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Aussie Curves – New Years Eve



So, it’s officially 2014! Yay! I took a bit of a blogging break over the past 2 weeks whilst my boyfriend has been here and I have to say, it’s been nice. I didn’t realise just how much of my time revolved around blogging! I’m back from my mini hiatus though, and what better way then for the first Aussie Curves theme of the year!


I’m totally cheating with this theme though, I didn’t actually wear this outfit on New Years. I spent NYE at a friends party and was advised to not wear anything that i’d want to get ruined, turns out they hired sumo suits! Luckily I dressed comfortably though because I ended up getting sick, without even drinking!


This is what I WOULD have worn, if I’d been going out on the town, or a fancier party. I’m still loving the monochrome trend, but decided to add some colour in.


I love clashing red & blue together! The slight sparkle in the cardigan and the pretty flower crown just adds that little glitz.


 You know one of the great things about this dress? It has pockets! I just LOVE a dress that has pockets!


 Dress – Dorothy Perkins | Cardigan – Rockmans | Shoes – ASOS | Necklace – Colette
Flower Crown – Miss Wild Flowers | Lipstick – Lime Crime in Candy Apple


My Christmas Wishlist

I was hoping to do a few guft guides this Holiday Season, but with everything that’s been going on, I just haven’t really been ‘into it’. So I figured my epic Christmas Wishlist may help inspire you to find the right gift for someone close to you!


  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 – In any colour – $80-100 - JBHiFi - Target - Harvey Norman I’ve been wanting one of these for ages, but I always put off buying one myself because the cost of film is pretttty expensive. However, I still realllly want one.
  • Kreepsville 666 Skull necklacePink - Purple - $30 | Just cause it’s pretty!
  • Black Drusy <3 ring – $110 | I’ve been in love with Rachel’s work for over a year now, the love heart drusy rings are my favourite, I love all the colours, but think the black or blue are my favourites.
  • Domino Dollhouse Metallic Skirt - $74.99 | Domino Dollhouse have done it again! I kept looking at this skirt in the black, but now it’s been released in this AMAZING material, my life will never be complete until its mine.
  • Unif Kimono - $145 | Loving the kimono trend & this makes me want to dress up like a character from The Craft and start chanting “light as a feather, stiff as a board”.
  • Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint - $9.95 | Lush lip tints are the BOMB! I have 2, but I think this one needs to be added to my collection. Seriously, you should try them!
  • The Hobbit Pop Vinyl Figurine – $15.95 | I’m trying not to start another collection of things, but how cure are the whole range of the Pop figurines! I already have Bilbo, I think I need the rest of The Hobbit set to keep him company.
  • ThinkGeek Unicorn Bouquet - $49.99 | Because it is the most awesome of awesome. It’s a unicorn bouquet!
  • Kate Space Owl Clutch - $450 | I will never own this, ever, but it’s pretty and I felt like putting something completely crazy (price wise) into the list.
  • Wittner Cleopatra Shoes – $64.95 | These have appeared on one of my previous lustlists, but now they are on sale! SHOES!
  • LimeCrime Velvetine in Pink Velvet – $20 | I want, but can’t justify spending so much on a lipstick for myself. At least, not at the moment.

Not to mention, I also keep a couple of wishlists at all time on pinterest! I have my fashion one, my non fashion one, my Black Milk one, and my Erstwilder one.

What are you hoping Santa brings you this Christmas?

Outfit – She’s like a rainbow


The weather has been pretty marvelous here in Sydney the past few weeks, as long as you don’t think about the horrible bushfires. Warm, with a slight breeze. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the backyard enjoying the fresh air. So what better way to express the joy then to dress in bright colours!


My BFF Lou gave me this dress, I love the colours in it, it’s so vibrant. I feel so feminine and pretty when I wear it. It also works well with a petticoat underneath to give it extra oomph!


One thing I’ve been doing lately is wearing necklaces as belts! Usually you can easily join 2 necklaces together, which with then attach around your waist like a chain belt. Just for something different.


Dress – ASOS | Jacket – City Chic | Shoes – Some store in New Zealand
Belt – Made from Sportsgirl necklace | Eyeliner – Lime Crime


Also, I’ve been playing around with my layout, so if you see things changing a little bit, it’s oookay!



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