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Fashion Outfits

Outfit – Finally, grey thigh high boots!

April 10, 2017

I love shoes, LOVE them. They are one of my weakness, I have around 100 pairs and I always have more on my wishlist. One of my weaknesses are boots, but being fat and having chubby legs often means I don’t fit boots. Luckily there are companies and stores these days that do cater to wide width. I guess this is also when my smaller-fat-privilege comes in, that…

Fashion Outfits

My Dream Birthday Outfit

May 29, 2013

Β Do you ever just sit and imagine what you’d wear to a certain event? I think a lot of girls start doing that from a young age. Imagining yourself as a princess or ballerina, and then what you’d wear to your formal, your wedding. I know I often dream up outfits in my head. With my birthday just around the corner, I thought i’d show you what I’d…

Everyday Fashion Lustlist

My Ultimate Birthday Wishlist!

May 7, 2013

Β Today marks ONE MONTH til my birthday. Yep, after much discussing with my Mum, then my Dad, a couple of friends, a calculator, I managed to work out I was turning 27! Please tell me I’m not the ONLY one who forgets how old they are!? So here is my crazy epic wishlist full of things I can’t afford. Tis a dreamlist! THE ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!! Return tickets…

Fashion Lustlist

Weekly Wishlist!

September 11, 2012

ASOS Curve – 17 Sundays @ The Iconic – Tatty Devine – Rusty @ The Iconic – TS14+ – i’ve been told to pack LOTS of swimmers! I only own one pair! Dorothy Perkins – Swan Print DressΒ Β – I’ve been eyeing this since it came on the site, it’s now on sale! Guh!…


Weekly Wishlist – My birthday edition!

May 24, 2012

June 7th marks my 26th year in this world. I don’t plan on celebrating, I think this year it will be just like any other day. However, I couldn’t let it pass without a weekly wishlist dedicated to the things I’d love as presents. Basically, things I love that I can’t justify/ afford to buy myself. EAST CAMP HOME | Barn Owl & Rhino Pillowcase – $138 TATTY…