3 Safe Ways To Invest Your Money

If you reached the goal that you once set about saving money, you’re now planning what to do with your money, right? If you don’t like the idea to invest it in something that you’ll find useful and you just want it to be secured from theft and inflation, then you must do something about it.

In this article, we’ll tell you about three great ideas that are easy and you’ll need no effort at all. At the same time, you’ll be sure that your money is safe and whenever you need them, you can draw your funds back and use it. Read on and learn more about this.

Keeping them in a bank in a strong currency

If you’re living in a country that often experiences currency fluctuations or devaluation, you need to first convert your money into something that’s a strong currency and you know that won’t lose of its value with time.

Most rich people keep their wealth in banks in a few currencies. For centuries, some of the most powerful currencies were the Swiss Franc and the British Pound Sterling. With the conversion of the German Mark and other currencies into the Euro, a lot of people also count this one as one of the strongest and safest currencies. The American Dollar is also among the strongest 10 but not as good as what we just mentioned. See more about world’s strongest currencies here.

So what you need to do is convert your money into some of these and open an account in a bank that will keep it. You can sign an agreement by which you’ll deposit a couple of years and at the end of it you’ll receive an interest which is not huge but it’s still a good option if you want your fund secured.

Buying silver

You are probably surprised why we didn’t say gold, right? The reason is obvious if you know the facts. And the facts say that gold is way more expensive than silver and it was so for decades, even centuries.

Having a higher price means that the possibility for fluctuations is also higher. Unlike the silver whose price is a hundred times lower. Whenever a fluctuation happens, the difference between the prices is very small and you get to lose or win from it on a very little scale.

This means your investment is as safe as it can be. You can find silver coins for sale, buy them and keep them for years. The tendency of the precious metals, in general, is to rise. This is especially happening since the 1980s. Have them in your possession for as long as you want and when a good opportunity comes up and the market’s price is high enough, sell them to profit.

Buying real estate

Another great idea is buying real estate. Why? Because it never loses its value no matter how much time passes. The best part is that you can rent the place you’ll buy and earn on a monthly level.

Usually, the rent asked is 1% of the total value of the place, so if you spend a million on a house in the Maldives, for example, you can rent it for $10.000 a month. That’s over $100.000 per year. Nice investment, right?

When you need the money, you can always invest a couple of thousand dollars to refurbish it and make it look brand new again. You can even put in a few extra dollars and build additional features, like a pool, or a spa. This will increase the value for a lot more and you’ll be able to resell it for a much higher amount than you previously bought it.


Whatever you choose out of the three ideas, be sure that you won’t go wrong. All these are a safe way to keep your money safe and secured.

Some of them will ask from you to put in a little more effort than others, like the real estate that will require dealing with constructors, tenants, agents, etc. The other two options have way less involvement. You simply buy the silver or convert the currency, go to the bank to place it in a safe, and wait for a few years.