Disadvantages Of Online Consultation You Should Know

With the growing technological advancements, Online Doctors Service has become increasingly popular among patients globally. Patients do not have to make a trip to the doctor every time they have a minor health problem.

However, with the convenience and speedy medical services, online consultation also has its fair share of disadvantages.

  1. No Physical Interaction

When doing an online consultation with your doctor, there will not be any face to face interaction between the both of you. That can be a problem because it may cause a hindrance in determining what exactly is wrong with you.

In as much as doctors can tell what you are ailing from by simply listening to your symptoms, sometimes they need to see and even feel the symptoms. In online consultation, there is usually no testing also.

Sometimes a blood, urine, or stool sample is best if a doctor tells you precisely what you may be suffering from. Many people who opt for online consultation do so because sometimes it can be embarrassing when the doctor has to examine your body.

However, for accurate diagnosis and prescription, the doctor should get a one on one interaction with you.

  1. Poor Communication

On the same issue of technical difficulties and poor connection, there might sometimes be during the online consultation that is hard to hear what the doctor is saying. It may also be hard for the doctor to hear you are saying, which can significantly affect his or her diagnosis and prescription.

There might also be times where either you or the doctor might get distracted by some things in the surrounding like noise or even kids playing around. That can not only cause both of you to lose some valuable time, but it will also cause a misunderstanding between both of you.

Also, there can be some times that the doctor does not fully understand what the patient is trying to ask or say via online consultation.

That can cause a wrong diagnosis and prescription. To avoid that, it is best to have a doctor check you so that they can fully understand your problem and its roots.

Body language is also one meaningful way to communicate. Some things are hard for patients to say, and body language can help the doctor identify a problem. Online consultation does not allow the doctor to read the patients’ body language correctly.

  1. Less Consultation Time

When doing online consultation, there might be some factors that may limit the time that you have with your doctor. For example, there might be technical errors or poor connections. That will mean that you will have to end the session before the doctor makes a diagnosis or prescription.

When doing a face to face consolation, you will have all the time to talk to your doctor and ask any questions you may have. It is also suitable for the doctor to ask about your medical history, unlike online consolation.

  1. Not Always Credible

These days, it is very easy for someone to create a website and pose as a medical practitioner, while in the real sense, they have no medical background. You might visit a website and think of it as a perfect place to ask for advice about your health, but it may turn out to be a scam.

It is tough to tell if a website is legit or not unless you have visited the doctor before, and they shared it with you. It is very easy to be fooled by people trying to make a living by misleading other people.

That is why it is essential to make that time to book an appointment and visit a doctor in his office. That gives you 100% proof that you are dealing with a professional. That short time saved with online consultation is not worth you getting a wrong diagnosis and prescription.

If you must use the online consultation, ensure that you do a thorough background check on the website you want to use. It would be best to ask for advice from people who have done online consultation before.

  1. Security Threats

With this technologically advanced age, having your details sent to your doctor online can be a danger for you. The information can be hacked and used for the wrong purposes.

Also, someone can hack into your bank account details when paying, and that can lead to theft from your account without your knowledge. You should protect your privacy from hackers by seeing the doctor face to face and paying in cash.