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Outfit – What I wore to White Night Ballarat

Just a short post today. I didn’t really get any good outfit photos from White Night, but I thought I would share these couple of pictures I do have. I wanted to wear something comfortable and not too hot. I also knew that I would be doing a lot of walking, so I wore my Sonsee Anti-Chafe shorts. Chub rub is a bitch and I’ve tried a few things, but I find bike shorts the best. I’m really impressed with Sonsees shorts though, they are breathable, comfy and don’t roll.

I love this dress so much and I have no idea why I don’t wear it more. I was so sad when Domino Dollhouse closed, but I’m glad I have this dress. It always gets lots of compliments.

XL as Life OOTD - White Night

Dress – Domino Dollhouse || Shorts (worn underneath) – c/o Sonsee || Brooch – Baccurelli
Cardi – Very old, with no label || Boots – Betts

Do you like my wings?

Outfit – Black & White patterns!

Well, hello. This was just a bit of a spur of the moment outfit post. I had to head out to go to the doctors today, and I was honestly feeling like poop. I just wanted something comfortable and I ended up feeling rather cute in what I decided to wear. Apart from the bra, I felt a bit like I channeled the styling of a toddler.


It’s been a busy week for me, I finally saved enough money to get Tonka to the vet to get his teeth out. Dental isn’t covered by his pet insurance. He ended up getting 7 teeth out! SEVEN! I went to the doctor on Monday, and then again today, and I have to go back again on Friday. I also nearly fainted on Monday, I managed to lay down just as I was losing my hearing.


I think you can see that i’m not feeling very well in these pictures, but I wanted to share them anyway, because hey, we’re not always on our A game. After the doctors today, I treated myself to getting my nails shellac’d and eyebrows tinted. It was nice to pamper myself a little.


Top – Best & Less | Jacket – Domino Dollhouse | Bra – c/o City Chic
Leggings – c/o Jessica Louise (XXL) | Shoes – ASOS


Hearts & stripes & lace, oh my!

Aussie Curves – Valentine’s Day


Ahhh, Valentine’s day! My mind raced with all sorts of ideas for this weeks theme. I’ve been single for the last two valentines, and this year, while I’m not so single, I’ll be spending the day solo. Anyway, I decided to just put together an outfit of what I would wear, if I was spending the day with someone special!


Red lace! Red is such a passionate colour, I went through a stage around 5 years ago that the only colours I had in my wardrobe were red & black. That was, until I dyed my hair pink. I love how red & black look together. I decided on a white belt, it sort of matches my pasty white completion.

The high waist full skirt with the petticoat underneath takes the exposed bra and makes it somewhat classier, at least I think so.


I have to admit, I’m a bit of a romantic at heart. So many people don’t believe in Valentines day, and I can understand that. I get that it really is a ‘hallmark holiday’ and that you should show the person you love everyday that you care for them. I guess I just love the over the top-ness of Vday. I get drawn into the sparkles, the big red hearts, beautiful flowers and cute teddy bears. I know I can’t be the only one!


Top – Belle Curve (In the Myer days) | Skirt – Crossroads | Petticoat – Domino Dollhouse | Shoes – Payless Shoes


Oh, and a heads up! I have some things up for sale on ebay! I’ll be adding even more things over the next few days (and months), so check them out! It’s Australia only atm. Also, if there is any outfit you’ve seen me wear previously on the blog, and are interested in it, drop me a line! I’ve been trying to be brutal with this wardobe cull.

aussiecurvesnat disc02