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What to wear to my BFFs wedding?

So my high school best friend is getting married soon, and I have no idea what to wear! It’s been around 10 years since I’ve attended a wedding, in fact, I think the last wedding I went to I wore a dress by what was then known as Big City Chic. So yeah, it’s been a long time!

gem002This is what I wore to their engagement party. Full post here.

So, most of my nice/fancy dresses are black. I know black is more accepted at wedding these days, but I would really love to wear some colour. It’s a Spring wedding in the Hunter Valley, that just makes me think colour. Florals, pretty dresses, pearls. So, i’ve done a round up of what my mind is currently obsessed with. I’ll probably go a dress, but I am also loving the idea of the jumpsuits, something a little out of the box!


1 – Little Mistress Plus Wrap Front Midi Dress With Lace Applique Waist || 2 – Drape Cowl Neck Pleated Midi Dress || 3 – Pretty Skater Dress With Metal Embellishment || 4 – Bright Floral Print Scuba Bodycon Dress || 5 – ALDO Silver Mantigno Tassel Bracelet || 6 – New Look Wide Fit T Bar Flat Sandals || 7 – New Look Wide Fit 2 Part Heeled Sandal || 8 – Premium Kimono Jumpsuit In Sequins || 9 – Shift Dress In Floral Print || 10 – Lovedrobe Embellished Bodice Halter Jumpsuit || 11 – Johnny Loves Rosie Heidi Heart Through & Through Earrings || 12 – Story of Lola Sequin Clutch Bag in Midnight Blue || 13 – Flower Embellished Clutch Bag

City Chic has an amazing range of gorgeous floral dresses i’m just in love with! For the strapless dresses, you can always wear a cardigan or bolero on top, or even underneath!

what-to-wear-to-a-wedding2Peony Affair Dress || Perfect Peony Dress || Powder Posey Dress || Rainbow Rose Dress

I know that I can sometimes over think outfits, I think it’s a mix of wanting to look good and wanting to fit in. I want something that makes me feel good, but also something I’m comfortable in. I don’t want to wear black or white, but I want to feel chic and glam. I guess all these wants is why i’ve found it hard to figure out what to wear!!

What outfit would you choose to wear?

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Outfit & make up of the LuWow!

On Saturday night I headed out to The LuWow for a friends birthday. I had no idea what to wear, a mental state i’ve been in a lot lately. I really wanted to wear my Neverland dress from PUG, but while it fits around the waist, the bust is just way too big on me (see here). I really need to go get it tailored. I decided to make it happen though, and just turned the bust down inside the dress. Paired with the crop & belt, I think it worked well.


Dress worn as skirt – Pin Up Girl Clothing (or skirt) | Crop – Supre | Belt – City Chic
Shoes – ASOS | Brooch – Pony People


I’d heard of The LuWow before, I was meant to attend an event there previously, but didn’t make it, and I knew it had been used for photo shoots I’ve seen before, but that’s about it. It is a kitschy tiki paradise! It made me think back to Aitutaki and wish I could be back there. Later in the night we made out way into the other room to see the wrapping up “of a wild disco freak armageddon scene in the movie ‘Fags in The Fast Lane'”. Which we didn’t know at the time, it really was like we’d fallen down the rabbit hole, or what I imagine an acid trip may be like, it was truly spectacular though. (Unlike acid, drugs are bad!)


Oh yeah, my hair is blue-ish currently. I’m loving how it looks offset with browns. I’m wearing a whole bunch of make up, but it’s Colourpop “Beeper” on my lips, mainly Sugarpill “Countess” on my eyes & of course, Benefits “They’re Real” mascara. (Want to know any other product, just ask).


I don’t consider myself a big drinker, I may have a glass every 2 months or so, but I did let go a little on the night (and managed to catch the train home, go me!). The way they served up their cocktails were super fun with things like those rubber hands in a variety of poses, a plastic snake in a giant cocktail bowl and even one that came lit on fire! Left is the Tropical Itch and on the right is the Pain Killer. I certainly needed some real pain killers on Sunday!

What did you get up to on the weekend?

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Outfit – Striped monochrome.

Yeah, I am fat and I LOVE to wear stripes! I totally think all the talk about what a fat person can & can’t wear is total BS. Wear what YOU want! I bought this top online ages ago, but accidently had it sent to my parents address. It took them awhile to post it to me, but boy was it worth the wait!


I need to remember to take outfit photos before I go out, cause once I get home I just want to strip off and relax. I’m glad my make up stayed on so well, just had to reapply my gloss! My hair is in desperate need of a dye, but I have to admit, I do like how it’s faded all rainbow pastel. I couldn’t get it this way if I tried!


Stripes always make me think of Beetlejuice, and that is a good thing! I also get a bit of a Parisian vibe with the stripes and off the shoulder combo. Just add a red lip and beret!

monochrome-004 monochrome-003

Top – City Chic (S) | Skirt & Belt – ASOS | Boots – Betts
Necklace – Erstwilder | Earrings – Colette


Do you wear stripes?