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It’s a cartoon me, by The Tiny Hobo!

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve already seen this, but I can’t help but show it off here. I stumbled across Valerie aka The Tiny Hobo via Tess & pretty much fell in love with her adorable art. She accepts commission and at a more then affordable price. This what she came up with for me, I gave her a link to my blog and artistic freedom & I couldn’t be more happier! I think I may have actually squealed when I noticed she put my Mr Frodo in!

Find The Tiny Hobo on Facebook & Etsy!

Designs! Art, Invoices & Media Kits!

My insomnia has kicked in and I’m finding myself left with a whole lot of time to fill. So, what do I do? Design. be it drawing,m painting, web designing, I like to keep my head occupied. Above is about 2 hours work.

I’ve also been updating my personal identity/branding. Trying to merge my design work with my blogs. Above is my new invoice.

I’m now currently in the process of designing my first media kit for this blog. Yay!

Design Update!

vector art
Slowly trying to get out of bed a little. Been going a little crazy. It’s times like these I wish I had an outside chase lounge. Even though it is supposed to Autumn, the sun has been out and it’s been a rather hot 26°c.

To dwindle away the time, I’ve been watching Doctor Who, reading & designing! To the left is some vector art I kicked out in about an hour (click to enlarge). It’s been ages since I’ve drawn. Also, I’ve set up a self hosted wordpress blog for Cait of Closet Confessions. She’s having a friend design the header, but I designed the layout, installed the wordpress & then transferred all 50+ of her entries over. Phew.

Now is the time if you want any web or design work done, seeing as I can’t really get up to any mischief out of the house!