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OOTD – Plus Size black velvet and denim.

It’s crazy to believe how cold Melbourne has been the past few days. Technically it’s still summer here, but I’ve had to turn the heater on! Not that I’m complaining, I much prefer the cold. Are you sick of me talking about the weather? I guess I’m still so confused by Melbourne weather that it’s something I talk about often.

Plus Size OOTD - XL as Life

I’d been eyeing these jeans for ages, they even appeared several times on Lustlist posts. You know I really love something if it appears more than once on a lustlist post. When they went on sale I snapped them up in preparation for my next Tasmania trip.

The top was a spur of the moment decision, which I do no regret. I like to have a good selection of black tops, and this was different from any others I own. I picked it up on sale from Missguided and am really in love with it. It’s super comfy and I love way it sits.

Plus Size OOTD - XL as Life

SIZING – I’ve only bought tailored pants from River Island previously and I sized up with those. For these, I went for a size 22 and they fit well. A little tight around the waistband, but after an hour they stretched out a little to be more comfortable. The legs are a skinny fit, which is a first for me, so if you have thick calves, beware of that. To me, these fit like an ASOS Ridley jean is a 20.

Plus Size OOTD - XL as Life

Top – Missguided (22) || Jeans – River Island (22) || ShoesASOS || Beanie – Old from ASOS

Plus Size OOTD - XL as Life

I also have to remember that when I wear velvet, I should give it a going over with a lint roller before I leave the house. Otherwise, the velvet turns into cat-fur! Haha!

Do you prefer summer or winter?

Outfit – Living Dead Clothing it’s Tom Hiddles Skater

I fought the urge not to buy this dress for so long, but when LDC had a site wide sale, I ended up caving and snapping it up. I’m glad I did because this dress amuses me to no end. Not only does it have my #2 man crush Tom Hiddleston on it, but he’s wearing flower crowns and it has fun, cute writing scattered over it.

OOTD - Living Dead Clothing

Of course, I had to put on, well, not exactly a flower crown, but my favourite flower headband, to match. Also, first time showing off the new hair colour and cut here on the blog. It had been over a year since I had a trim so tried out a new place at my local store and was really impressed.

OOTD - Living Dead Clothing

This dress is a 2xl, I was a little unsure how it would fit as my other LDC dress is a 3xl and is a perfect fit (See here). I figured it is a stretchy material, so I’d give it a try. Personally, I think it looks great and I’m happy with the fit. The only noticeable difference I find in size is that this dress is a bit shorter and slightly tighter around my boobs, but not so much that it stretches or warps the images.

OOTD - Living Dead Clothing OOTD - Living Dead Clothing

Look, no arm coverings! Yep, still going strong on that new year goal! Melbourne weather has been it’s normal hot and then cold yo-yo weather, but on those warm days, I’m enjoying the air of my arms! I hope that eventually I won’t get anxious at all about showing them.

I paired the dress with my magical unicorn flats. My foot is fractured again and i’m wearing my boot periodically and resting it up. It’s painful but not as bad as the last time. I need to invest in some heel grips for these shoes, I think ASOS have changed the sizing of their shoes lately as I used to fit their 8’s perfectly and now they are slightly too big. Heel grips should make them the perfect fit though.

OOTD - Living Dead Clothing

Dress – Living Dead Clothing (size XXL) || Shoes – ASOS (& in metallic) || Belt & headband – I don’t remember

OOTD - Living Dead Clothing

If you could have anyone’s picture of a dress, who would you choose?

Outfit – Rocking a Fat Unicorn Crop Top!

So, this crop top has firmly cemented it’s way into one of my favourite items of clothing. You may have seen me wear it already on Instagram, but thought it really deserved a post of its own. You’ll most assuredly be seeing more of it in the future too.

XLasLife - Joolz Fashion Fat Unicorn Crop

I’ve mentioned Joolz on the blog before, her prints were a stand out for me at MFW+ and she was kind enough to send me this crop when she released it in the pink colourway. Pink + Fat Unicorns + Crop top = a match made in heaven! Don’t worry, if you’re not ready to #rockthecrop, she also has this print available in dresses, skirts and leggings!

XLasLife - Joolz Fashion Fat Unicorn Crop

Add in bats to that equation, because why not! I love this super glittery bat earring and you can just make out his super cute face. I’m a fan on wearing Halloween themed items all year round.

XLasLife - Joolz Fashion Fat Unicorn Crop

I LOVE these boots! LOVE! They are such a gorgeous colour that is hard to capture. On the site it’s stated as ‘Rose Gold’ and I can see that, but with the way it changes colour in the lighting it’s almost iridescent! They’re a great height and surprising really comfy!

XLasLife - Joolz Fashion Fat Unicorn CropXLasLife - Joolz Fashion Fat Unicorn Crop

I’ve worn ‘flair’ a few times, I’ve got a little collection of pins that I like to use to add personality to my outfits (Now I really want to watch Office Space). I picked up the ‘Shit just got magical’ at Typo, and the other is from Sugarbones, I couldn’t resist it, Labyrinth is my FAVE movie and it’s also pretty empowering if you switch it to thinking of babe as a  woman!

XLasLife - ASOS Rose Gold Glitter Boots

Crop – c/o Joolz Fashion || Pinafore – ASOS (similar) || Boots – ASOS
Earrings – Yippy Whippy || Pins – Typo & Sugarbones

XLasLife - Joolz Fashion Fat Unicorn Crop

Are you loving crop tops as much as me!?