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Outfit – Neverland

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I love Peter Pan. I went by the online alias of Natatree Darling for years, Darling, after the Darlings in Peter Pan. It’s a story that means a lot to me, so when Black Milk released some Peter Pan designs, I knew I needed to snap one up.


I decided to try the shooter dress, as it was a style I’d never tried before. I love it, though I do find it a bit hard to style. It’s not a style I would normally wear, but after some playing around, I came up with this outfit. It’s fun to try new styles now and then, things a bit out of your comfort zone.


It’s a bit too short for me to wear as a dress, so I paired it with a short pleather skirt. Also, it’s Melbourne, and cold, so layers help keep me warmer. Now I really need to add the Peter Pan leggings to my collection.


Of course, I wore my crocodile earrings! Tick tock!


Shooter – Black Milk (XL) | Top (underneath) – City Chic | Skirt – New Look | Stockings – Kmart
Shoes – Kmart | Earrings – ASOS


Who is your favourite character in Peter Pan?



Outfit- Wizz, Pop, Flash

I’ve been really slacking when it comes to getting dressed since I moved to Melbourne, even more so once the cold hit. It’s all about warmth and comfort. To be honest, while I’ve been warm and comfy, it didn’t feel like me. I missed wearing skirts! So the other day, I made a decision to take a little bit more time and to dress how I wanted to. Still warm and comfy, but put a bit more effort into it.


I had to go out to the shops today, I seriously have around 10 loads of washing to do & had ran out of detergant. Gosh, it was such a lovely day, and I took full advantage of it. Sure, it’s still winter, but it was 16c and the sun was shining. It was nice enough that I could wear a skirt (without stockings) and sandals!


Sure, for the walk to the bus stop (I don’t drive), I wore a cropped cardigan over the top, but I was warm, comfortable and felt like me again! I also don’t often wear my hair up if I’m leaving the house, I’ve never liked the way I’ve looked with my hair up, but it’s in need of a wash! Luckily I have an array of bows to help hide that!


Also, I should mention, that top is actually a bodycon dress! I love using it as a layering piece. That skirt is at least 6 years old now too! I just love it. Sorry about the garden, I loathe with a passion those strap leaves that fall from the palm. They shed in the hundreds!


Top (dress) – New Look | Skirt – Crossroads | Shoes – ASOS | Belt – Dorothy Perkins | Bow – Ruby Kawaii

What’s the oldest item you have in your closet?


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Outfit – Mynt gold!


 THIS VEST! Sorry, I am a little excited that this pretty piece is now part of my wardrobe! I remember eyeing this piece on the US store before MYNT1792 opened their Aussie site. Then when I got to see the collection in person, I fell in love! What’s even better, is that MYNT currently  have 30% off site wide until December 2nd, with the coupon code ‘MID14‘.


I’m still trying to find the best places to take blog photos, and sadly, none of these photos really show off just how awesome this vest is! A shiny gold faux leather, it really is a show stopper. I decided to ‘dress it down’ a little in this outfit. Show how it can be worn casually.


 Even the inside of the vest is pretty! With Melbourne weather being so CRAY CRAY, i’ve been learning to layer. I’ve been finding long sleeves top pretty essential because it keeps me warm at the start of the day, and then protects me in the afternoon from the sun! I don’t know if I will ever get used to this weather!


This skirt is super old, sorry! I’ve had it for over 5 years now, and it’s still one of my favourite summer pieces. As you know, I’m not really a huge fan of denim, but the cute ra-ra ruffles on this skirt just gives it a little twist that I love!



Top – New Look via ASOS | Skirt – City Chic | Vest – c/o MYNT1792 | Shoes – Payless | Belt – ASOS

Are you a fan of gold or silver?