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Plus Size Outfit – Drawn to grey.

I’m back home in Melbourne and need to get back into the swing of everyday life again. It was great seeing family in Sydney and staying with my parents & their doggos. It’s good to be home though.

XL as Life - Plus size outfit - Greys

All the clothes i’m wearing I picked up in Sydney! I did a bit of shopping & had a bit of trouble fitting everything in my suitcase. I’m so in love with grey at the moment, I seem to picking up grey coloured items all the time lately.

XL as Life - Plus size outfit - Greys

I had to pick up groceries today and was excited I got to wear my new jacket, it’s COLD here in Melbourne! This jacket is so soft and made from a suede like material.  I was actually surprised it fit as I don’t usually try items from Rockmans. It was on sale for $50, down from $100. I love a good sale!

XL as Life - Plus size outfit - Greys

This top was love at first sight, even if it’s not something I would normally be drawn too. I just adored the colour combo of the navy blue and light pink. It is a stretchy light fabric that feels like you’re wearing pyjamas. The pants/leggings are a stretchy cord and I adored them so much I bought them in a navy blue. In case you can’t tell, I’m all about comfy clothes at the moment.

XL as Life - Plus size outfit - Greys

I have soooo many pins and I always forget to wear them, so when my kitty vibe pin arrived I moved all my pins to a more visible location on my dresser. I thought it went well with my ‘Babe with the power’ pin and the pinks made the colours in my top stand out a bit more.

XL as Life - Plus size outfit - Greys

Jacket – Rockmans (18) || Shirt – Suzanne Grae (20) || Pants – Millers 
Boots – Betts || Babe with the power pin – Sugarbones || Kitty Vibe PinOhyoufox

XL as Life - Plus size outfit - Greys

Have you been drawn to a new colour lately?

Outfit – Super cute plus size dog print dress!

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of heading into the city and having lunch at Rockpool. I’d never been into the casino before and boy is it beautiful! I only walked around the shopping area and into the restaurant, but it sure was fancy! Lunch was delicious, it was the tastiest meal i’ve ever had!

Outfit - Yumi Dog Print Dress via ASOS #plussize

I had fresh oysters, hand dived Phillip Bay scallops with garlic butter and pangrattato. Cape Grim scotch fillet steak. Dutch cream potatoes sauteed with wagyu fat, garlic and rosemary. Mac & Cheese with speck. I was so stuffed by the end, I was glad for the walk back down Southbank to the station.

Outfit - Yumi Dog Print Dress via ASOS #plussize

The weather was so lovely! I’d been eyeing this dress for awhile but I was unsure of sizing. I decided to bite the bullet and just order my normal size, and it fit perfectly! I was glad the weather was nice enough that I could wear it out, even though I had to add stockings and a cardigan.

Outfit - Yumi Dog Print Dress via ASOS #plussize

Here is the dress without the cardigan. The sleeves are a good length and plenty roomy. It has a tie waist too which you can tie however you want too. This time I just pulled it tight and tied it at the back. The print is SO cute! Little dogs, some with red bow ties!

Outfit - Yumi Dog Print Dress via ASOS #plussize

I decided on a pastel purple-y colour for my latest hair colour! This is currently a mix of La Riche Directions in Lilac and Brite Organix Grey. I want to try their pastel purple, but I haven’t been able to find it yet. I’m liking it so far, but can tell it’s going to need a fair bit of upkeep.

Outfit - Yumi Dog Print Dress via ASOS #plussize

Dress – Yumi via ASOS (size 22) ||  Cardigan – Suzanne Grae || Shoes – Kmart
Stockings – Sonsee || Necklace – I made it myself!

Outfit - Yumi Dog Print Dress via ASOS #plussize

See, how cute is that print!?

If you could have any animal print on a dress, what would you choose?

Outfit of the Day at a dog festival!


Next month marks a whole year since Mr Frodo passed away. A whole year! It’s hard to believe. I miss him everyday. This is also the longest time I’ve ever gone without having a dog. It’s been a bit of a learning experience! I’ve finally at a place where I could accept another dog in my life, but sadly, it’s not really an option as I’m renting. I’m hoping a little down the track if we get on well with our landlords it may be something that will happen. In the meantime, I’m just finding love from any dog I find!


Top – c/o Hope & Harvest | Pants – Suzanne Grae | Cardi – Suzanne Grae | Sneakers – Florsheim c/o Westfield

On Saturday, I ventured off into unknown areas (to me) of Melbourne, to go to a dog show of my ‘dream dog breed’. First up though, the outfit. I knew it was going to be a bit of a trek, a bus, then train, and taxi to a Scout Camp in Harkaway. I wanted something comfy. I’m SUPER fussy when it comes to tees, I’m not a tees & jeans kind of girl, but I am LOVING this Hope & Harvest tee. It has a great neckline, it’s a good length and its comfy. Tick. Tick. Tick. Oh, it’s also a Melbourne brand! I paired it with pants, cardi and sneakers for maximum comfort.


This, my lovely readers, are some gorgeous examples of an Anatolian Shepherd! The dog on the top of my list of what I want. I know, I know, you may be thinking “WTF!? Mr Frodo was super tiny and now you want a miniture horse!?”. Uh, yep! I’ve ALWAYS loved big dogs, up until the last year my dream dogs were a Great Dane or Saint Bernard, but I also knew that they had their downfalls (breed standards mean a lot of health issues, and both dogs tend to be super slobber monsters)


This is Bear and I fell in love with him. He was a rescue and just the sweetest lovable giant. Though he likes to lean on you and wowza, he’s strong!  Anatolians are still quite ‘new’ to Australia, they don’t have a HUGE population here. They are a livestock guardian dog, originating in Turkey.


They are a breed i’ve been researching for a year now, and getting the chance to attend a day that was just all about this breed was AMAZING. I was in love with the breed before even meeting them, just from reading about them and interacting with owners of the breed, but to meet and see them in person, well, I’m 100% certain that this is a breed I would love to share my life with (eventually!).


I had such a wonderful day, and it was totally worth the 3 hour public transport trip!! I took a few more photos on the day, if you want to check them out, you can see them HERE.


Do you have a favourite dog breed?

I also want to say, while I do love specific dog breeds, I love ALL dogs in general. I am a dog person. None of my previous dogs have ever been bought due to what breed they were, it was just the feeling they gave me. I fully believe in adopting rescue dogs, and given the chance, I would. My parents have rescue dogs, Tonka is a rescue cat. However, the chance of a rescue Anatolian is slim. I have done mega research on breeders here in Australia, and the breeder I’m hoping to go with is nothing short of amazing to her dogs.