Blue Flower for Home Decoration: How to Choose?

The floral decoration should reflect on your personality and style. Think about the colour you like the best. Can they be easy to found any of the seasons? Do you agree with the decorating style you choose? What about choosing the blue flowers to decorate your home? These are some of the questions which you need to answer before organising a splendid floral decoration.

What kind of blue flowers are out there?

You can see different kind of blue flowers for home decoration. They are Blue cornflower (centaurea cyanus), Delphinium (Delphinium ajacis), Hyacinth (Hyacinthus), Hyacinth-grape (Muscari armeniacum), Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla), Forget- me- not (Myosotis sylvatica), etc.

Choose the best– Choose naturally blue flower. Be aware of the artificial floral colour. Although, some people say that it works, but the result is poor.

Flower availability– Check if the chosen flower will be available during the season when you will plan to decorate your home.

Expensive but aesthetic– Flowers like blue hydrangea tend to be expensive, but you can save on the quantity. Since with just one of them you can fill a good part of the arrangement of the home.

Mix another colour with blue flowers– the mix of blue, and white colours is a classic combination, but there is other option that looks great too. Try adding a touch of pink, and lilac to the ensemble. For those who prefer the environmental atmosphere, adding a little yellow is a great idea. The perfect mixture of colour influence the mood – 

  • Arrangements of white flowers, and foliage with blue flowers provide a sophisticated environment.
  • Arrangements of red flower, and foliage with blue flowers warm the environment, and create a romantic mood.
  • Arrangements of white, and light yellow, white and pink or, white and lilac flowers with blue flowers gives a touch of delicacy and softness to the environment.
  • Arrangements of yellow, and red flowers with blue flowers are perfect to warm up the environment to create a tropical climate.

Care with flower arrangements and candles

Table arrangements should be low or, high enough so that guests can chat without straying from them. If you choose to use candles in the decoration, be careful when choosing the type, and location where they will be placed. The warmth of the candles can cause the flowers to darken, and wilt faster.

Important tips to know when decorating your home using flower

Before buying the blue flowers, find out about the conservation tips, and the care they need such as brightness, humidity and temperature. It is ideal to choose suitable places to expose the flowers. Keep them in cool environments with natural lighting, as this makes the plants last longer. It is important to replace the water, and wash the pot every 2 or 3 days. Every two to three days, cut 1.5 cm from the stem for better water absorption. Avoid spots on leaves or petals, as they appear to deteriorate. Blue Flowers are a huge attraction in any environment. In addition to bringing good energy, they transform the vibration of the environment, leaving the decor even more charming, and pleasant.

Where you should buy the flowers?

If you are serious about using flowers as a home décor accessory, you cannot simply go for just any flower shop. This is because you will never get the freshest flowers or the widest varieties on offer. It is always a good idea to work with experts who can understand your intent and show you the best flowers. A good flower store Dubai stocks the best blue flowers for home décor. In addition, you can always go through their online store and choose the flowers, which appeal to you the most.