9 Ways to Make Your Home More Adventurous

If you are planning to live in your home for many years to come, why not add a touch of adventure to it? Just because homes are intended to keep you sheltered and comfortable doesn’t mean they can’t also be incredibly fun. Take a look at these nine ideas for making your home more exciting and adventurous.

  1. Don’t Hold Back

First of all, try your best to let go of any preconceived notions you might have about what a home should or shouldn’t be. Imposing limits on yourself before you even get started isn’t in line with the spirit of adventurousness, so whatever you plan to do to your home, do it with courage and trust your intuition.

  1. Forget Trends

While you may occasionally genuinely appreciate a certain interior design trend, don’t feel obligated to stick to them religiously. They pass so frequently that trying to create a personal and timeless space is impossible if you rely on the whims of what is or isn’t trendy. Go with what you know you like regardless of what the interior design magazines say.

  1. Be Bold

Muted tones and serene spaces are appealing, but if you want to add adventure to your home, then don’t forget to make bold choices. Use unexpected colors or unusual pieces of furniture that reflect your personality.

  1. Create Secrets

Secret spaces within your home are the perfect way to add adventure. Hidden stairways, doors concealed by bookshelves, and secluded outdoor areas are just some ideas. Take a look at Eco Rooms for inspiration for creating an inviting outdoor space.

  1. Add Layers

If possible, you can increase the adventurousness of your home by adding layers and levels. This could include converting your basement or attic, designing a sunken living area, or finding space for a mezzanine. You could also divide a larger space with panels or walls to create depth in your home.

  1. Try Maximalism

Maximalist interior design is the opposite of minimalism in that it values boldness and abundance rather than simplicity. It’s great for increasing visual interest in a room.

  1. Think About the Journey

What will you or your houseguests experience as you move through the home? What journey do you want to take and what story do you want to tell? These considerations can help inspire you to design a more adventurous home.

  1. Subvert Expectations

While some rules of interior design are for structural purposes, don’t be afraid to ignore the ones that impose someone else’s taste on your home. Subvert the expectations that people might have by using rooms differently and making choices based on what you like rather than what’s expected of a space.

  1. Be Playful

If you want to inject a sense of adventure into your home, your best bet is to revive that adventurous spirit of childhood where your imagination guides your creativity. Although your home is a functional and necessary space to support your lifestyle, it can also be somewhere for you to feel engaged and inspired on a daily basis.