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Melbourne Zoo – Part Two

June 27, 2014

Apart from the Elephants, the Butterfly house was my favourite part of the zoo (don’t make me choose between them!). I could have stayed in there for hours! Having them fly around and land on you was magical, though it took a while to get used to the sensation of something touching your hair. Hundreds, maybe thousands(?) of butterfliesΒ from small to large, in a rainbow of colours are…


Melbourne Zoo – Part One

June 23, 2014

Ever since I started spending more time in Melbourne, visiting the zoo has been at the top of the list. I love animals, andΒ I love visiting Zoos and Wildlife Parks. The last time I went to Melbourne Zoo, I would have been around 12, and the only thing I remember is seeing a Gorilla. The above are Peccaries, and I can’t remember seeing them before! They are the…


Zoo Week – Meerkats & Giraffes!

January 27, 2012

In the description for the Hippo encounter, it says you get to meet some other animals. I honestly didn’t pay it much mind because I was just so super excited to meet the hippos, but I was very happy to find out we’d get to feed the meerkats and giraffes! We got to feed the male group that is situated in front of the giraffe exhibit. It was…