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Aussie Curves – Stripes


Stripes! I have to say, stripes are always something I’ve been drawn to. I’ve never listened to the whole “fat people shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes”. In fact, I wore a striped dress to MBFF 2 years ago.aussiecurves-stripes-01

Around the same time last year, we had the same theme of Stripes and I wore my leggings (see here), so I dug into my closet for something different. Luckily, I got this jacket out of layby the past week! Perfect! City Chic have released a whole lot of striped things recently, and after trying on nearly everything, I settled on this jacket. It’s lightweight and super comfy.

The dress is a Kmart score, from their straight section in a size 18. It’s a bit short, but it’s sooo comfy and I have a feeling it will probably get a lot of wear this summer. I don’t usually go for things that are so tight and have a seam at my hips, but I think it looks okay styled like this. Plus, it was $15!!aussiecurves-stripes-04

I’m really really loving the monochrome trend at the moment, I already have a fair amount of black in my wardrobe, but white is a colour I never thought i’d wear. Its funny how times change. I never thought i’d ever be blonde either! aussiecurves-stripes-05

Dress – Kmart | Jacket – City Chic | Shoes – To be Announced via Solestruck | Bow – Etsy
aussiecurvesnat disc02

Aussie Curves – Spikes


I’ve always claimed that even my fashion is ruled by my star sign. I was always planning on gothing it up a bit for ‘Spike Week’ on Aussie Curves, but as you can see, there is no black in sight! I was also considering using this dress/tunic for an upcoming theme. Oh well.


 It’s been a while since I’ve worn this, I got it in 2010 (you can see it in an OOTD here) but my then boyfriend didn’t really like it on me, so I never wore it. It’s a little large in the boob department, but otherwise I quite like it. It’s so comfy & makes me feel really feminine.



This is actually the first time wearing my Lita Spikes, I picked them up in one of the Solestruck sales for like $60. As you know, I LOVE shoes, and Jeffrey Campbell are one of my favourite brands. For such a high heel/ platform, they are pretty comfortable. And yes, they are VERY sharp!spikes-005

Dress – City Chic | Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell | Flower Crown – Necklace from Equip
Necklace & Jeweled bracelet – Lovisa | Quote Bracelet – c/o Nicole Fendel
aussiecurvesnat disc02

Aussie Curves – Dark

This weeks Aussie Curves theme was ‘DARK’. Now that’s something I could do. As a teen, I was constantly called ‘goth’, I dyed my hair black, liked spikes and cuffs, wore my Dr Marten boots with my school uniform, so yeah, I guess you could have called me goth. I wore a lot of black because that was avilable to me, as a plus size teen I didn’t have many options. I think that is one of the reasons why I love fashion so much these days.

It’s funny how we grow and evolve. This obviously isn’t something I’d wear everyday. Yes, I’d wear elements of this outfit, but as a whole look, no, not unless is was a fancy dress party. Flash back 8 – 10 years ago and I would be in heaven, I would have never ever took this outfit off. So no, I didn’t wear this outfit all day, or even out of the house.

I think I look a bit like a futuristic goth hooker. I actually asked my brother to take these photos for me and his reaction to my outfit was rather amusing. So, thanks Daniel for being an awesome big bro! Oh and of course Frodo decided to get in on the action.

Bodysuit – Gisela Ramirez | Skirt – New Look  | Jacket – Damn you alexis
Belt – Gift from Sarah | Headband – Gift from Too Many Sequins (it’s from ASOS)
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell Litas

My favourite brand of lipstick by far is Lime Crime, I actually own 7 of their lipsticks. Centrifuchsia is usually my ‘go to’ lipstick, but I picked up Poisonberry the other week and i’ve been constantly wearing it. I love it!