Amazing Wedding Style Ideas – Find Out All About Latest “Posh” Wedding Looks Here

10% of newlyweds celebrate their honeymoon by going for a cruise. They represent many other couples who plan for a destination honeymoon as part of having posh wedding ideas. Besides having honeymoon plans, other considerations go into having an opulent wedding. 

Guests that come to your wedding want to see creativity. A lavish ceremony will have guests talking about your weddings for days on end. Here are the latest ideas you can customize to fit your sense of style. 

  1. Use Fresh Flowers for the Bridal Bouquet

If you’re looking for a wedding idea that never goes out of style, go for freshly picked flowers. Fresh flowers have a looser feel and easily blend with your wedding color theme. Besides, with organic bouquet style, it’s easier to add pops of color in the floral or bouquet handle.

The flowers should contrast your dress, which you can check here to find a great color. 

  1. Incorporate Raw Bars

When you think of raw bars, your mind might wander off. You might think of stringy seaweed, messy melting ice blocks, and unsightly piles of seafood. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. 

Instead of piles of shrimp and oysters, have the organizers create a “grab and go” seafood presentation. This can feature small plates of seafood on a bed of sea salt in clear glass votive holders. 

To complete the menu, add a condiment bar. Ideas to borrow from include mignonette, lemons, cocktail, and horseradish. These can be presented in highball or martini glasses. 

For more elegance, incorporate bottles of Tabasco sauce. 

Enhance the look of the raw bar using floral arrangements that complement the seafood. If done right, it will help push your raw bar from ho-hum catering hall to a unique urban sophistication. 

The raw bars will come in handy as the guests leave the ceremony area to the cocktail or reception area. The butlers can pleasantly surprise the guests by offering signature cocktails and an escort card. Not having to line up for a refreshing cocktail at the bar will be memorable for them.  

  1. Have a Smaller Bridal Party

A smaller bridal part reduces the wedding burden on the couple and their friends. By not being in the bridal party, your friends will save up to $1,000. The couple will also make significant savings on attendant gifts, bridesmaid bouquets, and groomsmen bouts. 

Some couples are nowadays opting not to have bridal parties and instead have only the maid of honor and the best man. Long gone are the days of large wedding parties, and professionals in the field couldn’t agree more.  

  1. Indoor Garden-Inspired Ceremony

Step out of the traditional constraints of typical altar arrangement and aisle baskets. In their place, get an expert to transform the bare space into a whimsical garden. The easiest way to achieve this is to hang flowers from the rafters, all the way up the walls. 

Line up the aisle with topiary trees and complete the look with green satin-covered chairs. There’s no way your guests won’t be convinced you had a garden wedding theme. 

  1. Black and White Photography

One of the comebacks in the wedding industry is black and white photography. Couples, now more than ever, are looking for timeless images to complete their modern wedding packages. 

When looking for photographers for your wedding, ask them if they can shoot in both color and black and white images. Ensure they capture the moments in details and formal portraits in both forms. 

  1. Incorporate a Ladies’ Lounge in the Reception

It can be frustrating for your female guests not to have some privacy to touch up their makeup. As such, think of a beautifully decorated tent endowed with lounge furniture. Let this be for the ladies to revamp their looks before rejoining the dance floor.


If you don’t want the gentlemen to feel left out, have a whiskey lounge for them as well. 

Take Away

Having a memorable wedding isn’t a far-fetched idea. There are unique styles you can incorporate to your wedding theme to bring out the best. Some themes may seem outdated, but they’re slowly finding their way back to wedding fronts. 


Among them is black and white photography. If well combined with colored photography, you’ll never go wrong. From your choice of bouquet to how you entertain your guest, there’s so much you can do in-between.