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Aussie Curves – Time Saver


This weeks Aussie Curves theme is ‘Time Saver’. I have two go to dresses when I’m in a rush. You’ve seen the other one before HERE, so I thought I’d show off my 2nd favourite.


This dress is super comfy! Because of the style, it makes my hips look a little larger, but it helps create the illusion of curves. I’m very straight up and down, so I like that!


It’s starting to get colder so I threw on a cropped cardi, however I ended up wearing sandals. I’m trying to get as much wear out of all my open shoes as much as I can before I have to start keeping them warm. You can just make out the slight tan marks from my holiday.


I don’t wear make up most days, so that is a time saver in itself! Generally my make up routine is mascara, lip balm & a little brow zing.


Dress – Katies (Size 2xl) | Cardi – Some cheap store in Adelaide | Shoes – ASOS | Necklace – c/o Nicole Fendel


OOTD: Metallic crinkles

It’s hard to take pictures of metallic items, it seems. These photos don’t do this top justice, in real life, it’s a champagne gold shimmery perfection. I fell in love with it after seeing THIS picture in the recent Virtu catalogue, and even though i’m not a gold wearer, it the kind of top that seems to change colours depending on what you wear.

Living out of a bag isn’t easy, that is why my skirt is creased. Also, I don’t iron. Ever. I am not an iron-er  This skirt is usually fine, it doesn’t really crinkle, except that it was rolled up and shoved under a mound of other clothes. However, it’s one of the few skirts I have that currently fit me as I’ve lost a little weight. Every one just has to deal with the crinkles.

This summer i’m trying to learn to love my arms. My upper arms are one of my ‘weak spots’, the one area that I am not happy with that I like to hide. I’m trying to love myself 100% and that means my arms too.

So tell me, do you iron?

OOTD – 5 minute fashion.

I’m a fan of dresses that you just throw on and ta-da, you are ready. Sure, it sometimes feels like cheating, not having to ‘put together’ an outfit, but some days, you just need to have an item of clothing you can put on in a rush and know that you look presentable. This is my current go to dress & can you believe I picked it up on sale for $10!

I usually wear it with a belt, but yesterday I paired it with a think pink ribbon. Now I look at the pictures, I think I like wearing it with a belt better, but hey, we live and learn! While out, a boy of around 5 or 6 was staring at my new boot, I was so tempted to tell him that yes, I am part transformer!

  • DRESS – Katies
  • RIBBON – I don’t remember where I got this from, i’ve had it for years.
  • SHOE – Andre – Padded supersoft sandal

As soon as i’m home I change into my slippers though, I kind of found it amusing looking at the difference between my two feet. I think I need to name them both and come up with a story about how they became best friends!

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