You Haven’t Seen This Love Dolls List on Buzzfeed

Love dolls are slowly but surely gaining popularity across the entire world. Initially, lots of people didn’t appreciate their use/ existence until lately that lots of orders have begun flowing into their retailer shops. The upgrade in their demand has therefore triggered the development of numerous models selling at different prices. Below is a distinguished list of the top 5 love dolls under their respective categories of selection.

1.Asian Sex dolls

Asian sex dolls are among the very best love dolls selling in the new markets. They consist of various models ranging from high-end to the entry-level types. These dolls include;

  • Sara, who comes with a Blonde Asian look,
  • Angel, who is a Japanese sex goddess,
  • Zhiyi
  • Rie and
  • Kara

They are all sex superstars always wanting to give it all to men with hard cock ready to penetrate them.

  1. BBW Sex Dolls

If you love Big Beautiful Women, well, you won’t miss your match with sex dolls. The BBW Sex doll category composes of the lifelike sex dolls all irresistibly hot and sexy. They vary in complexion, actual dimensional sizes, weight, skin type, and sometimes nature of their eyes. They include;

  • Jenna who looks young yet a Goddess in bed
  • Darcy who has Big and Beautiful boobs and butts
  • Gilda who come with sexy body curves and loves sex
  • Lucy who is a black beauty
  • Zoey – the wife material type
  1. Realistic Sex Dolls

When a sex doll bears more lifelike characteristics or features, the sex game with them is more pleasurable and satisfying. A lot more models exist under this category of selection. Here is a list of the most high-end of them.

  • Tiffany – Sex machine
  • B Love – Busty Blonde MILF
  • Marion – Skinny yet vibrant in bed
  • Alison – Voluptuous Blonde
  • Wendy – Blonde Beauty sexy doll
  1. Teen Sex Dolls

Among the teen sex dolls, you will find around are also falls in the category of teens. Like their name, they look young and innocent but great players when it comes to bed games. They come with super sexy hot features those that will surely keep your underpants restless.  Here is a list of the top 5 models in this category.

  • Samantha – Timid Brunette with Plump Ass
  • Amy – Smoking Hot Business Lady
  • Erica – The Next Dirty Top Model
  • Pearl – Firm and Shiny Like a Gem
  • Eli – Big Titties Princess
  1. Blonde Sex Dolls

If hot blond women drive you crazy then a vast collection of such awaits you among the love dolls. Like in other categories, they also have their high-end models which express most of the real features and characteristics. Below is a list of its top models under this selection.

  • Candy –Pretty Blonde With Awesome Body
  • Alabama – Blonde Bombshell
  • Meisa – American Pie Sex Doll
  • Candice – Natural Blonde Sex Doll
  • Pearl – Deliciously Fresh and Foxy Blondie


Finding the best love doll requires you not only to walk into a showroom and select any. You need clear understanding of their categories to let you know the very best to choose. The above listing will help you make desirable choices in your selection.



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