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Outfit! Think Pink!

After a brief foray into rainbow hair, i’m back to my natural colour. PINK! Well, pink and purple. I managed to wash most of the colour out before re-dying, but the blue stuck. I love the effect it’s caused.


Excuse the sour face, it was colder then I expected! I just wanted to show off this dress! It was the only thing I managed to pick up at the Curvy Couture Roadshow, and something I’d been eyeing off for ages. After seeing Megan in it, and then finding out it came in pink, I decided it was a dress I had to have! Can you believe I ended up picking it up on sale for $19!


Dress – Hope & Harvest (Size S) | Shoes – Target (super old) ++ Charm Braclet – c/o Emma & Roe

What’s your favourite colour?

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A canine Easter Picnic!




I hope everybody has had a good Easter weekend. Myself, I don’t really celebrate Easter. No chocolates, eggs, bunnies, etc. Though I did go to an Easter Picnic on Friday. As you know, I’ve been missing having a dog like crazy, so when I heard the local Anatolian Shepherd Dog of Victoria was having a specialty show and picnic, I decided what better way to spend the day!


I got to be the baby sitter, which suited me just fine! That being said, puppy Zazu was very popular and spent a good part of the day hanging around with all different members. So I spent the day in the company of Dragon (Zazu’s Mum).


 This is the 2nd time I’ve got to hang out with this gorgeous breed, last time was November last year. I didn’t think it was possible, but I fell even more in love with the breed!


Above, is Zazu with his Mum Dragon. This litter produced a fair few brindle. I find it so fascinating how their colouring can be so different. Zazu is 4 months old and already nearly half his mums size!


This was one of the first times Zazu has left the farm, apart from vet visits, and as you can see, he was a little stubborn and not at all liking the leash. By the end of the day though, he was walking much better on it.


This is Domino & Trojan. No, they aren’t fighting, they are actually playing. It was SO fun to see! Though lordy, is Trojan a big boy! His owner gave us a lift to the event, and jumping in the back of her car, he put his head over the back seat and promptly licked my cheek. Super friendly! Though, he did get a little excited by the days activity and at one point stood up and tried to mount me. He was as tall as me!


How did you spend your Easter?


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Priceline Sale un-boxing & beauty haul.

Wahey, it’s vlog time! It’s been ages since I’ve done one, so I decided to do a bit of an un-boxing video. I dunno if it’s exactly a haul post, but for me 8 beauty products is pretty much a haul!


Items included (listed in order of video appearance).


What is your favourite make up product EVER?

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