My glasses

Jono Hennessyglasses-jono

My favourite pair of glasses are by Jono Hennessey. After going into an optometrist, I fell quite in love with many of the designs & colours that Jono Hennessey had to offer. How could I resist these bright pink frames? All it needs is some bling and it would be me in glasses form!



SistersThese glasses are my sisters fault. I bought these after trying on her pair, I decided however to go for the indigo pair, instead of the black. In all honesty, these are glasses that I wear the most. They are probably the most comfiest and seem to go with everything. I feel they really suit my face shape too. They are also the most expensive pair I own. These are Versace MOD 3150-B.




When Firmoo approached me offering me a pair of glasses, I jumped at the chance. I’d been wanting a clear pair of glasses for awhile, and what I loved about these, were that they had leopard print arms. You can find them here.


Zenni Opticalpink002

Zenni optical have some UH-MAY-ZING frames. I could easily spend $90230982 there. I decided to buy one pair to check out the quality first though. I decided on these cream acetate ones, as I love cat eye and I love sparkles. They also come in a purple! The quality is great for the price. You can find them here.


Select Specs

Select Specs offered to send me out a pair of glasses to review


Clearly Contacts

I noticed these glasses on Clearly Contacts and loved the shape of them. I’m a huge fan of cats eye, but the side wings just add an extra flare to them that are super cute. They can look really retro with the right hair & make up. I actually get a lot of compliments on them. These are  Derek Cardigan 700 Brown & Pink.


These are the glasses I started out with. The first pair that lasted me nearly 2 years before I decided that I needed more then one pair of glasses.