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Goodbye Emily.


On Tuesday I lost a family member, a sister, a best friend, a precious animal. On Tuesday  our dear Emily passed away and I’m still not sure if I’ve really processed it yet. I’ve not had to deal so close with the loss of an animal so close to me. When Bayley passed away I cried and cried, but I was in Adelaide and away from it all, not right in the thick of it. I walk out of my room and expect to have to step over her, but like a punch to the gut I remember, she’s not here.


It was somewhat expected. She’s not been well for, well, nearly all the time my parents have had her. They rescued her from a breeder who no longer wanted her as she’d had so many litters already. She was so scared of everything. I would only see her every 6-12 months and the changes I witnessed in her were amazing. I’m so happy my parents adopted her. I am so glad to know that she spent the last few years of her life being spoiled and shown so much love.


Like a lot of Cavis, she had heart problems. She’d been in heart failure for awhile and was on the last set of meds that she could be given.  One of the reasons we moved house was to help her, the stairs at the old place were too much. The reason my parents got Betsy was for Emily. The mix of the new house and Betsy gave her an extra few months. She wasn’t in pain. She went down hill so fast though. 11am my parents took her to the vet, he explained he didn’t think she’d last the day, to take her home and give her all the love we could.


I laid on the floor with her for half an hour before my parents took her back to the vets at 4pm. I patted her, held her and I told her how much I loved her. She was pretty much out of it by then. I gave her a kiss and stayed waiting with Frodo, Betsy and Tonka to see if she would come home. She didn’t. Her oxygen rate was low, she wasn’t responding, she just wanted to sleep. So we let her sleep, and now she’s gone. She’s now with Bayley, surely watching over us and thinking we are silly shedding so many tears over her.

Bye Bye MooMoo. Your sissy loves you so much.

Aussie Curves – Purple


When trying to decide what to wear for this weeks Aussie Curves theme of ‘purple’ I was rather shocked to find I didn’t own too many items of purple. I LOVE purple! My two main purple items are actually a jacket and cardigan, and while it WAS raining whilst I took these pictures, it was still too warm to put on a jacket or cardigan. Hehe, I took my Purple post pictures in the rain. Purple rain, puuurple rain.

This top was bought back when I was living in Adelaide, which is why you can see it’s a little big. I’d decided I needed some ‘basics’ after I hurt my back. I remember that this top cost me all of $12, I picked it up in a black as well.

I decided to play around and do something different with my hair, I dug out my old extensions & well, seeing as they didn’t match my hair, thought I’d plait them together to create a kind of ombre/dip dye effect. I don’t think it turned out too bad. I can’t wait for my hair to grow!

It was nice being able to sit outside and watch the rain, while still a little humid, it was a lot better then some of the 45 days we’ve been having.  Emily decided to join me. Also, I am so in love with my jelly sandals!

Look how white my legs are! I’m kind of worried about my upcoming trip, I think half my luggage will be packed full of sunscreen!purple-08

Top – Big W | Skirt – ASOS Curve | Belt – Torrid | Earrings & bracelet – Lovisa | Shoes – Jelly Beans

Into #thedarlingden

Last week was the final move into the new place. I can understand why they say that moving is one of the most stressful times. I’ve been a mess of emotions. Our internet is taking longer to set up, thanks to poor service from Telstra. We rang up 10 days in advance as my Father and I both need the internet, and were assured it would be ready to go by the time we moved in. Except, they forgot to put through the order for the modem. So, fingers crossed we shall have it by weeks end. We had to go out and buy a wifi dongle.

My place is slowly coming more and more together. I still have 2 more walls to paint, but one needs to wait until after we’ve finished the renovations to my kitchen. I have learnt that I have SO MUCH stuff, and have been trying to cull some things. I’m a sentimental hoarder, if it has a strong memory attached to it, I don’t want to get rid of it.

The animals have settled in well, in fact, I think they all like this place better! They certainly don’t seem to miss the countless stairs of the old place and they’ve been enjoying exploring the backyard. I’ve found myself in the backyard often, while this house doesn’t have a pool, we seem to have an abundance of bird life. Cockatoos, Rainbow lorikeets and kookaburras are just a few of what i’ve spotted!

I can’t wait to get back online properly and fill you all in on everything & get back to regular posting. Until then, thank you for your patience! 😀