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Event Fashion Outfits

Outfit and Event – Supanova Melbourne

May 5, 2017

Last Sunday, I headed out to Supanova. For those who have been looong time readers, you’ll know I used to work in the convention industry. My last con was 6 years ago, so it’s been an age since I’ve been to one. Boy have they grown! I was quite stunned at just how huge it’s grown. Having put a poll on Twitter asking which of two outfits I…

Event Fashion Outfits

Sunday Melbourne Fashion Week Plus OOTD!

September 22, 2016

Finally sharing my last outfit from Melbourne Fashion Week Plus! I know, it’s been a while, but I wanted to showcase everything I wore. I really love having an excuse to dress up and go out, as I live a pretty boring life generally (if you hadn’t noticed). While I do enjoy fashion and wearing fun clothes, these events I love just pushing my comfort zone and wearing…

Everyday Outfits Personal

Fathers Day Outfit!

September 9, 2015

First up, the outfit! I only really got this one decent picture of my outfit, but this is what I wore for Fathers day. It was cold out, and what you can’t tell is that I have 2 pairs of stockings, a singlet & a long sleeve top on under the dress! Stockings – c/o Sonsee | Dress – c/o Mynt1792 | Long Cardi – Rockmans Earrings –…