Aussie Curves – Blue


First up, you need to click on this youtube video and listen to it while you browse this post. Blue matches pretty well with HAIM music apparently! Annnyway, as you can tell, this weeks “Aussie Curves” theme is BLUE! Without meaning to, I seemed to pack a pretty good selection of clothes for the challenges being held whilst i’m in Melbourne.


Again, sorry about the crappy images. This is the outfit I wore Sunday night to have dinner at my boyfriends parents house. I don’t often wear maxi skirts, but I’ve been finding them pretty awesome here in Melbourne, as I can layer a pair of thick tights underneath, knee high socks, and boots!



These boots are so comfy! I’m so glad I bought them. With the weather never seeming to make up it’s mind here, I’ve found they’ve come in handy keeping my feet dry and toes warm! What you can’t make out in these pictures, is that my cardigan is actually quite sparkly, you can see it a bit better in this post.


Top – Katies | Cardigan – Rockmans | Skirt – Target | Shoes – ASOS | Glasses – Versace


Lustlist – All the boots!


As you’ve probably noticed with all my whinging lately, it’s cold in Melbourne, so one of the things I’ve been coveting is boots. It’s no secret I love shoes, and I have a pretty good collection of boots, but being winter, there have been some new releases that I’d love to add to my collection!

ASOS - EYEWITNESS Ankle Boots$117.65 au – These are my favourites by far!
Modcloth – Aerospace Cadet Boot$89.99
ASOS – ARUBA Leather Biker Boots$127.45 - $82.35
Ezibuy - Sara Triple Buckle Boots$79.99 au – Wide Calf!
ASOS – ALL GOOD THINGS Lace Up Ankle Boots$74.51 - $33.33
ASOS – ECLIPSE Sandal Ankle Boots$98.04 $62.75 - I know they’ll be hard to keep clean, but <3
ASOS - Miista Patent Blue Cut Out Boots$323.53 - $192.16
ASOS – EYEWITNESS Ankle Boots$117.65 - $58.82
Boohoo - Maddy Holographic Buckle Chunky Boot$60.00

What pair are your favourites!?

Meeting Tess Munster!

Last Thursday, the gorgeous Tess Munster held a ‘meet & greet’ in Melbourne. Being a ‘fan’ of Tess’s for ages now, I thought I’d try and get to the event, and luckily a fellow member of Aussie Curves was nice enough to pick me up & drop me home! I’m still getting used to Melbourne, and it was an area I had no idea how to get to. The event started at 5pm & Stacey and I arrived around 7pm.


This photo was taken shortly after we arrived, can you spot me? Thats me standing about a cm away from the right of the bar. I didn’t realise my hair had grown so long! The que was long and we ended up waiting nearly 2 hours, but I have to say, it was well worth it! Tess was as gorgeous in real life as she is in pictures, and she was so very very very sweet!


Me again, right in the corner of this photo. Waiting my turn! I didn’t chat too long, I can be quite shy and I could only imagine how tired she was. The flier stater 5-9 and I met her around 8:45 and the que was still halfway down that stair case! She signed my bag, and we talked a little about Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, and got a few photos. Sadly, most of mine didn’t turn out, apart from out ‘selfie’ above.


I also had the chance to have a quick talk to her boyfriend fiance Nick, who was pretty awesome. Even though I’m female, I felt some slight beard envy. It’s a thing. I’m so glad I went, as the atmosphere was amazing! I got to catch up with some fellow plus size ladies (& Aussie Curves members!) and managed to see a bit more of what Melbourne’s night life is like!

All images, except the top selfie, are by Cherie. You can see more images from the night on her facebook page and make sure you check out her instagram!

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