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Answer this – Have you ever broken a bone?

February 3, 2015

 Nope!! Well, it depends on your definition of break. I’ve never had a clean broken bone, i’ve only ever fractured them. I’ve always been super clumsy, and also had a weak ankle. So much so, that growing up I’ve owned 2 pairs of crutches! After having to hire them a few times when I sprained my ankle, my parents ended up just buying a pair. Then as I…


Answer This… Cats or Dogs?

January 20, 2015

 Ahh, the age old question, cats or dogs? To be honest, it’s hands down DOGS for me! I do however love all animals & currently only own a cat!  If I had my way, I’d have a dog, and hopefully it’s on the cards for this year, but I do love my cat. I got my first dog when I was around 6 and apart from the last…