Create a natural environment within your home

Everybody loves camping or going to hill places to escape from the stress that everyone gets while working or dealing with everything that someone gets in their day to day life. It’s necessary for everyone to be stress-free because stress can damage someone’s mental and physical ability. But not everyday one can take a leave and go on vacations except if you are a multi-millionaire. So, in this case, a flower vase [แจกันดอกไม้ which is the term in thai] can be the option.

Placing a flower vase inside the house or office can reduce stress though it won’t give that feeling that someone gets on vacation but at least will create a good environment around the working space or house.

Flower Vase

The flower vase is a thing where someone keeps the flower. It is an important aspect of the flower industry. Even though flowers are the main attraction, but one can not deny the fact that flowers vases are important to increase the beauty of the flower. There are many types of flower vases available in the market made of different materials like wood, plastic, ceramic, and so on and comes in different shapes and sizes. But it is recommended that not to go with metal vase. Because water will react with metal and forms an acid which will act as a poison for plants.

How to choose a flower vase

In this world, if someone is going to buy a product then in the market there will be thousands of products which are similar but have different properties and manufactured by different companies. So, same with the flower vase. But there are things that can be considered

  • Choose a square vase to give room to the bouquet
  • Consider the shape of flowers according to the vase
  • Flowers height must be two times of the vase.
  • Use a recommended vase by the flower shop owner.