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Fashion Outfits

Outfit – Rainbow

January 18, 2014

I actually wasn’t sure if I was going to post these outfit pictures at first. I decided I really hated my hair styled to the side like that, but then I realised, it’s probably my PMS stricken brain & I don’t look too bad. But not to the future Natalie, don’t wear your hair like that again. (I’m sure we all have days when we wear something and…

Fashion Outfits

Outfit – Denim & Lace

August 30, 2013

I know I said in my post the other day (here) that I don’t really wear denim, and that’s the truth, but it is ‘IN’ at the moment, it’s everywhere, and I kept getting drawn to this top at ASOS. After seeing a girl out wearing a similar top, I decided to take the plunge and buy it for myself when it went on sale. I found it…

Fashion Outfits

Aussie Curves – Feminine

August 12, 2013

To be honest, I got a little thrown this time with ‘feminine’. I think feminine is certainly one of those things that can mean different things to different people. I think of myself as a feminine dresser, I like dresses & skirts, lingerie, heels, pretty colours. I decided to push my boundaries a little and go a little crazy. Yes, that is a shark crop top, and yes,…