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Outfit – Whizz, Pow, Zip!

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Plus size comic print inspired dress.

I remember this dress being a HUGE hit when it was released many years ago, the first batch sold out within 24 hours! You can see me wearing it as a top here. I decided to pull it out to wear today. I’ve been under the weather the last few weeks, but i’ve been feeling better these past few days, enough to rock some bodycon with a bit of VBO! Black really is a forgiving colour, isn’t it?

Plus size comic print inspired dress.

Bringing some extra colour in with this longline cardi I picked up from Rockmans last year. I’m not usually a fan of green, but this limey chartreuse yellow/green is a fave of mine. It’s funny how you can dislike most shades of one colour, but love one other shade.

Plus size comic print inspired dress.

Excuse the hair! I’m trying to fade the colour out as much as possible before I dye my re-growth and play with some colours to celebrate my 30th birthday coming up. I’m thinking a rainbow sand art type of colour. Something I wish Guy Tang would do to my hair, hey a girl can dream!

Plus size comic print inspired dress.

Plus size comic print inspired dress.

Can you notice something different about my face? Yes, I have officially retired my lip rings! I will miss them but I’ve been considering getting rid of them for awhile, it was just sentimentality that kept them so long. My grandmother paid for me to get one set done. I’ve had them for around 10 years now, it was time to say goodbye. It’s harder to see, but I still have my septum ring in.

Plus size comic print inspired dress.

Dress – New Look || Cardigan – Rockmans || Shoes – Payless Shoes

Plus size comic print inspired dress.

Are you a fan of comics?



Can you believe my last proper Lustlist post was in October? Wowza! That’s not to say I haven’t been lusting over things, because I certainly have, I think I just worry YOU find these posts kind of boring. But I like to share some of my fave finds, just in case I spark some love of an item for you! So without further ado, here is my current faves.


It seems I’m realllly wanting some new shoes! How amazing are those Ursula sneakers! Both those and the boots are wide width too! It’s just so sad that Torrid shipping to Australia is horrid. I’ve been eyeing the star print jeans since they popped up on ASOS, but alas, don’t have the $$$. I’m looking into moving house and all my money goes to that (I honestly have $7 in my bank right now).

What is top of your lust list right now?

Outfit – Believe in your Selfie


Yes, it’s true, I am THAT pale. I basically glow when i’m out in the sun. Add to the fact i’ve been sick, and yeah. White as a ghost. I don’t know what’s up with my health, neither does my Doctor. I slept pretty much 38 hours straight last weekend. I didn’t know that was possible. I’ve been getting migraines, ear aches and my vision has been pretty horrid. Eh. It’s a lot better then last weekend, but I still don’t feel ‘right’.


Anyway, I posted on facebook the other week that Misguided had a few things on sale for $10 & I snapped up 2 things. The first item was this skirt. The funny thing is, I scrolled over this item so many times, not realising it was a waist tie skirt! I thought it was just how they styled the outfit!


I remember seeing Fashion Hayley wearing something similar and loving it, so I decided to get this one. I don’t often wear pencil skirts cause of the VBO, I need to be in the right mood to rock my belly, but this totally helps camouflage it!  believeinyourselfie-02

Top (underneath) – Kmart | Top – New Look via ASOS | Skirt – Misguided | Necklace – ASOS
Earrings – ASOS | Shoes – Lipsy via ASOS


This was my first time ordering from Misguided, and I certainly will again. 2 items, plus shipping, set me back $24 & took just under 2 weeks to arrive. Though I do know one of my readers ordered after me, and got her shipment around 4 days before mine! I don’t mind waiting, and it only costs $5 if you want to upgrade to express shipping.