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Lustlist – June Edition


It’s been awhile since I did my last Lustlist! I’ve been a little uninspired with some of the fashion lately that every now and then I’d just share faves to my facebook page. If you follow me there, you’ve probably seen a few of these, but I wanted to get them all together to show them off, and add a few more pretties!


ASOS – NVME Plus Unicorn T-Shirt – RRP $38.00 – $26.00
ASOS – Embellished Stripe Kimono – $152.00
17 Sundays – Bright Side Quilted SkirtWas $99.95 – Now $49.97
Baccurelli – As the world falls down Brooch – $ 63.00
ASOS – Truly You Lace Pleated Maxi Dress – $152.00
Cottons x Doodad&Fandango – Wear ‘Em Proud Earrings – $60
ASOS – Vans Nintendo Princess Peach Authentic Plimsoll Sneakers – $104.00
ASOS – Missguided Plus Mesh T-Shirt Dress – $44.00
ASOS – Floppy  Where My Beaches At Hat – $44.00
City Chic – Woodstock Skirt – $99.95
Jeffrey Star Cosmetics – Beauty Killer Palette – $45
Yippy Whippy – Furby Earrings – $45.00

What has caught your eye lately?

Outfit of my Sydney 30th Birthday Party!

Fashion Outfits

Last Sunday I celebrated my 3oth birthday again, this time in Sydney. It was wonderful to celebrate with my parents, siblings, some of my nephews and one niece, as well as friends. I decided this time around I’d have it at The Hogs Breath, and we even had our own room, named ‘The Pig Pen’.


I’m actually wearing a City Chic dress I bought and wore for my 27th birthday! It’s such a timeless piece that you will probably find me wearing it in future birthdays! Of course, I had to jazz the black up with lots of glitter!


This was the first time I’ve worn heels out since I broke my foot late last year. These are by far my fave heels, and not just for the wow factor, but because they are a great height. They’re actually pretty comfy for heels!

bday-syd-044 bday-syd-05

Yep, I even sprinkled glitter in my hair! Let me tell you, I was scratching my hair for days and getting glitter under my nails! Totally worth it though!


Dress – City Chic || Shoes – ASOS || Belt – Dorothy Perkins
Earrings – I can’t remember, sorry!


What did you wear on your last birthday?

Outfit of my Melbourne Birthday Party #natatreeturns30

Fashion Outfits

Yesreday was my birthday and I had a pretty laid back day. I thought i’d share the outfit I wore on Sunday. As usual, Melbourne turned on its dreary weather for the day my Melbourne lunch was on. It was drizzly but thankfully not too cold. I was lucky my friends picked me up and took me to the restaurant so I didn’t have to battle public transport in this weather.


I really had no idea what to wear and it was a spur of the moment decision this morning. This was the 2nd dress I tried on and decided it worked well with my new hair colour. It’s also quite thick so it’s rather warm.


I paired it with grey stockings (which I’ve been wearing more then my black stockings, it’s nice to break up some of my black outfits with a touch of grey and they go with everything!) and my trusted comfy boots. I would have worn prettier shoes had the weather been nicer. I’m going to be so sad when these boots die, they are my second pair and you’re all probably sick of seeing them by now!


Eyelashes for days!! I’m getting slightly better at applying falsies, I did buy one of those eyelash applicators but could I find it today? Nope. These ones are pretty huge and OOT, but I love them. These are the Katy Perry Oh My by Eylure if you’re wondering.


Dress – City Chic || Stockings – Sonsee || BootsBetts

natatreeturns30-ootd-005 natatreeturns30-ootd-006

Now i’m trying to figure out what to wear to my Sydney birthday party! Suggestions?