All About VPN


At some point of time in our lives, we all had to use networks from other sources, be it hotspots, or airdrop, and more! Out of the variety of networks available, VPN is one of them. This is one of the most widely used networks around the world. Most people used to be able to reach people that are far away but sometimes it is helpful for several things that can protect your data and give you some privacy with it. There are many other reasons for its usage and we shall see that ahead!  free VPN for windows websites are ProtonVPN, Windscribe, Speedify, and more! 

VPN is a Virtual Private Network, that connects your network with others or another one to get you to send and receive data with the face of the other network. This means that your network would get connected to a private network that will enable you to do the above with other networks like yours while using the private one. The other network assumes that it is the private network itself that is sharing or receiving data. The biggest example to understand VPN is that people from India can use VPN to access the films and shows available on the USA platform of Netflix. 

When you use a VPN, your data is largely encrypted and would not be available to anyone. That being said, it does not mean your data cannot be accessed. It generally does not, as long as you use a trusted platform. If you do end up using networks that can hack your information or attack your data in any form, you are at risk of losing it. Thus, you must always check out the website before using it. Most of these VPN connections are paid and these are known to be the trusted ones but that is not always the case. Some safe websites may be for free and vice versa. 

Free VPN

Free secure VPN is difficult to find because when you use a free VPN, you might be under the risk of being used as a private network by others or even get numerous advertisements all the time. This can get risky or irritating. Thus, checking out the VPN is very important. 


VPNs are used for various reasons as discussed above. One of them is being able to access data from other streaming applications not available in your country or region, get privacy by hiding your profile online. You can also use it to protect yourself from untrustworthy WiFi networks and getting hacked by using pirated sites. VPNs are quite useful for business applications as well. Some companies give employees access to VPNs to be able to share their data within as well as outside the office to keep it safe. They can also use the business’s internal network to work in the office. You can also use VPN on other operating systems such as Android, iOS, and more! And Some of the VPNs may offer free connections for a month and then ask for payment but we have some of the best free VPN for Windows, so you need not have to worry!


With that, we conclude this article. We hope you have understood everything regarding VPN and do use some of the free options mentioned above. These sites are trusted and will protect your data with utmost security. Even if you prefer to use paid options, check out the websites, and then pay. Be careful with the payment transactions as well! Although, we hope you don’t have to go for those and use the ones we recommend and enjoy using them!