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When all you want in life is a dog

March 20, 2015

Hi my name is Natalie, i’m 28, a Gemini, I love shoes and things that sparkle, cool weather, swimming and all animals. I have a few mental health issues and all I want in life is a dog. I can’t really complain though. While my head makes life and living it hard, I have a roof over my head (I love this house), food, enough money to see…

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I am….

October 21, 2013

Extrememly hard on myself. I really am my own worst enemy. I always think I could be doing more. Being better. Just, more. I need to learn that I always do my best, try my best, and that that is enough. Way too empathetic. I feel so much, and for other people. People I don’t even know. Things I have no control over. The current bushfires have my…

Everyday Personal

I said hey! What’s going on?

October 2, 2013

I click open my browser, open my blog, and stare at the blank page, waiting for the words to pour out. Sometimes, they do, but then I leave without pressing publish. Other times, it remains blank. I have so much I want to say, but sometimes I’m scared to say it. I have so much I want to share, but part of me wants to keep it all to…