5 Trending Colours to Look Out For in 2023


The colour palette for interior design in 2023 includes everything from playful, bold, deep, and saturated hues to comforting and refreshing neutrals. We have stepped into an era of vintage-inspired hues as people have become more adventurous and are willing to leave behind the neutrals. 

Curious to know which are the colours you will get to see in almost all houses in 2023? We have curated a handpicked list of 5 stunning paint colours which are going to reign the interior design world in 2023. 

Deep Teal 
We are talking about deep and saturated teal from the colour catalogue which screams dark and moody. This hue is perfect for your bedroom as it will make it look and feel cosy and intimate. People who are sceptical of using this bold colour can consider using it for a smaller space like your powder room. 

This colour will instantly make your home look stylish, gorgeous and opulent. A pro tip is to add accents of metallics like copper, brass and gold in a room where you use deep teal as it goes perfectly with it and will further elevate the aesthetics of your home. 

Red Orange 
Red Orange is without doubt the showstopper colour of 2023. You will see this colour mentioned in every design magazine and colour catalogue of the world. It is bold, dramatic and demands to be noticed. People who want their home to be a subject of envy amidst their social circle must give this hue a chance. 

Red orange will make your space emit a warm, cosy and homey vibe. Whether you have a vintage-themed house, mid-century villa or rustic mountain cabin, this colour will look great in almost all kinds of houses. If this colour is too loud for you, then you can consider using it on an accent wall so that it doesn’t appear too overbearing. 

Beige- Blush 
We are talking about a beige colour with subtle hints and undertones of pink or blush. People who are still not ready to part ways from neutral hues but want a refreshing neutral colour from the colour catalogue can consider going for this muted yet playful hue. Beige blush is a perfect hue for your dining room, study room and bedroom. 

This colour will make your space appear serene and classy and act as a perfect blank backdrop for you to add in eclectic furniture pieces. People who have a maximalism interior décor can consider going for this subdued hue for their walls as it will let the furniture and other décor elements be the highlight in a room. 

Who says that magenta is a feminine colour? In 2023, you will see living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms painted in a deep and saturated magenta colour. Magenta is a playful and cheery colour which will make your place scream excitement and adventure. 

This hue is perfect for people who want their home to look playful, fun and colourful. No matter what style of house you have, you can hire a painting service and tell them to incorporate this rich and jewel-tone hue in small or large proportions into your space. 

Terra- Rosa
As the name suggests, this colour is a blend of terracotta and pink. Terra–Rosa is a warm brownish red colour which is earthy and instantly makes your home radiate a calm and grounding energy. 

People who love earthy hues and nature-inspired paint colours must consider adding this muted hue in their bedroom, dining room, powder room or living room. This colour will look great in bohemian, tropical, mid-century modern and contemporary-styled houses. 

Other than these above-mentioned hues, warm yellow, tiramisu, mauvey blush and coppery mid-tone brown are some other stunning colours which are gaining popularity in the world of interior design and fashion. 

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