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Outfit – Happy Easter! Bunnies and Stars.

First up, Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! For those who don’t and are in Australia, happy long weekend! I personally don’t celebrate Easter now that I am older. While I am not religious, I still enjoy getting into the spirit of a lot of holidays, and I guess the whole Easter Bunny aspect influenced this outfit.

Plus size outfit - Bunnies and stars!

Animals are amazing, you probably know by now I adore animals more than most humans. That certainly goes for rabbits. I’ve had many pet rabbits over the years and would love to have one again in the future. I’ve always wanted a giant breed.

This cropped jumper is one of my favourites because it’s so comfortable. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been all about comfort as of late and this outfit shows it. Oversized shirt, leggings as pants, comfy jumper. Ticks all the comfy boxes.

Plus size outfit - Bunnies and stars!

I had to pull out my bunny shoes to match. When I bought them, they came in a variety of colours and I’m glad I went with the black. While they have bunny ears and are super glittery, the black tones them down a bit.

Plus size outfit - Bunnies and stars!

Shirt – Boohoo || Jumper – Target || Leggings – Millers || Shoes – Cute to the Core

Plus size outfit - Bunnies and stars!

Have you ever had a rabbit as a pet? I’d love to hear about them!

Plus Size Outfit – Drawn to grey.

I’m back home in Melbourne and need to get back into the swing of everyday life again. It was great seeing family in Sydney and staying with my parents & their doggos. It’s good to be home though.

XL as Life - Plus size outfit - Greys

All the clothes i’m wearing I picked up in Sydney! I did a bit of shopping & had a bit of trouble fitting everything in my suitcase. I’m so in love with grey at the moment, I seem to picking up grey coloured items all the time lately.

XL as Life - Plus size outfit - Greys

I had to pick up groceries today and was excited I got to wear my new jacket, it’s COLD here in Melbourne! This jacket is so soft and made from a suede like material.  I was actually surprised it fit as I don’t usually try items from Rockmans. It was on sale for $50, down from $100. I love a good sale!

XL as Life - Plus size outfit - Greys

This top was love at first sight, even if it’s not something I would normally be drawn too. I just adored the colour combo of the navy blue and light pink. It is a stretchy light fabric that feels like you’re wearing pyjamas. The pants/leggings are a stretchy cord and I adored them so much I bought them in a navy blue. In case you can’t tell, I’m all about comfy clothes at the moment.

XL as Life - Plus size outfit - Greys

I have soooo many pins and I always forget to wear them, so when my kitty vibe pin arrived I moved all my pins to a more visible location on my dresser. I thought it went well with my ‘Babe with the power’ pin and the pinks made the colours in my top stand out a bit more.

XL as Life - Plus size outfit - Greys

Jacket – Rockmans (18) || Shirt – Suzanne Grae (20) || Pants – Millers 
Boots – Betts || Babe with the power pin – Sugarbones || Kitty Vibe PinOhyoufox

XL as Life - Plus size outfit - Greys

Have you been drawn to a new colour lately?

Outfit – Oh so 90s!

To me, this outfit just makes me think of the 90s, a very monochrome toned 90’s (my hair excluded). I think it’s the beret. One thing I’ve been learning since my move to Melbourne, is layering. The weather here is, well, ever changing, so layers help keep you warm, or cool off.


Pants UNDER dresses. Yep, I did it. I remember going to school wearing my school dress, but then chucking on a pair of tracky dacks underneath to keep warm, knowing that i’d strip them off half way through the school day, and Voilà I’m still in uniform.


I blame Margaret Zhang for my current love of pants under dresses. And yes, this is a dress. I wore it a few weeks ago (with just stockings underneath). Layering can turn any summer dress into a winter favourite. I really fell in love with the different textures & corset feature on the front of this dress.


Stern face? I always think I look a little weird if i’m not smiling. I don’t have chronic bitch face, but it’s not exactly super friendly either.

Dress – c/o Izabel | Top (underneath) – Millers | Pants – ASOS | Belt – Torrid
Baret – Equip (years ago) | Boots – Zu

4What are your thoughts on pants under dresses?