XL in Tasmania – Tasman Island Cruise

My parents fell in love with Tasmania when they visited, and pretty much demanded that whilst I was there, I go on the Tasman Island Cruise. They loved it, and seeing as I don’t drive, it was a nice way to see more of Hobart and the surrounds. In fact they paid for us to go on it as a birthday/christmas present!


The day started up and early. We had to meet at the docks at 7:45am. It was coooold. Winter in Tasmania, right on the wharf, that early. Golly, it was cold! We met our bus tour guide and other passengers and were on our way.

tasmania-007Tasmans Arch

Tasmania has gorgeous scenery. It’s the closest I’ve come to New Zealand scenery in Australia. Our driver told us a lot about the history of the towns and of the devastating bush fires that passed through the area a few years ago. Some places are yet to rebuild.


We were dropped off at a cafe near the Tasman Peninsular whilst the driver went and picked up a few passengers from elsewhere. We had juice and a yummy muffin.


We were picked up and taken to our boat (an awesome 12.5m Naiad boat, which got us so close we could touch the rock face!!). We got suited up in survival suits and given ginger for motion sickness. Don’t I look fancy?


By now it was around 10am, and it was a BEAUTIFUL day, but still cold. I had multiple layers, and the survival suit and I still felt frozen at times. I was thankful the day was so clear and calm as we still had a few waves we crashed down from that had my stomach somersaulting like it does on a rollercoaster.

tasmania-011 tasmania-013 tasmania-015

Seeing all the rock formations, the sea so clear at times you could see what lay on the sea floor, and knowing that at one point, if we kept on heading South there would be no land until we hit Antarctica. Spot the birds up there? This is also the trip where I got to see at the seals I talked about previously.

tasmania-016 tasmania-017The Totem Pole & Candle Stick


Can you believe people from all over the world travel here to climb the totem pole and candlestick! Nu-uh, no way could I do that! These photos don’t do them justice.

tasmania-019The candlestick from the other side.



We finally made it to Tasman island, where we were greeted by the still in place mechanics used when the lighthouse was manned. It’s one of the most isolated lighthouses and was built in 1906. It became automated in 1976.


To get anything onto the island, including people, they would take a small boat out to a smaller rock (which you can’t see, we’re in between the rock and the land in this picture) and use a basket on a flying fox to get across. Then hauled by an engine-driven winch along a steep tramline up a cliff to an elevation of about 700 feet, which you can just make out in the picture below.


It was STEEP! Light straight up! I wouldn’t make it up, and i’m sure i’d probably break my neck trying to navigate the way down. The whole family would move and live there, I think there was often 2 families at once. If you have a spare moment, go check out this page.


After that, we headed back and made our way to Port Arthur, which you can read about here. If you ever make it to Hobart, I’d really recommend you go on one of the Tasman Island cruises. I am SO thankful for my parents for making sure I got to experience it!

I have to admit, I am a little scared of boats, but I felt fully safe the whole time & glad that I did it. (It once took my parents a few days to get me on a paddle steamer in water a few feet deep!)

If you had the chance, would you do a day boat trip like this?

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Outfit – Pastel Explosion!

You know, the last time these jeans appeared on the blog, I was wearing it with this exact shirt. I think they make the perfect pair though. I’ve had this jacket in my wardrobe for a while now, and after pulling on my jeans, I just knew I had to pair them together. The jacket totally makes me think of Sully from Monsters Inc!


I decide to just embrace the pastel, and the fluffy! My hair has faded to a nice pastel colour too, which I’m actually loving. Sometimes colours fade into horrible colours, but i’m impressed with the yellow. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve these colours if it’s what I’d been trying!




This bag is SUPER tiny, in fact, I can’t actually fit my phone it in. It is usually on display in my bedroom though, because while it’s not overly useful as a bag, it sure makes a pretty decoration!


I think, looking at these pictures now, if I wore this outfit again I’d go for different shoes and ditch the pastel blue eyeliner. Hey, we live and learn!


Top – ASOS | Jeans – Boohoo | Jacket – BoohooShoes – ASOS
Earrings – Strawberry Skies | Bag – ASOS

pastelexplosion-06Do you think there is a thing as too much pastel?



My Top 6 tips for looking after a kitten!

This post was brought to you by Frontline.

Since moving to Melbourne, Tonka has been all by his lonesome. He is a super loving and sociable cat, so I’ve been considering getting him a cat buddy. It’s been so long since I’ve had a kitten, in fact, I adopted Tonka when he was nearly two. The last & only kitten I’ve had is Henry (who now lives with my ex).


So with that, I thought I would share my top 5 tips for looking after a kitten.

1 – Make sure you can afford it.

Sure, this seems like common sense, but it’s something to keep in mind. Looking after a cat isn’t cheap. On top of food and kitty litter, you have vet bills, vaccinations, grooming, scratching posts, bedding and toys. To name a few. Don’t forget cats can live up to 20 years!

2 – Get your cat desexed.

Especially if it’s allowed outside! There is such an abundance of cats in need of homes as it is, adding more kittens to the world isn’t needed. Getting your cat desexed helps THEM in many ways too. It decreases their tendency to roam and to fight, it decreases the likelihood of males spraying & reduces the chance of breast cancer in females.


3 – Get Pet Insurance.

This has saved me soooo much money when it’s come to Tonka. As soon as I got him, I added him to the plan I already had for Frodo. Sure, you are out of pocket straight away, but I usually got around 80% of the money back.

4 – DIY!

You don’t have to buy all new fancy toys. When I got Henry, I bought him a bed & scratching post, but made a lot of toys for him. Pasta in an empty small coke bottle, or even put a few treats in a bottle & leave the lid off. Pieces of ribbon tied into a bow. Toilet paper rolls. Scrunched up pieces of paper. I even made him a house out of a cardboard box.


5 – Get it used to things.

Getting your cat used to things from an early age helps them as they get older and stronger. This can include bathing it, trimming it’s nails yourself, ear cleaning, brushing, and even getting it used to walking on a lead. Tonka is an inside cat and knows that the only time he’s allowed outside is if he has a leash on. You should also start a flea & worming routine early on and stick to a scheduled.

6 – Feed it the right food, and right amount.

So many cats loooove food, and it’s easy for a cat to become overweight considering they can sleep somewhere between 16 to 20 hours a day! When you adopt your kitten, make sure you talk to the person you are adopting it off of to see what your kitty is currently eating. There are so many foods out there and it’s super important not to upset your new family members tummy with food that is too rich. Kittens also need MORE food then an adult cat. So keep in mind that you will have to change it’s meal plan over the life of your cat.

Remember cats are obligate carnivores, and need meat to survive. Tonka is actually allergic to seafood, which is quite hard when so many cat foods are made from some sort of sea animal. Also, most cats are lactose intolerant. Feeding cats cow milk isn’t very good for it and often results in a kitty litter box resembling the bog of eternal stench. While kittens need milk, once they are weaned & able to be re-homed, they should be fully fine with water. If you do feel the need to give your cat milk, make sure it’s lactose free cat milk, which can often be found in your local stores pet aisle.

I also made a handy download that you can print out & check off as you go along buying stuff for your new kitten.

Do you have anything to add?