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Aussie Curves – Dark

This weeks Aussie Curves theme was ‘DARK’. Now that’s something I could do. As a teen, I was constantly called ‘goth’, I dyed my hair black, liked spikes and cuffs, wore my Dr Marten boots with my school uniform, so yeah, I guess you could have called me goth. I wore a lot of black because that was avilable to me, as a plus size teen I didn’t have many options. I think that is one of the reasons why I love fashion so much these days.

It’s funny how we grow and evolve. This obviously isn’t something I’d wear everyday. Yes, I’d wear elements of this outfit, but as a whole look, no, not unless is was a fancy dress party. Flash back 8 – 10 years ago and I would be in heaven, I would have never ever took this outfit off. So no, I didn’t wear this outfit all day, or even out of the house.

I think I look a bit like a futuristic goth hooker. I actually asked my brother to take these photos for me and his reaction to my outfit was rather amusing. So, thanks Daniel for being an awesome big bro! Oh and of course Frodo decided to get in on the action.

Bodysuit – Gisela Ramirez | Skirt – New Look  | Jacket – Damn you alexis
Belt – Gift from Sarah | Headband – Gift from Too Many Sequins (it’s from ASOS)
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell Litas

My favourite brand of lipstick by far is Lime Crime, I actually own 7 of their lipsticks. Centrifuchsia is usually my ‘go to’ lipstick, but I picked up Poisonberry the other week and i’ve been constantly wearing it. I love it!

Teja Jamilla Tights – Sizing Info

I don’t remember how I originally stumbled across Teja Jamillas hand printed tights, I just remember being surprised that they went up to a size that would fit me. I ordered them straight away, not knowing what size would fit better, tights can be tricky, I ordered 2 different sizes. When they arrived, I had fractured my foot  couldn’t wear them with my boot, but I busted them out for MBFWA (HERE) and they went down a treat.

PLEASE NOTE: Apart from the 3rd photo down (with the site text on it) these photos have only been re-sized and sharpened. I have not edited them in away, not even to colour correct them. This is the real deal people! You can even see the underwear i’m wearing underneath my stockings in the picture below! *shock, horror*

I thought i’d talk about the sizing in the tights, for anyone who wants to order a pair for themself. They are really good quality tights, her page says they are 80 denier, so i’ll believe that. The purple pair have been through the wash around 2 or 3 times and haven’t had a problem.

The purple are Extra Large (Plus size) and said to fit US sizes 24-28, UK sizes 28-32, Europe 56-60 – Hips up to 142 cm/56 inches. Height up to 178cm/5’10”. MY THOUGHTS – I’ve worn these 4 times, and I LOVE them, I tried these on originally as I figured if anything, this size would fit. They are very sturdy and not a light stocking, they’ve not ripped and they don’t sag. After trying on the Large though, I feel these are a heavy and tighter fit. They suck you in a bit more. I think they’d start being too tight if you were much larger then I am. (I’m around 5’5″, size 20-22 with a hip measurement of 50″)

The cream are Large and said to fit US sizes 16-22, UK sizes 20-26, Europe 48-54 – Hips up to 127cm/50 inches. Height up to 178cm/5’10” MY THOUGHTS – While they look slightly off colour in the picture, these are cream. Today was the first time i’ve tried them on and i’m actually really surprised. These have a lot of stretch to them, a lot more elasticity to them then the purple, but also feel slightly thinner. I’m not sure if it’s because they are different sizes/colour, so maybe they are different brands, but I feel this pair would stretch up to fit someone just as well as the purple pair.

In these photos, i’m also wearing ASOS Curve wrap front body suit in a size 22au (I decided to channel Beyonce in Single ladies, can you tell?). Silver glitter shoes from Rubi Shoes. Glitter belt from Dorothy Perkins. Black faux fur jacket from Damn You Alexis.

This was NOT a sponsored post, just so you know. I paid with these pretties with my own money.

Weekly Wishlist

With Fashion Week only a few weeks away, I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to wear. This is the first time i’ll be attending shows for the blog, and i’m both excited and a little nervous. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR!? So, this weeks Weekly Wishlist is a showcase of things i’d certainly like to wear!!

  • DAMN YOU ALEXIS – Faux Fur Jacket – $149.95
  • MOLLINI – Again Black – $159.95
  • ALIAS MAE – Rogue Black – $129.95
  • DAMN YOU ALEXIS – Zig Zag Dress – $79.95
  • CITY CHIC – Kiss Me Skater Dress in Jewel- $99.95
  • THE CARPENTERS DAUGHTER – Straight Tracey Pant – $189.00 NZ
  • ASAP – Round Toe Sandals – $133