Mothers Day (A giveaway!)


I like to think I get my love of fashion from my Mum. For as long as I can remember, she’s been a rather stylish lady. From rummaging through her closets when I was young and wearing her ballroom gown, to my teen years & beyond when we’ve shared clothes. To this day she will often say “Well, if it doesn’t fit you, I can have it”, and she has come by a few items that way! I’m nowhere near as ‘ladylike’ as my Mother, who has to have her shoes match her handbag!


I am so thankful for my Mum (and of course my Dad!). I know I’ve not been the easiest child, having had mental health issues for a lot of my life, it’s something my Mum has had to deal with too. I know that my Mums love and support is what has helped me be the person I am today. She’s taught me to love myself, believe in myself, and that my body is my own. She’s wiped away my tears and held my hand during difficult times, and she’s always had my back. Thanks Mum!

With Mothers day coming up, it’s time to celebrate all things Mum! Thanks to Fresh Flowers, you can win $100AU to use to celebrate your Mum!

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  • Open to residents of Australia only.
  • Winner must have a valid paypal account, and will receive $100au to this account.
  • Giveaway is open from April 13th 2014 to May 4th 2014.
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Thanks to Fresh Flowers for this opportunity. I was given flowers on Valentines Day from Fresh Flowers and I was realllly impressed with the quality!

Aussie Curves – Pattern Clash


This weeks Aussie Curves theme is ‘Pattern Clash’. It was a hard one for me. While I LOVE pattern clashing, its just something I never seem to do right. I poured over my favourite pattern clashing fashion blog, Beckerman Blog, but this was all I could come up with.


I don’t think it looks too bad, I’m not sure I like the shoes with it though. I felt like some weird sci fi lady. Some Apocalyptic/ star wars/ tank girl hybrid. Then again, wearing an awesome galaxy cape will do that to you!


Rocking my Black Heart Creatives necklace! I often forget to accessories, it’s something I’ve told myself I will work on. I used to wear a lot of black, and then spruce up my outfit with jewellery and shoes, these days, I get so caught up in picking my clothing, I just seem to coast past the accessories. Must try harder.




Dress – Big W | Pink dress/top – City Chic | Cape – Black Milk | Shoes – TUK | Belt – City Chic | Necklace – BHC



Curvy Couture Roadshow – My Lustlist!


There was so many amazing things at Curvy Couture Roadshow, I honestly felt a little overwhelmed. The fact that i’m super broke (& failing at saving) didn’t help the fact either. There was at least one thing I could have happily walked away with from every designer, but I thought i’d share my absolute favourites with you. Above, is the most amazing dress from Marji & Jean, and if it had been in my size, it would have come home with me. Sadly, it was a size 18. PINK WATERMELONS!


LA Afterglow tee in 2 colourways - $59.95 | Take me away jacket - $149 | Jersey Slouch Pants - $59.95

17 Sundays! I’ve been lusting after these items for awhile, but seeing them in person made me want them even more. I have a 17 Sundays top from a previous collection, and it’s SO soft and comfortable. I was happy to see that the new Afterglow tee’s are the same.


LEFTHarlow gave us a look at some of the new pieces in person! The Endless Love Cardicoat took my breath away! With a move to Melbourne in my future, I’m thinking it might be one of those pieces I’ll need to add to my wardrobe! It’s set to be available in May, and is $249.00. I also love the Rapture faux wrap skirt (Available April at $139) and the Cross my Heart blouse (Available May at $139.00)

RIGHT - Another coat! Yes, I know! But look at it! Seeing it in person, seeing the way it moves and sways, swirls, well, it was love! It is the Iceni Coat by Bombshell Vintage. It’s $225 & made to order, so it takes a little time. For an extra $25, they will make to measure. You can also choose a custom colour, I’m LOVING the pale pink!


If i’m being honest, I want nearly everything from Misty Belvideres Mermadia collection. Above are my two favourites, the transparent darkness dress and the Mermadian dress. I also really love some of the more simple items in the collection, like the Euxine Shrug (for those days when I want to hide my arms, I’ve come along way in my body confidence, but I still have so insecure days.) and the Molyneaux Tank, both under $50.

Annnd that wraps up my posts from Curvy Couture Roadshow. I had such an amazing time and I’ve got my fingers & toes crossed that more events like this happen in Australia.

Tell me, what was your favourite outfit from the day?

All runway images are by Megan Hardy Photography from the CRR facebook page.

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