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Outfit – City Chic Dolce Rose Perfection.

I find dressing for weddings a bit crazy, I overthink everything. While I know many of the ‘rules’ don’t really matter these days, I still find myself sticking to them. This past weekend my cousin got married and I had been on the hunt for the perfect dress. I decided to push my comfort zone and self-imposed wedding fashion rules & went all out in this stunning City Chic dress.

Outfit - City Chic Dolce Rose

Normally, I wouldn’t wear so much black to a wedding, but paired with the red and the stunning rose embroidery, this dress just called out LOVE to me. That’s what Weddings are really about, aren’t they? Love. The dress is rather ‘sexy’ but pairing it down with a cardigan and flats made it a bit more modest. I certainly still felt like a million dollars!

Outfit - City Chic Dolce Rose

I was slightly worried about how it would fit as I couldn’t get into a store to try it on, but thankfully, it fit like a dream. The dress is a size Large and thanks to the boning in the dress, I didn’t need to wear a bra. It has NO stretch. This dress would fit someone with smaller breasts, I’m a large B/ small C but I still had some room. I can’t normally pull off strapless dresses, most plus size strapless dresses cater for larger busts, so they just fall down on me. This dress does come with removable straps you can use.

Outfit - City Chic Dolce Rose

The detail on the dress is stunning and I’m trying to think of ways I can wear it more often. The embroidery trend is really in fashion at the moment, but the dress itself is really timeless. I can see myself pulling it out years down the track and it still being a show stopper.

Weather in Wollongong was hot, humid and rainy, so I kept my make-up rather simple. I was going to go for a red lip, but decided to just go with a nude-pink shade.

Outfit - City Chic Dolce Rose

Dress – c/o City Chic – I’m wearing a size L

Outfit - City Chic Dolce Rose

Do you have any wedding fashion rules?

Outfit of the B*witched, Atomic Kitten… Concert!

I had no idea what to wear to the concert the other day, it was hot, it reached 38°c and I knew it would be hot in the venue. My main goal was comfort, so I went through my wardrobe to try and find something cool and comfortable. I ended up with this outfit.

XL as Life - Plus Size Concert Outfit

I decided to go a bit fancy with my make up. Bright glittery makeup made me think of my teen years and the bands I was going to see. Hair up in twin buns, because I hate hair on my neck when it’s hot.

This top is so comfy, but i’ve never worn it just on it’s own like this. It was a little bit out of my comfort zone, the arm holes dip low and showed off my bra and curves. Not to mention my arms are uncovered. I’m happy to report, the world didn’t end and I felt cool and comfortable all night.

XL as Life - Plus Size Concert Outfit

Top – Unif || Shirt – City Chic || Shoes – Best and Less

XL as Life - Plus Size Concert Outfit

Thank heavens for makeup setting spray! Once home I crashed into bed to check out social media, as I do. I was quite surprised my makeup lasted so well as I got a bit sweaty, but it still looked good as new!

Do you have a ‘concert uniform’? Something you tend to wear to always wear to concerts?

City Chic Bikini – Every body is a bikini body!

This post is a collaboration with Shopping links.

I don’t know if I will ever get the hang of Melbourne weather. So far it’s  been pretty cold for what I’m used to at this time of year. It’s starting to warm up though and I know soon enough I will be complaining that it’s too hot! I was gifted this City Chic bikini a few months ago and only found the weather nice enough recently to finally shoot it.

City Chic Bird Bikini Plus Size

Now first up, YAY to City Chic for releasing bikinis! They have a few different options, but I was drawn to the colours in this bird print set. The top I went for in a 20c as that is about the size I wear (I am one of those super naughty ladies who hasn’t been professionally fitted for a bra) and the fit is great around the chest but a little big in the cups. That is pretty normal for me as I have small boobs. The top has great support though as it has wire! It’s basically a bra in swimsuit material.

City Chic Bird Bikini Plus Size

The bottoms I went for a size 22 because I wanted them a bit spacious. They are super comfy and I love the way they sit. They don’t sit as high on me as they do on the model on the CC site, but I still like that they are a higher waist.

It was a little bit scary at first rocking a bikini out at the beach, but it was also a hell of a lot of fun! I’ve worn a bikini before, but not out to a beach. I’m very much of the opinion that ALL bodies are bikini bodies, and that you can wear whatever YOU want to wear.

Top – Birdie Underwire Bikini Top (Size 20c ) || Bottoms – Birdie Bikini Brief (Size 22)City Chic Bird Bikini

What is your favourite type of swimwear?

Photos by the amazing PurpleNebula Photography.