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Outfit – High necked maxi from Katies!

I’m not usually a fan of high necks, and I don’t own too many maxi dresses, but when I saw this dress in store, I knew I had to try it on. (I also tried this one on too) As I slipped it over my head, and it fell around my body, I knew that I wasn’t leaving the store without it.


When I was younger, you’d never get me to look in stores like Katies, Rockmans, Millers. They were too ‘old’, but these days, they are one of my favourite ‘in store’ places to shop. While they aren’t fully size inclusive, Katies do have items that go up to a size 20 & 3xl.


These photos don’t do the colours in the dress justice. It’s such a vibrant chartreuse-y yellow. It has a black slip underneath and splits up both sides. I think it will be so lovely and airy in summer!


Tiny butterfly ring for my ‘animal in every outfit‘. I’ve had this ring for a few years now, but it’s slightly too big since I’ve lost some weight. I bought in from BrandsExclusive, but I don’t remember who it’s by.

katies-yellow-05 katies-yellow-06

Dress – Katies (Size 20) || Cardigan – Rockmans (XL) || Ring – ?? || Belt – Kmart || Shoes – Target


Are you a fan of maxi dresses?

Outfit – Ruler of all the Ocean.


 To be honest, I’m not a huge Disney fan. Shock, Horror, I know. I am however drawn to certain stories, or characters. One of them, being Ursula. Sure, she’s not the nicest character, but she’s a flamboyant, lilac skinned fat chick, which always appealed to me. While, I didn’t relate to her personality (apart from her love of Flotsam & Jetsam), I could relate to her looks.


The colours and pattern on the Villains leggings is nothing short of amazing! I kind of want the Princess and Sleeping Beauty leggings now, just because of the beautiful vibrant colours. I was lucky because I scooped these pair up on a Buy/Swap/Sell group for $50!


Why yes, I do have newly coloured hair! I’m super proud of it because I did it all myself! The most colours I’ve used before is 3, but there are actually 6 colours in this. Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Aqua and Pink. The green I had had turned a funky colour, so I didn’t use it, and I didn’t have any purple. It turned out better then I expected.


This tunic I picked up from Katies ages ago gets worn a lot with my leggings. It’s a great length and the navy colour tends to go with so much. I think this may be the only think in navy I own. One of the things I love about this jacket is the pockets, and no, not the fact it has pockets, but the fact that inside the pockets, Flotsam and Jetsam are hiding. SEE! Such a fun detail!



Jacket – Black Milk Clothing (XL) | Tunic – Katies (XXL) | Leggings – Black Milk Clothing (XL)
Boots – Dr Martens c/o Banks Fashion | Hair Bow – Little Bow Peep

blackmilk-ursula-008Who is your favourite Disney character?

Melbourne Moments – City Myer – Outfit


 Last week I headed into the city to meet up with my buddy, fellow blogger, Vanessa! I love catching up with Vanessa, she is such an amazingly beautiful human. We spent the day wondering around the city, having lunch at the pancake parlour, and lusting over allll the things! When I spotted this dome of faux flowers inside Myer I excitedly asked Vanessa to take a picture of me with it! (Gosh, I hope I’m not the only one who is like “oh, I want a photo with the pretty things!”)


I’m learning to layer for Melbourne weather. I was having such a ‘I have nothing to wear’ day and feeling super bloated (PERIODS SUCK!) so I stuck to an old favourite. Leggings & a tunic. I paired it with this jacket that I’d been eyeing for months that I ended up snapping up for $10!! The day also called for squid earrings!

JACKET – Target | Leggings – Black Milk | Tunic – Katies | Boots – Betts | Earrings – CapnMueller

I’m now kind of dreaming of doing a feature flower wall! Or seeing as I’m renting, maybe a large canvas!!

What is your favourite flower?