Car, Furniture & Shipping Large Items in California – Some Quick Facts

Car, Furniture & Shipping Large Items in California - Some Quick Facts

Sending large items doesn’t need to be an expensive experience. Read the following article to learn more about sending your vehicle, furniture items, or other things within or across the great state of California – you may find that it’s an easier experience than moving that stuff yourself!

Shipping Your Vehicle

California, as the nation’s most populous state, offers visitors and residents alike a rich mix of world-renowned culture, stunning natural beauty and an exploding economy. California also boasts iconic landmarks and companies, including Los Angeles and San Francisco – no surprise it draws millions of visitors and residents each year! If you are moving or shipping a car here there are a few things you should keep in mind before getting underway.

First and foremost, you should select a company with outstanding customer service. A reliable company will assign you a single agent who is readily available to answer all of your queries at any time throughout the shipping process. Make sure they respond swiftly if any concerns or questions arise during this journey.

Another key consideration when choosing car shipping services is cost. Different companies will have differing rates, so be sure to shop around before making a decision. Keep an eye out for deals or discounts during certain seasons or times of the year – don’t forget to inquire!

The type of vehicle you ship also impacts its costs of transport. An exotic or custom car, for instance, will likely require extra insurance coverage and more space on a trailer compared to standard sedans; thus increasing total sending expenses.

Large Appliances

Shipping large items like appliances is a common business requirement. Since these packages tend to be heavier than usual, it’s crucial that the appropriate carrier be chosen; UPS Ground offers excellent rates on heavy packages of 70 lbs. or more that you can easily locate prices for using their online shipping calculator.

Shipping companies use several factors to calculate their pricing for items they are sending, such as their size, weight and destination. Transit times for large items and type of service, such as car transport in California; also play a part in pricing decisions. Fragile items or those needing specific pickup/delivery dates often incur higher shipping costs; but there may still be ways you can lower them.

First step when sending items is selecting appropriate packaging. A sturdy box that clearly labels its recipient should be used with plenty of protective tape applied around its seams for additional label protection during transportation. Also ensure that any electrical cords and switches are disconnected before sending off the item for shipping; this will make delivery faster and safer for everyone involved.

Large Appliances


Sending furniture involves using parcel shippers or freight services. Parcel shippers such as UPS and FedEx offer limited furniture delivery; however, due to weight or size restrictions they may not be suitable for large pieces. Freight services may offer better solutions.

Less-than-Truckload (which you can learn about here) freight shipping may also be an option for businesses needing to transport large furniture items, though this option should be seen as less-than-ideal due to increased risks of damage during transit as the shipment moves from truck to truck in its journey – thus increasing damage risk further and ultimately arriving at its recipient’s curb rather than inside their home or business.

Cost of shipping furniture depends heavily on its type, dimensions and weight as well as your budget. If you need help estimating how much it will cost to ship furniture, contact your local Pak Mail today – they will offer a customized furniture shipping quote tailored specifically for your needs.

Helpful Hints

There are various methods for sending large and heavy items at a reasonable cost, even if it’s dozens of smaller boxes. One of the best and most common approaches is choosing a carrier offering flat-rate pricing based on size rather than weight; this approach could save customers a substantial sum and be an ideal option for those moving a number of items at once.

One way to reduce all of the costs involved is to select a carrier with an online rate calculator. This tool enables customers to enter their shipment’s dimensions, origin and destination to calculate its rate – saving both time and effort by eliminating phone calls for quotes from carriers.

Additionally, it is crucial that you obtain written estimates from multiple moving companies so as to compare costs. California law forbids verbal price estimates; all estimates must be based on visual inspection of goods and total estimated charges.

California residents should also be mindful of California’s restrictions regarding bringing animals and plants into the state, such as companion animals like cats and dogs, before trying to bring anything else in such as plants or other species. Before doing so, however, it’s essential that residents research local laws prior to any attempt at importing anything else such as wildlife or plants into Los Angeles.