Digitization of Idea Bill Payment  

 It has never been such a smooth ride ever before like the times now when making Idea bill payment has become such a simple process. Bill payments are essential tasks in the modern world today when most of us fill our homes and offices with all contemporary luxuries. In order to be able to enjoy the benefits of such amenities, it is crucial that we make the payments of bills on time to the service provider so that we are able to enjoy the services uninterrupted and impeccably.

Paying for post-paid mobile bills is one such regular task with most of us opting for the monthly bill payment method. If we step few years back, bill payments were more like a burden on our shoulders – whether it was the Idea bill payment or an electric bill payment, it meant –

  • Preparing a cheque in the name of the service provider or keeping exact changes of cash.
  • Standing in long queues at the payment counter of the service provider, be it rain or sun.
  • Travelling to and from the office or home to reach the service provider’s payment counter.

Fast forward to few years down the line and it is nothing short of a miracle how things are today, at least in most of the metropolitan cities in India. Today we make Idea bill payment from the comforts of our homes and offices, using online digital payment methods and the queues are almost non-existent in our lives, until and unless we need to get into a public transportation.

Having said that, it is also true that the scene at most rural areas and small towns in the country are still not this smart and technically oriented but things are changing fast and hopefully in the next few years the entire country would be digitized to take advantage of the internet revolution. For India, it is being predicted that almost 50% of internet users will use the digital payment methods by 2020!

Payments through Idea brand website and App

When making Idea bill payment, you can safely use the Idea Network brand website or download the App onto your smartphone. Using the App is much faster for it saves all relevant data pertaining to you so you do not need to re-enter the same details over and over again. This is good to use when you have to make payments or recharges pertaining to the Idea Network only.

Payments through reseller Apps and sites

With the growth of the online medium, a number of virtual resellers have also entered the field to facilitate customers. Resellers or agents have always been around – earlier there used to be the physical shops and stores that would resell services like mobile recharges, payments of bills, booking of tickets etc. Today it is the online resellers like Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe who are literally calling the last shots. This is because they are able to offer customers world-class support in umpteen numbers of services from a single App or platform, making things thoroughly easy and simple for the end customer.