The perfect Valentines gift – Emma & Roe


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Jewellery is a very personal gift, which I think makes it a perfect Valentines gift. It’s beautiful, shiny and something that you can wear every day and think of the person who gave it to you. Lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of  charm bracelets, they have drastically changed from when I was young and had a Disney one, but the evolution has resulted in a selection of bracelets and charms that anyone could fall in love with! Enter, Emma & Roe.



The combination of designs for these bracelets are almost limitless, not to mention they have designs that fit most budgets. I love the fact you can design everything yourself, from picking what bracelet materiel, colour and length. Then adding all the charms you adore. Or you can pick a pre-designed bracelet that saves you all the hard work of deciding “will this red charm look okay next to this blue one?”.


Of course, you don’t have to keep it all lovey-dovey. Personalise it to suit the person you’re giving it to! Include their birthstone, their favourite animal (They have a charm of my fave, a snake!), or even a charm of a destination.  It really is a gift that keeps on giving, because you can keep adding charms for any special occasion. I made a pinterest board of all my favourites!

Emma & Roe products can be found in Emma & Roe stores, Michael Hill stores or online. Don’t forget, there is only four and a bit days to Valentines day!

Which charm is your favourite?

Outfit – Channeling Lorde


While I’ve called this ‘channeling Lorde’, I think I may be rocking a bit of a Lorde x 80’s Madonna love child! What can I say, I adore Lorde, not just her music, but her style! It’s refreshing to see someone so young, and in the music business be true to herself.


These City Chic velvet pants are SO comfortable! I tried them on recently in the sales and didn’t want to take them off! I figured even if I just wore them around the house, they were worth the $20! I’ve worn them high waisted here, but you can wear them a bit lower. They also have slits in the side, which works for the cooler weather. I kind of want to rock them with bright pink stockings underneath!



I couldn’t find my trusted black crop top, but never fear, I just used a regular black City Chic tee and tucked it under and into my bra. Works a treat!  (The top was another sale score for $15!)




 I’ve had these glasses for aaaages now, but they don’t get worn nearly enough! I thought they fit well with this outfit! Actually, now that I think about it, I could probably be the 5th member of the coven in The Craft or maybe an extra on American Horror Story: Coven!


Crop – Full length tucked up – City Chic (S) | Harem Pants – City Chic (M) | Shoes – ASOS
Necklace – ASOS | Braclets – Mix from City Chic | Sunglasses – ZeroUV


Answer this – Have you ever broken a bone?


 Nope!! Well, it depends on your definition of break. I’ve never had a clean broken bone, i’ve only ever fractured them. I’ve always been super clumsy, and also had a weak ankle. So much so, that growing up I’ve owned 2 pairs of crutches! After having to hire them a few times when I sprained my ankle, my parents ended up just buying a pair. Then as I grew older & taller, they had to do it again with a taller pair. I hated crutches, they were so painful under my arms. I lived in a tri-level house, so I ended up being a pro going up and down stairs on my knees/butt. I also went to primary and high school on them a few times.


The main damage I’d ever done was when I feel down the stairs of my room. Only 5 stairs, but I ended up with a fractured foot, a sprained ankle (on the other foot!) and a fracture in my wrist. I ended up in this huge moonboot for many weeks. I was thankful it wasn’t a cast, but it was still pretty uncomfortable/annoying!


 So, have you broken any bones? If so, how’d it happen?
If not, did you secretly want to as a kid to get a cast for everyone to sign?


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