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Outfit – Monochrome Kitty

Can you see something different? NO CAM BOOT! Yep, I went to the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday, and he’s happy with the way my foot is healing and told me he hopes to never see me again! Phew! It’s so nice to not have to wear the cam boot, but weird trying to walk again. My ankle has been immobile for 8 weeks, so it feels so strange to be able to move it around.


Today, I went out for the first time sans boot and golly, it really is so much easier to get around without a big hulking boot. The surgeon said to wear boots or sneakers for a few weeks at least to give it some added support. Honestly, that’s not tough as I wear these boots pretty much all the time anyway. These are actually the 2nd pair of this style as my other pair died from over use.


The weather in Melbourne, is well, Melbourne like! Can’t make up it’s mind. It was warm, and quite humid for Melbourne so I went with the comfort of a light skirt, and 3/4 sleeved top. I love this top cause it covers my arms (still a part of myself I struggle with), whilst protecting me from the sun, but also being cool as the lace lets air through.


Top – City Chic || Skirt – Prototype Designs || Boots – Betts
Ears – Crown and Glory || Lipstick – Friday by Colourpop || Pin – Surfing Sloth


What are your thoughts on black lipstick? 

Fashion, Outfits

Christmas Day Outfit & Happy New Year!


Wahey! Yes, I am still alive! Just thought i’d get this blog post live before the New Year starts! I wasn’t expecting to have Christmas with my parents this year, but I really enjoyed it. My boyfriend flew up the Christmas Eve (it’s been over a month since I’d seen him!) and my sister & nephew came over on Christmas Day for a family lunch. My brother, neice and nephew also popped around during the day too!


I freak out every time I see my nephew Caleb now, he’s grown so much and is nearly as tall as me. I was one of the first people to hold him after he was born and now he’s a man! It’s crazy! It was great catching up with him & my sister who stayed to just after 11pm! I didn’t take too many pictures, and you may have noticed i’ve been scarce on social media. I decided to have some off time and focus on spending time with my family.

I ended up wearing a City Chic dress I bought to wear to my boyfriends birthday a few years ago (see here). It was a back up dress to wear to my friends Wedding last month (I went with a different CC dress for that). I did pick up a dress from ASOS which is gorgeous, but just didn’t feel comfortable in it. (You can see it here)

Dress – City Chic (In stock in coral or orchid for $50) || Bolero – City Chic

outfit-citychic-christmas-001Yes, I really am that pale at the moment.

And now, it’s New Years Eve! I’ve been pretty lucky the past few years with having something to do. Sadly, I am spending this NYE alone, in bed. Well, I will have my cat to cuddle! For me 2015 has been a good year, it’s had it’s up’s and down’s, but all in all, it was one of the better years I’ve had. I can only home that 2016 is as good, hopefully better!

I hope YOU all have a happy and safe New Years Eve and that 2016 brings you EVERYTHING you wish for! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I love you!!

What are your plans for New Years Eve?


2 plus size Christmas outfits I wish I was wearing!

Can you believe it’s THAT time of year again!? Christmas! It really sprung up on me this year and all my plans were thrown up in the air with breaking my foot, but at least it means I get to spend Christmas Day with my family. I am so not prepaired, I have no idea what i’m going to wear, as I didn’t pack planning on being here. In fact, I thought I was being good and packed super minimally for my 2 week stay. So, of course I’ve been scouring the internet dreaming away about what I could be wearing. I thought i’d share my top 2 dream outfits I picked out.


Outfit one is very red! When I was younger I had a strict wardrobe colouring of red and black, that all changed once I dyed my hair pink, but red is still a colour I’m drawn to. This is the more dressy of the two looks and I figured you could dress is up or down with the heals. I am in LOVE with the idea of Wingz, my upper arms are still an area that I have problems with, so these can make any short sleeve top or dress much more wearable. I like that you wear it underneath instead of wearing a cardi or that over the top & ruining the line of the dress, that draping needs to been seen!

ASOS – Knot Front Bodycon Dress  $43.00 $25.50 || Wingz – Red Chiffon Flare Wingz – £15.99uk || ASOS – Skinnydip Novelty Christmas Elf Cross Body Bag – $64.00 || ASOS – London Rebel Ghillie Lace Point Flat Shoes $80.00 $60.00 || ASOS – Glamorous Red Ghillie Heeled Pom Pom Sandals – $64.00


This skirt makes me want to praise the fashion Gods and cry at the Australian dollar! SUCH PERFECTION IN ONE SKIRT. Yeah, you should know by now that i’m a dog person! I paired the skirt back with a white top (with super cute back details) but you could go for black. A festive bag & necklace, and these lace up shoes from City Chic. Finish the look off with a bright red lip!

City Chic – X Back Top – $39.95 || Modcloth – Here We Come A-wagging Skirt – $49.99us || Colour Pop – Ultra Matte Lip in Creeper – $6.00us || BlackHeartCreatives – Sleigh Reindeer Necklace – $54 || City Chic – Gilly Flat – $69.95 ||  ASOS – Skinnydip XMAS Glitter Cross Body Bag – $64.00

Have you decided on what you’re wearing this Christmas?