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OOTD: Metallic crinkles


It’s hard to take pictures of metallic items, it seems. These photos don’t do this top justice, in real life, it’s a champagne gold shimmery perfection. I fell in love with it after seeing THIS picture in the recent Virtu catalogue, and even though i’m not a gold wearer, it the kind of top that seems to change colours depending on what you wear.

Living out of a bag isn’t easy, that is why my skirt is creased. Also, I don’t iron. Ever. I am not an iron-er  This skirt is usually fine, it doesn’t really crinkle, except that it was rolled up and shoved under a mound of other clothes. However, it’s one of the few skirts I have that currently fit me as I’ve lost a little weight. Every one just has to deal with the crinkles.

This summer i’m trying to learn to love my arms. My upper arms are one of my ‘weak spots’, the one area that I am not happy with that I like to hide. I’m trying to love myself 100% and that means my arms too.

So tell me, do you iron?

Weekly Wishlist


  1. ASOS Curve – Black pencil skirt with sequin panel – $50.87 au
  2. ASOS Curve – PU & Jersey Pencil Skirt – $47.47 au
  3. Virtu – Harlequin Pencil Skirt – $79.95
  4. ASOS Curve – Multi Sequin pencil skirt – $50.87
  5. ASOS Curve – Pink lace skater dress – $42.39
  6. Peter Alexander – Glinda the Goodwitch silk tee – $89.9 – $58.65 (Sale til 14.10)
  7. Wole Designs – Faux leather peplum skirt – $89.99
  8. Windsor Smith – Envious boots – $189.95
  9. Ebay – Game of Thrones bust – $129
  10. Topshop – Maisy bag in Pink – £61.00
  11. Jelly Beans – Neon Pink Jelly Sandals – $29.99
  12. Ebay – Wicket mini bust – $79
  13. The Iconic – Skye I by Senso – $124.50

Keep a Breast BOOB Necklace – Bonadrag $50 While I am not a fan of gold, I am in love with necklace. It appeals to my quirky side, but more importantly, all net proceeds go to the Keep a Breast foundation.

OOTD: Bird print peplum


Peplum is a trend that I’ve been loving, yet hadn’t taken the plunge until recently. In theory, I thought it would suit the way I like to dress. I like to accentuate & cinch in my waist and then have a skirt flare out. It gives the illusion I have more curves then I do, i’m rather straight up and down. I finally caved and bought a top I’d been lusting after at Dorothy Perkins for ages. Yay for sales! Oh, and yes, it is ANOTHER animal print.

Well, I am in LOVE. It’s amazing! Dotty P goes up to a size 22, and i’m wearing the 22. This skirt has NO stretch but fits me perfectly, which I was honestly a little worried about. The back has a row of buttons, which I just found adorable. The material is quite thin and I found I had to wear a singlet underneath as you could make out my white bra underneath.

I paired it with a black cord pencil skirt that I was gifted by Virtu. I’ve not worn it before because I’ve found it a little hard to style. I haven’t worn pencil skirts in ages. It jumped out when I got this skirt though and I think paired with the peplum, it works well.

Have you jumped on the peplum bandwagon?