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Outfit of the first Melbourne Fashion Week Plus show!

Friday night marked the first night of Melbourne Fashion Week Plus, you can read about the runway and my thoughts HERE. I decided to go on something comfy and colourful. I really loved this dress the moment I saw it on the New Look site, as I waited to have the money to buy it, it went on sale.

MFW+ OOTD ft New Look

The dress did sell out in my size, so I bought a size up figuring I could always get it taken in, but I don’t mind how it looks in the larger size. I think it will be nice and cool in the summer. It’s still quite cold in Melbourne, so of course I layered and decided to take some of the 90’s fashion trends that’s in atm and layered with a white shirt underneath.

MFW+ OOTD ft New Look

Shirt (under dress) – Kmart || Dress – New Look || Shoes – Kmart, I think.

At the LuWow in Melbourne after MFW+

After the show, a whole group of us headed over to The LuWow. I’d been before and loved it, so I’m glad everyone enjoyed themselves! It really is such a fun and kitchy place. Our cab ride over had us all laughing and singing and then when all the cocktails came out with all sorts of things in them, oh the photo opportunities that arrived. I am SO sad that it’s closing at the end of the year.

At the LuWoW Melbourne after MFW+MFW+ OOTD ft New Look

Afterwards, we all realised we didn’t really have many good outfit photos, so we tried to take some more. By this time, I know I was a bit drunk, especially after trying tequila for the first time! As this was happening Liv made a friend who had around 3283798 photos with her and then decided to sneak in a photo with me, that I just had to include.

MFW+ OOTD ft New Look - with a random dude crashing the photo.

Have you ever tried tequila?


Lustlist time again! For awhile there, I was really un-interested in what was in fashion. It just didn’t seem to mesh with my style. However, it seems that is now rectified! lustlist-july12th

Forever 21 – Plus Size Lace Dress – $27.90us || This dress, and the other from forever21 have my heart racing, I would buy them in an instant, if it wasn’t for the shipping. I just can’t really justify $48 ($62au) for shipping. How gorgeous is this dress?

PunkyPin on Etsy – Mermaid Enamel Pin – AU$10.63 || I am loving pins right now, and I love mermaids, so this is a match made in heaven!

New Look – Curves Multicoloured Stripe Slip Dress – £19.99 || I fell in love with this dress the moment I laid eyes on it. Multicolour stripes! This dress looks perfect for summer!

ModCloth – Playful Feeling Skirt in Realistic Cats – $49.99us || I had this material in dress form, but it was too big and sold it at the last garage sale. This skirt would be the perfect replacement!

French Connection – Slip on Bow Sneakers –  A$129.95 || I am loving  the bow sneaker trend! These are my favourites so far that i’ve found.

La Moda – Poppin’ Black Fluffy Slides – £17.99 || You know I love anything fluffy (or sparkly) so these are right up my alley!

SourCherry – You’re Dino-mite Necklace in Pastel – $51.74au || How amazing is this necklace? It also comes in this colourway, but the pastel one is where I’m at!

FatallyFeminine on Etsy – Rainbow Unicorn Enamel Pin – AU$13.63 || Again, Pins are awesome and the mix of a rainbow and unicorn is perfect!

Bad Vibes by Matt Darling – Cat Moon Pin – $10 || This one is just really pretty! Can you tell I like cats? Well, I love all animals really, there is just so many awesome cat things out lately.

Forever 21 – Plus Size Fox Print Dress – $19.90 || The other forever21 item. A fox dress! I love the pattern, but I also just love the shape of the dress and cut out back! Damn their international shipping fee.

What are you lusting over at the moment?

Outfit – Whizz, Pow, Zip!

Plus size comic print inspired dress.

I remember this dress being a HUGE hit when it was released many years ago, the first batch sold out within 24 hours! You can see me wearing it as a top here. I decided to pull it out to wear today. I’ve been under the weather the last few weeks, but i’ve been feeling better these past few days, enough to rock some bodycon with a bit of VBO! Black really is a forgiving colour, isn’t it?

Plus size comic print inspired dress.

Bringing some extra colour in with this longline cardi I picked up from Rockmans last year. I’m not usually a fan of green, but this limey chartreuse yellow/green is a fave of mine. It’s funny how you can dislike most shades of one colour, but love one other shade.

Plus size comic print inspired dress.

Excuse the hair! I’m trying to fade the colour out as much as possible before I dye my re-growth and play with some colours to celebrate my 30th birthday coming up. I’m thinking a rainbow sand art type of colour. Something I wish Guy Tang would do to my hair, hey a girl can dream!

Plus size comic print inspired dress.

Plus size comic print inspired dress.

Can you notice something different about my face? Yes, I have officially retired my lip rings! I will miss them but I’ve been considering getting rid of them for awhile, it was just sentimentality that kept them so long. My grandmother paid for me to get one set done. I’ve had them for around 10 years now, it was time to say goodbye. It’s harder to see, but I still have my septum ring in.

Plus size comic print inspired dress.

Dress – New Look || Cardigan – Rockmans || Shoes – Payless Shoes

Plus size comic print inspired dress.

Are you a fan of comics?