Quick Tips For Good Eye Vision Everyone Should Know

Maintaining good eye vision is essential for obvious reasons, and especially for things like driving, working, or doing your daily chores at home. Besides periodical eye exams, it is important to also embrace a few prevention tips that promote better eye health at home.

Here are a few easy and surprising tips for good eyesight that everyone should know.

Eat More Balanced Meals

We have all heard of antioxidants and their important role in keeping a series of illnesses and health problems at bay. However, what you might not know is that eating foods that contain lots of antioxidants including Vitamin A, C, and E will promote a healthier macula in the eye. The macula is responsible for your central vision and its deterioration could lead to serious problems over time. Focus on adding more salmon and other types of fish rich in Omega-3 acids in your diet, as well as lots of leafy and green veggies. Foods that are rich in Zinc in Lutein will also promote better eye health while beefing up your immune system and helping you fight off colds, diseases, and small injuries more easily. Avocados, for example, are an excellent source of good, healthy fats and high amounts of lutein. We often fall into bad eating habits when we don’t have time to cook a well-balanced meal. Many find themselves replacing lunch at work with a sandwich at the desk. Funny enough, the sandwich was actually invented in 1762 when John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, had his servants bring him two slices of bread with a piece between them to eat at the poker table. If the legend is true or not, we will not speculate in but the story is often mentioned as one of the interesting facts about gambling. Needless to say, Mr. Montagu probably had a bit of a gambling problem and it’s a good story to remember when we get stuck at our desk at work with a sandwich, instead of taking a proper lunch break. There are of course many situations when we really don’t have time to eat, or prepare, a full meal but there are much better alternatives than a traditional sandwich. If you love guacamole, add some carrots or celery to it and turn it into your go-to snack every time you need something quick and healthy between meals.

Improper intakes of antioxidants along with alcohol abuse and the ingestion of saturated fats could lead to harmful reactions caused by free radicals. These could potentially damage the macula and this is particularly true when it comes to diets that are rich in high fats. They are responsible for constricting the blood flow in the arteries. Since our eyes only have a small number of blood vessels that are feeding them, it is essential to maintain healthy and normal blood flow to them.

Workouts Can Improve Your Vision

If you have been searching for reasons to procrastinate working out every day, this next fact may convince you to look for your running shoes and go out for a jog right now. Working out on a regular, daily basis or a few times a week can significantly improve your blood flow circulation. This, in turn, will increase the levels of oxygen that reaches your eyes and help get rid of harmful toxins that can cause various problems. Whether it’s running, doing anaerobic exercises in the morning, using a treadmill or swimming, include it in your regular schedule and you will soon start seeing the results.

Rest Better At Night

The hours of sleep we need per age vary based on age. Ideally, adults and young adults should sleep between 7 to 9 hours a night, with 6 to 10 hours of sleep per night seen as an appropriate amount. Keep in mind it is not only the number of hours you sleep at night that will influence your physical, emotional, and mental state but also the quality of your sleep. Going to bed at 1 in the morning will affect your productivity throughout the day, your ability to make good decisions, as well as affecting your brain, immune system, and heart, not to mention the effect on your creative spirit. Try to be in bed by 10 pm and you will enjoy some of the most nurturing hours of sleep that will help you wake up well-rested and feel your eyes in better shape as well. Just keep in mind the idea that you can sleep in on the weekend and make up for lost hours of sleep during the week is only a myth. You need constant, good quality sleep throughout the week, all year round. Just hit the shut down button on your brain a couple of hours earlier every night and you will thanks yourself the next day.

Practice Proper Hand Hygiene

Maintaining your hands clean and disinfected 24/7 is a must, especially if you are wearing contact lenses. Always wash your hands thoroughly using mild soap and lukewarm water before putting in or removing your contact lenses and use a dry and lint-free towel. A series of bacteria that is naturally found on your hands can cause a number of eye infections, including “pink eye” or conjunctivitis. Avoid touching your eyes throughout the day, especially if your hands are not properly washed and sanitized. This practice should also keep more colds at bay, as rubbing your eyes while you have a germ or a bacteria on your hands is one of the most common you could be catching a cold.

Finally, limit the time you spend in front of a blue screen (smartphone, computer, tablet), quit smoking or avoid cigarette smoke as much as possible and wear sunglasses even in the winter.

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