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Goodbye Mr Frodo


RIP Frodo Dobby Baggins
17/07/2002 – 2/12/2013

Yesterday was a hard day. The worst day. I had to say goodbye to my best friend, my baby, or as Caitlin put it, my furry soul mate. Those of you who have followed my blog for a long time will know how much this little man meant to me, and to say that I am devastated would be an understatement.


Frodo had been getting old. After his operation early last year, he’s aged dramatically. The past month or so, he’s just grown really lazy, mainly due to some arthritis in his legs. He’s been less lively. On Saturday, his back right leg just wouldn’t work, he’d stand, and hobble a little when I took him out to the toilet, but he just wouldn’t use it. So we went to the vet first thing Monday morning.


The vet believed he’d hurt it, and mixed with the arthritis, just didn’t want to use it. He gave Frodo some pain killers and asked me to bring him back in the next day for some Xrays.

I took him home, but later that day when I took him outside to go to the toilet, he pooped blood. We took him back to the vet, and he checked him out. His gums had started going white, and he could feel his liver. The vet rubbed my arm and said “You know what I’m going to say, don’t you?”

Of course I did. I knew Frodo. The night before I actually told my boyfriend that I was petrified that it was going to be the last night I spent with Frodo, and I was right. The vet didn’t think he’d last the night and I didn’t want him to suffer.


 So he was given a sedative, and then put to sleep, surround by my parents and I. I patted him, kissed his face and told him he was loved, that he was the best dog ever and that I was so thankful for everything he gave me.

You know, I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for Mr Frodo. I know I wouldn’t. He came into my life, and he gave me this sence of purpose, this love and support. He was my rock. I am so thankful for everything that he’s given me, and the time I got to spend with him. What he taught me, what we shared.


People often scoff when you refer to your animals as your babies, but I don’t have children and Frodo was as close as I’d have. I can’t imagine loving anyone or anything the way I love Frodo. I’d look at him and my heart would just swell with love and pride.

He loved squeaky toys, and playing fetch. His favourite music was Missy Elliott. He loved to eat chicken and would go crazy for lambs fry (ew!). He would lay in my arms for hours, and every morning he’d wake to give me kisses and dig in the bed.


 This Christmas will be hard. Mr Frodo loved Christmas, he loved opening his presents, it was so adorable. (Video below).

It’s so odd, it’s only been 24 hours and it’s so surreal. I keep going to do things, like take him out to pee, and then I realise, “oh, he’s gone”. I actually don’t remember a time when I’ve never had a dog. Luckily I have Tonka here to take care of me, and boy has he. He slept cuddled in my arms all last night.

So, RIP little man. You will forever be in my heart.



Keep on moving!


Sometimes it seems its one step forward, two steps back. It’s frustrating. I’ve come down with some flu and my body just wants me to sleep, and then I feel overwhelmed by the list of things I should be doing instead of resting. I need to take a breath. I need to stress less.


The animals in this household never fail to bring my joy. Betsy is finally realising more and more that she can be a dog, that she can do things and not get into trouble for it. She’s sometimes even pushing those limits, but it’s amazing to see her not be afraid to show personality. She’s loving sleeping on the arm chairs between Mum & Dad. For a dog that would cower every time you went to pat her, it’s nice to know she’s feeling safe & loved.


My fur family are good. Silly family portrait above. I got a new rug for #thedarlingden & both Frodo & Tonks thought it was the best thing ever. Tonka is still so very much in love with Frodo, is always snuggling up to him, kissing him. It’s adorable. When frodo thinks i’m not looking, he’ll sit there and clean Tonkas face for him.


Aussie thinks he’s a cat. He was raised with them before we adopted him, and he has so many mannerisms of a cat. When I let Frodo & Tonka out into my parents section, Aussie goes nuts. Luckily him & Tonka will just play & play & play. Then you’ll find them all snuggled up somewhere together.


Aussie is really a little nutter. He’s so full of beans, and so full of love. It’s been a while since we have had a puppy-puppy, and the love and outright affection is astounding compared to rescue dogs, who take forever to trust you and open up.

Make me feel better, tell me about your fur babies!

5 things making me happy…


My furr family – The addition of Aussie has made such a difference to the house. It’s amazing what joy a puppy can bring. Frodo plays with him in ways I’ve never seen him play, even with Ginny. I can’t explain how much that makes my heart swell, seeing him so happy. Betsy is growing and showing more personality, seeing her do things that she wouldn’t have the courage to do even 6 months ago, it’s just wonderful. Oh, and just watching Tonka and Aussie play is so silly!


Our back yard – I love our back yard, so does Tonka. It’s just such a peaceful place to sit outside and take some ‘time out’. Fresh air, greenery. I love nature & we get such a beautiful arrange of wildlife here, like the rainbow lorikeets (below).


Emails – Getting exciting emails full of opportunity! Not to mention from people you care about. For someone who finds it hard to talk on a phone, i’m so thankful for emails! Oh, and mail! I think getting post may be one of lifes biggest simple pleasures, well, you know, as long as it’s not a bill!


TV Shows – First up, the announcement that Billie Piper & David Tennant will be in the 50th anniversary Doctor Who episode. OH MY GOD! I am so excited, yet kind of scared, about it. But mostly excited!

The Walking Dead season finale and the start of the new season of Game of Thrones!

As i’ve been sick I’ve been catching up on TV shows. I don’t claim to have great taste, in fact, the past few seasons my favourite shows have been cancelled. I’m currently loving The Carrie Diaries, Arrow, Nashville, Beauty and the Beast, The New Girl, Smash & The New Normal. Just to name a few



YOU! - I know it may sound like i’m ‘sucking up’, but really, I adore getting comments, emails, tweets, any interaction with people who read my blog. It’s nice to know people are reading and enjoying. THANK YOU!

What’s currently making you happy?

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