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Melbourne Zoo – Part Two


Apart from the Elephants, the Butterfly house was my favourite part of the zoo (don’t make me choose between them!). I could have stayed in there for hours! Having them fly around and land on you was magical, though it took a while to get used to the sensation of something touching your hair.


Hundreds, maybe thousands(?) of butterflies from small to large, in a rainbow of colours are housed here. Oh, and as it was a cold 12ish degrees outside, the Butterfly House is heated to 28 degrees, so it was a nice place to sit down and warm up! Lucky butterflies!



The Lemurs are sooooo cute! You enter Lemur Island through 2 airlock doors & become engulfed in a gorgeous walk through exhibit! One of the Lemurs had sat himself on the edge of the walkway and fallen asleep! Obviously they aren’t too worried about us humans!


The ring tailed lemurs really were just so adorable and seeing them up so close was pretty special. I always thought they’d be a bit smaller then they are!


The Gorillas were just WOW. Seeing them run around and interact with each other just showed how huge and powerful these animals are!


Melbourne Zoo is one of 150 zoo institutions worldwide that is working on a breeding program to keep these animals alive. Sadly they are on the critically endangered list. If you’re in Australia and have any old mobile phones, and want to do a small part in helping save wild Gorillas, make sure you check out ‘They’re calling on you’. It’s totally free.



Who doesn’t love Meerkats? Seriously, I think they are just one of those animals that everyone adores. These meerkats were in the ‘Growing Wild’ zoo area which is a great area for kids to get interactive and have some fun. They actually have an area that mimics the Meerkats homes with tunnels, steps, rocks, meerkat statues and sounds that the kids can play in! (I want one of those in my backyard!)


I have to admit though, after those TV ads I just imagine all Meerkats having Russian accents now.


The Seal and Little Penguin area was a little disappointing, but I think maybe that was because it was a cold day & they were all huddled on land. Walking through the inside area of the exhibit was eerie, mimicking what I imagine being underwater would be like. Dark, with only patches of light, and a projection on the walls of underwater animals. This area has huge glass windows showing the underwater area of both the Seal and Penguin enclosures and would be amazing to see the animals swim around in.


The reptile house was another fave of mine, but that might just because I love reptiles. It’s my dream to one day own a python!


A huge area in the middle of the zoo (which used to be the lion enclosure) is currently under construction. The lions, three brothers, were moved to another area for the time being, while their new enclosure, including a African Wild Dog area, is being built. The ‘Predator Precinct’ will certainly be a sight to see once it’s finished!


With in being School Holidays here in Victoria, I’d highly recommend a day out the zoo. Children 3 & under are always free, and during Victorian School Holidays (& weekends) kids aged between 4-15 are also free!! Adults are $30 and consessions are $23. Though if/when I move to Melbourne, I think I’ll be buying myself a Zoo Membership!

Now, I have to ask, what’s your favourite animal!?

Melbourne Zoo – Part One


Ever since I started spending more time in Melbourne, visiting the zoo has been at the top of the list. I love animals, and I love visiting Zoos and Wildlife Parks. The last time I went to Melbourne Zoo, I would have been around 12, and the only thing I remember is seeing a Gorilla.


The above are Peccaries, and I can’t remember seeing them before! They are the first animal I was greeted too when entering the Zoo through the entrance near the train track. They were all kinds of adorable and when I came home to look up more info on them, I wasn’t surprised they are related to some of my other favourite animals, Tapirs & Hippos!



 The Baboons were rather amusing! Two of the younger one were chasing each other around with a branch. They were moved into this huge exhibit at the end of 2011, and the young ones especially enjoyed the space to run around!


We arrived at the Zoo around 9:30am and it was so quiet! Not many people had ventured out yet so it felt like we had the zoo to ourselves for the first hour or so. Not to mention most of the animals had just been fed, so it was a great way to make sure you seem them!


The Zebra‘s shared an exhibit along with the giraffes! They had 3 giraffes on display and this one was having the time of it’s life trying to get at the tree despite it being covered in plastic. You can just see it’s tongue sticking out in this picture!


 Ahh, the rainbow lorikeets! I’m no stranger to these beauties, I get them in my backyard in Sydney, and one loves to sit just outside my bedroom window and chatter away! The large walk through aviary was amazing!


Wombat! I wish I had had my Mum’s good digital SLR, this little dude (or dudette) walked right along to the tip of one of the areas and then came along right up to the side of the exhibit. It kept looking straight at us! I love wombats and often forget how big they are!


The walk through area of Kangaroos and Emus are pretty much at every zoo, but always fun. It was great seeing an Emu and Kangaroo just chilling next to each other sharing food. I really would recommend you get up early and see the animals when they’ve just been fed, it’s kind of adorable!



Another animal I had never heard of, and kind of fell in love with was the Coati! Sadly, none of my pictures turned out. They are a relative of the Racoon, but have an almost fox like quality about them! Next time I’m at the zoo I’m going to time it so that I can do one of the Zoo Encounters!


A gorgeous Peter Pan statue makes a feature on the grounds. As such a huge Peter Pan fan this made me squee with delight!

Stay tuned for more posts on Melbourne Zoo this week! I had such a brilliant time I’ve decided to spread the posts across the week and dedicate it ‘Zoo Week‘ once again!!

Zoo Week – Meerkats & Giraffes!

In the description for the Hippo encounter, it says you get to meet some other animals. I honestly didn’t pay it much mind because I was just so super excited to meet the hippos, but I was very happy to find out we’d get to feed the meerkats and giraffes!

We got to feed the male group that is situated in front of the giraffe exhibit. It was a family group of 10, I believe it was the father and his sons.

It was an odd experience reaching into a plastic chinese container and grabbing a handful of live worms and scattering them in to the enclosure.

Then we made our way to the giraffes. I’ve fed a giraffe before, but it was fun to do again!

My back wasn’t too happy about doing it, so I ended up giving part of my branch to Adam. Those giraffes have some strength! I was standing feet apart, holding the branch with both hands and it was quite a tug once they wrapped their tongue around the branch to rip off the leaves!

That wraps up Zoo week here! I had such a great time and would really recommend you visit Adelaide Zoo if you are ever in South Australia. I’d also rec you visit Monarto, which is the worlds largest open range zoo. Oh, and do a ‘behinds the scene’ tour, it’s worth it!!