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OOTD: Black & Yellow!

After writing that post name, I’m sure to have the Wiz Khalifa song stuck in my head the rest of the night. If you do too, sorry! Anyway, this was just a super comfy outfit I threw on and thought I’d show it off. I picked up this velvet dress up the other day for $10! Bargain! I think it will be a great layer piece in winter, velvet = warm.

I need to take a moment to tell you a story. In highschool, and the years after, I was a bit of a goth, then a wannabe scene kid. I was always on myspace, and back then, I fell in love with Jessica Louise Clothing. I remembered saving pictures of Audrey Kitching modelling the clothing, and lustfully longing for the sock garters and suspenders. Now, years ago, Jessica Louise has expanded some of her collection to plus sizes! When I found out, I wanted to run around screaming in excitement, or weep from utter joy. Yeah, I’m that kind of person. Not to mention, she has the ever so gorgeous Tess Munster modelling the plus size range!

  • Dress – Saileen Fashions
  • Cardigan – Valley Girl
  • Leggings – c/o Jessica Louise
  • Shoes – Wanted
  • Beetlejuice bow in hair – My Darling frankenstein
  • Belt – from a City Chic dress.
  • No make up.

 What store/ designer do you wish would extend their sizes?

Aussie Curves – Pastel

Pastels! When I challenged myself to start wearing colour, I often went for bright colours, but as I’ve grown more comfortable in colour, it’s expanded to pastel and I now even own a couple of white items. Sadly I didn’t have the time to do any outfit pictures with the move, but I thought I would take a few pictures of a few of my favourite pastel items!

1 – Cardigan from Valleygirl | 2 – Purple skinny jeans from ASOS Curve | 3 – Ulta3 nailpolish in lily white | 4 – Pale pink ankle frill socks from local $2 store | 5 – Flower & diamante earrings from ASOS | 6 – Pastel jewel necklace from Diva | 7 – Jordana nail polish in Lavender Fields | 8 – Pale peach singlet from Target | 9 – Pastel tipped skull and spike necklace from ASOS | 10 – Vintage pearl necklace | 11 – Hello Kitty nail polish in Lola Lilas| 12 – Penny Jegging in Bluebell from Crossroads | 13 – Braid and spiked braclet from ASOS | 14 – Kaylee Sereni-tee by Jason Palmer | 15 -Coral Colours in Jayd| 16 – Bird print peplum top from Dorothy Perkins | 17 – China Glaze nail polish in re-fresh mint.

Oh make me over…

I’m not the best when it comes to change. I can handle it, but when it’s something huge, I feel like I need to change my image to fit with the change in my life.

I failed halfway with what I was wanting. I blame my head being in a ‘funky’ spot. I spent around $100 (which I didn’t really have) on hair extensions & dye. I was 100% positive the extensions said human hair, that’s why I bought them. Only they are not. After trying to dye them, then going over the pack 3 times, they are synthetic. Cue me breaking into tears. It’s an emotional time, I found it amusing thought that I finally broke down into tears, but over hair.

I did however get a fringe cut. With the extensions I was hoping for Katy Perry-ish hair. Now I have purple Lady Gaga Alejandro-esque hair.

I also got acrylic nails. I bite my nails. When i’m upset or anxious, it’s 100% times worse. It’s a rotten habit & it seems the only way I can stop from chewing my whole nail off is to get false ones. I haven’t had to do it in around 3 years, but I shelled out for them today. Now I just have to get used to day to day living with long nails!

  • 001– New carry on luggage – Cotton On Body
  • 002– Jewellery tree – Typo
  • 003– Bow cropped top – Size L – Valley Girl
  • 004– Zip front skirt – Size 22 – Crossroads
  • 005– Red zip front cardigan – size XXL – Crossroads
  • 006– Red notebook, pink diary & 3 colours of paper tape – Notemaker
  • 007– Shoes notebook and List pad – Typo

I’m also an emotional shopper. Well, to be correct, it’s actually a branch off of one of my mental disorders, when i’m emotional I have less control on my spending. I don’t think i’ve done too bad considering.

My new love is my carry on bag! As I travel a lot, I needed to invest in some new luggage. I’ve been searching, but it’s all been a ridiculous price. This however was made for me! Zebra stripes & pink! Also, only $70. My parents paid for it!