’ve grown to include a range of underthings (Shorts, bodysuits, slips etc) and soon ACTIVEWEAR! The activewear is sure to be a hit as they’ve put in so much work to make great quality workout wear for plus size women. THANK YOU Sonsee for everything you do! Check out their site and sign up to their newsletter for info on when the Sonsee Active range arrives and don’t forget to follow on facebook and Instagram.

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - Photos by Jessie Obialor - Sonsee Womanspacer
Active Truth

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - Photos by Jessie Obialor - Active Truth

I’d never heard of Active Truth before but it’s events like this that make me so glad to find new designers and retails to support. Active Truth activewear is designed, made, tried and testing in Queensland and cater to sizes 8 to 26. They say in their about section “Our mission is to make activewear for everybody because, the truth is, healthy is an outfit that looks different on everyone. Women are diverse. With many different lifestyles, goals and dreams. We come in different shapes and sizes. Our fitness abilities and interests are as varied as our health and wellness journeys.” Which I just had to share because YES! YES! YES! Can I get a hands up praise emoji in here!? Visit their site HERE, as well as facebook and Instagram.

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - Photos by Jessie Obialor - Active Truthspacer
Beyond the Sea Swimwear

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - Photos by Jessie Obialor - Beyond the Sea

Last, but certainly not least was Beyond the Sea swimwear. Inspired by the glamorous girls of the pin up era, Sydney based Beyond the Sea offers locally made swimmers in a range of sizes. I just adore the striped bikini above left and the very mini mouse-esque bikini next to it! I’m actually looking forward to summer this year, which I’m sure I will regret saying in a few months! For more Beyond the Sea check out their site, Instagram and facebook

Melbourne Fashion Week Plus - Photos by Jessie Obialor - Beyond the Seaspacer

Sadly, a lot of my photos didn’t turn out very good, so for these posts, I’ve used photos by the event photographer Jessie Obialor. I will be posting the photos I took to a facebook album soon.

Which outfit is your favourite?