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In the dressing room

In the dressing room! Crossroads edition.

It’s been a while since I’ve done an “in the dressing room” post. I’ve been in a bit of a fashion rut again and am unsure about my style. I go through these periods now and then where I question what I actually like, and what I feel is pushed upon me by designers/stores/advertising/what fat women should or shouldn’t wear etc.

In the dressing rooms - Crossroads

This is something that pushes me a little out of my comfort zone of what I normally wear, but OH MY GOSH, it was so comfortable, it felt like I was wearing pyjamas. First up, this top. THIS TOP. It is made out of the softest most beautiful material, it’s a little clingy, but I didn’t want to take it off. The back has a dip hem in a different material, but it was the front that I loved. I tried it on in a 20, and as you can see, it’s a super relaxed fit. The pants are a 20 as well, they have a fitted waist at the front but elastic at the front, which meant I could easily wear them high or on my hips. I’d have to have them taken up either way. I loved the speckled dot pattern and the roomy palazzo legs.

Swing Tee – $29.95 – Also in pink. Tried on in a size 20.
Palazzo Printed Pant – $49.95 – Tried on in a size 20.

In the dressing rooms - Crossroads

This dress is something a little different for me too, mainly the colouring. Sure, back in the day, all I ever wore was black and red, but these days, I don’t have much red in my wardrobe. The neck is what drew me to this dress, and whilst it is available in a solid black, I really did love the rose pattern. I also just loved the cut of the dress, the fake small tulip of the skirt/hem. This is the dress in a size 20, and it fit well. If you have bigger boobs, this would fit you better. I found it was a little gape-y under the arms and I probably could have got away with a size smaller.

Cut out shift dress – $49.95 – Also in plain black. Tried on in a size 20

What is your favourite thing I tried on?

In the dressing room – City Chic & Peter Alexander

The other day, I posted on facebook admiring this top (& a skirt that I couldn’t find instore). Something a little different for City Chic and quite fashion forward. I decided whilst I was near a store today to go in and try it on. I often find CC sizing all over the shop, so picked this up in a L to try.

In the Dressing Room at City Chic trying on the 007 Shirt

Top – City Chic – $119.95 – Tried on in a size L (Probably could go a M)

In the Dressing Room at City Chic trying on the 007 Shirt

It has pros and a con for me. Mostly pros. Firstly,  I probably could have sized down. The shirt is really fitted with the bandeau being slightly stretchy. The bandeau is totally removable, which means you can wear this 3 ways (1. Shirt. 2. Bandeau. 3. Shirt + Bandeau). I also loved the hard wear details. The con is, it will have to be ironed and I don’t iron.

In the Dressing Room at Peter Alexander trying on stuff from the P.A. Plus range. Cats and Dogs.

Next up, was Peter Alexander. I’ve always admired their range of pyjamas and lusted over many things. They always have such great collections. A few months ago, they released a new Plus Size range! YAY! Sadly, a lot of the licensed collections (Disney, Muppets, SpongeBob etc) aren’t included in the PS range, but they have just released a super cute Cat & Dog collection.

In the Dressing Room at Peter Alexander trying on stuff from the P.A. Plus range. Cats and Dogs.

Cat Tee – Size 1 || Dog Pants – Size 2

Seeing as I’d never tried them on before, I wanted to check out the sizing. The 1+ is described as size 16-18, the 2+ as 20-22 and the 3+ as 24-26. As sizing goes, I think it’s pretty right. I am smaller on top than bottoms and found the sizing I chose comfy. The pants are slightly oversized on me (like I like pyjama pants) and have a drawstring waist. I could happily wear these lower on my hips, but pulled them up a bit to show that they are quite high waisted.

In the Dressing Room at Peter Alexander trying on stuff from the P.A. Plus range. Cats and Dogs.

Be sure to check out the fill P.A Plus range HERE as they have even more cute Cat & Dog designs!

So here’s the question, would you choose Dogs or Cats!?

In the Dressing Room – City Chic

On Friday, I headed out to Westfield Southland, and after having a delicious lunch with my buddy Mallory, I went and tried on a couple of things in City Chic. It’s been awhile since I’ve been into a City Chic store, as I don’t have one near me anymore.


Top – Simple Pussy Bow Top – Size L – $69.95
Pants – Walk on by Culotte – Size 20 – $89.95


First up a top & culotte combo. I loved this top the moment it went on the site, but I don’t generally like anything with a high neck. I decided to try it on, and surprisingly, I loved it! The colour really is so beautiful!

I’ve been really enjoying the culotte trend on other people, but just didn’t know how it would suit me, so I jumped at the chance of actually trying on a pair. The pictures are pretty dodgy (sorry), so they don’t do them justice. They are really comfortable, and this pair has a metal tipped bow belt situation going on. They were probably a little longer than I’d like them to be.citychic-inthedressingroom-003

Dress – Sleeveless Wrap Dress – Size M – $99.95 – Also in Black.


This dress! THIS DRESS YOU GUYS! I love it. I’ve been loving the tie around waist trend, I already have one skirt with it! I’ve been seeing dresses around in this style, but nothing in plus size yet, so I was super excited that City Chic released this! Bang on trend! It also comes in black, but I quite like the grey in it. It has an inner slip underneath the main layer, which helps smooth things out.

Have you bought anything from City Chic lately?