7 Tips To Save Money On Electricity

The use of electricity is essential to the operation and functionality of our everyday lives. In this day and age, we depend and rely on electricity and electrical services more than ever before. Along with this our electricity consumption and in turn bills have skyrocketed over the years. It is essential to our bank account that we understand our energy consumption and identify areas where we can apply more efficient methods. Through simple alteration to the way we use our electricity can provide huge benefits and positive impacts to not only our daily lives but also to how much money we spend. Through the use of energy-efficient appliances, services and methods we will also decrease our carbon footprint on the planet and instead achieve a environmentally friendly solution.

This article will provide you with a detailed list of how to maximise the use of your energy-efficiency and save money. It is important to obtain a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively and efficiently maintain your services and get the most value out of your electricity.
Here are 7 Tips To Save Money On Electricity: 

1. Solar Panels

Most people have a comprehensive understanding of just how beneficial, energy efficient and environmentally friendly the installation of solar panels and the use of solar power can be. As solar panels use the renewable energy from the sun, the electricity sourced from solar energy is 100% free and is the most efficient way to reduce your electricity bills and save money. 

2. Regular Maintenance On Electrical Services

If your electrical services, outlets or appliances are faulty they will run in overdrive and unnecessarily use excess electricity and blow out our next power bill. Faulty electricals can also be extremely hazardous and need to be tended to ASAP by a professional Electrician Canberra. You should never attempt to remedy an electrical fault or an electricity issue on your own and always seek the assistance of a qualified electrician. 

3. Running Appliances In Your Favour

You should always run your appliances in a smart manner. This means filling up your dishwasher or washing machine and completing full loads instead of half uses. It is also recommended to use cold water when washing your clothes, as your hot water system is electrically powered. This will reduce the amount of times you need to run these specific appliances and in turn minimise your electricity bills. Another way to use your appliances in your favour is to at times not use them at all. If it is a bright sunny day, hang your freshly washed laundry on the clothesline, instead of using the dryer.

4. Installation Of Energy Efficient Lighting

LED lighting options have grown exponentially in popularity over the years due to the effective energy-efficiency. They can save you up to a whopping 80% on your electricity bills as they not only obviously use a lot less energy but are also known to last a lot longer than your standard light bulbs. 

5. Turn Off Electrical Services When Not In Use

At night or when at work, there is no reason to have your electrical services running. Even if your television or appliances are not operating, if they are still plugged into a ‘turned on’ outlet or socket this can impact your energy consumption and future electricity bills. Turning off your switches at the wall when not in use is the easiest and simplest way to save money on electricity. 

6. Effective Home Insulation

A well-insulated home is an energy efficient one. When your home is well insulated you are less likely to need the operation of heating and cooling solutions through your air conditioning unit. Air conditioners are one of the highest energy consumption appliances within a household. Even by simply opening a window or closing a curtain can assist in thermal control and by effectively insulating your home your electricity bills can be reduced to up to 20%.

7. Purchase Low Energy Consuming Appliances and Services

We tend to not realise just how much electricity our appliances use every single day. Checking the energy consumption star ratings of our services and appliances is essential to ensuring a lowered electricity bill. You can effectively avoid bill-shock with a few simple alterations and consideration when it comes to your appliances purchases.