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Outfit – Floral culottes as pants!

Fashion Outfits

Pants and I are not really friends, we tolerate each other, but we don’t go out of our way to spend time together. I’m more of a skirt/dress girl, or even leggings & yes, I will wear them as pants. However, I keep side-eyeing the culottes trend, I like them, but didn’t know how they’d go on me. These beauties came up on ASOS and I was all heart-eyed emoji. Sadly, they were out of budget.

XL as Life - Plus size OOTD - ASOS Floral Culottes as pants.

For some reason I was on ebay when lo and behold, the dream culottes were there, from an Aussie seller, at a much better price. Except at a size 24, a size larger than what I normally wear. I watched, I waited, I asked ElleCurve about the fit, and ended up snagging them.

Long story short, I LOVE THEM! Except as pants! Seeing they are a bit big, they sit on my waist, and because i’m not very tall, they actually work as pants! You can see in the picture below how they would sit if they sat on my waist. I could probably get a tuck put in them and they would sit as culottes but I think I’ll keep them as is.

XL as Life - Plus size OOTD - ASOS Floral Culottes as pants.

Can we take a quick second to talk about these shoes! I picked them up from Best & Less! Yes, I know! Since when did they do amazing shoes!? 2 things. 1. The jewels on them are amazing and throw off whatever colour you wear. So pretty! 2. They are so comfy! I was a little worried with the back, cause some shoes can be stiff, but nope, I’ve actually been wearing these pretty exclusively since I bought them!

XL as Life - Plus size OOTD - ASOS Floral Culottes as pants.

Top – Kmart || Culottes – ASOS (24) || Shoes – Best & Less || Necklace – I don’t remember, its so old!

XL as Life - Plus size OOTD - ASOS Floral Culottes as pants.

So, I look a little crap in these photos, I’ve been a bit under the weather. I wore this to the shops and to the doctors, who then in turn had me go to the hospital. It was a pretty horrid experience, I’ve never been to a hospital here in Melbourne and it’s been crazy due to the weather and asthma sufferers.

Have you tried the culotte trend?

My Shopbop sale picks! Up to 55% off!

Fashion Lustlist

Oh yeah! It’s that time of year again when all the sales pop up! One of my favourites is, of course, the Shopbop sale. It’s a great time to pick up presents for friends (& yourself) & get ready for Christmas! I love that the coupons also work on sale items! Today I’ve browsed the site and put together a selection of some of my favourite items that I think a lot of people would love!

Shop bop! Buy more, save more!

Have you picked anything up from the sale already?

Nambucca Heads – What I Wore! Plus size holiday edition!

Fashion Outfits

I didn’t take too many outfit specific images away, as I mentioned, I really just wanted to relax, unwind and take a little time away from social media. I couldn’t stay away completely and had my Mum snap a few quicks pics for me and of course, took a few selfies. Oh, and yes, I only took one pair of sunglasses away with me!

XL as Life - What I wore - Nambucca Heads

I actually wore two dresses to my cousins wedding, but only photographed the first one. I picked this ASOS Salon Prom dress up when it went on sale for a fraction of the price. I just loved the colour. I paired it with a black bolero type cover up from City Chic, black strappy flat sandals and my Haus of Dizzy dinosaur earrings!

Dress – ASOS  || Bolero – City Chic || Earrings – Haus of Dizzy || Sunglasses – Quay Australia

XL as Life - What I wore - Nambucca Heads

I kept my makeup pretty simple, gold and pink on my eyes, half lashes and a Ciate Lip Slick. I forgot my setting spray, and I was sweating, but the makeup stayed on so well. I’ve recently swapped to a Smashbox Primer and I think it’s been working wonders! I need to get back onto bio oil-ing where my lip rings were, you can still see all 5 scars!

XL as Life - What I wore - Nambucca Heads

I had limited space to pack, so I really thought about my outfits in advance. Usually I pack too much and never wear half of it. I was surprised that this lip print co-ord was one of my most worn outfits. I think I’ve worn it once since I bought it a few years ago and now I’m just obsessed! I’m really going through a ‘white’ stage.

Top – ASOS Curve || Skirt – ASOS || Bag – Kmart || Sunglasses – Quay Australia

XL as Life - What I wore - Nambucca Heads

When I travel, I like to be comfortable. This is what I wore for the trip from Melbourne to Penrith, Sydney and them from Penrith to Nambucca Heads. It was perfect for both Melbourne and Sydney weather. I loved this shirt so much I put it on one of my Lustlists, but sold out before I could afford it, so I stalked it online until one came back in stock and snagged it. I probably could have sized down, but I still love it.

So many people say that fat people shouldn’t wear oversized items, it looks like a potato sac, you need to define your waist, but I say “WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT”.

Top – Boohoo+ || Pants – Forever21 || Boots – Betts || Sunglass – Quay Australia

XL as Life - What I wore - Nambucca Heads

Here I am in all my un-made-up glory! This was on the day we left Nambucca Heads, I had hardly slept (I was up most of the night worrying about my niece in New Zealand with the earthquake/tsunami) so I was hot and tired. I wore my most loved Forever21+ flare pants (as in outfit above) but paired it with this tie-dyed button up from Be Me! Look at the background though! I miss that view already!

Top – c/o Be Me || Sunglasses – Quay Austalia || Eyebags – Lack of sleep.

What do you wear when travelling?