Does The FIXD Device Really Work?

The FIXD sensor creates a splash in the market. While many similar projects fail, this is perceived as a success. This advanced tool allows you to detect car issues with a detailed description and cost of the detected repairs. Everyone must have the question: Does the FIXD device really work? Get the answer here.

The FIXD car diagnostic tool gives you accurate data of the car’s health in real-time. It presents all information in real-time. You can see the diagnosed data on the Fixd app. It can detect more than 7000 potential issues of a car. Also, it helps to solve the depressive engine light and fault code issues. It alerts you to prevent car problems before they appear.


What is FIXD device?

FIXD car diagnostic scanner allows you to scan your car and to detect all problems. The scanner is easy to operate and displays the fallouts in real-time. You can do proper maintenance repair minor to major repairs with estimated costs. It works with the FIXD app. Through Bluetooth technology, you will get all diagnosed data and alerts on the smartphone. In particular, the FIXD sensor only works with cars that have OBD2 ports. You can detect 7000+ problems with the Fixd device and solve simple issues without expert’s help. Its estimated cost and live data prevent the loss of our valuable money and time.

Does the FIXD device really work? 

FIXD works through the car’s OBD2 port and Bluetooth connection. It really works and reduces the annoying stress in the midway. Let’s discover more about how it works:

  • It can diagnose all car problems: 

It can recognize a large number of issues which is more than 7000. All minor and major issues can be solved before starting your journey so you can become stress-free in the midway.

  • Estimate repair expenses: 

If you have had a car accident, you know that it takes a long time before the insurance covers the repairs. It presents the price of the repair parts and service costs according to your area.

  • It works faster: 

The device shows the result within a few minutes. It requires 3 to 5 minutes to scan the entire vehicle completely. Also, you can scan the car remotely anytime and anywhere.

  • Perform multiple car diagnoses on one account:

A single fixd allows you to perform 5 vehicles scanning. Also, you can add 5 vehicle accounts on a single app. All detected reports are highly accurate and described in details for better understanding. 

  • Reasonable: 

Have you noticed that many car repair shops offer free car scans? Customers visit repair stores for scanning their car. Despite their good intentions, you have to queue up and meet pressured salespeople. With FIXD, you can scan your car at any time.

  • Suitable for beginners: 

Most of the car diagnostic tools are difficult to use. Aside from the difficulty of placing them, most of these tools send codes. Its detailed report provides a clear understanding of the difficult codes and errors.

  • Your data is secured: 

Nobody can hack the transmitted data from the device. Also, the data will be secured in the app so you can stay stress-free about the information.

  • Continuous monitoring: 

The tool continuously monitors your car unless you completely disconnect it. It is beneficial in the driveway.

How to use FIXD?

The FIXD sensor must be inserted into the OBD2 port of a car. The OBD2 port is the car’s built-in computer that monitors data about your car, such as emissions, mileage, speed, etc. The information is delivered via Bluetooth on the fixd app.

When the device is connected to the car’s OBD2 port, the OBD2 port sends the information to the tool. After that, the fixd sends the information to the FIXD app via your smartphone. Also, the app allows you to do regular maintenance at the workshop to keep your vehicle fit always.

Can FIXD be used on multiple vehicles? 

Fixd is designed for multiple vehicle support. You can use a fixd on 5 vehicles to scan the car’s engine in real-time. Its default apps also allow you to add 5 different fixd devices from other vehicles. So, you can monitor if you have more than 1 car. In multiple-use, it presents highly accurate data with real-time alerts.

FIXD User Reviews

Below, I have presented some user reviews on the Fixd tool to prove that it really works.

  1. I have experienced fewer road problems since I used the FIXD sensor. Regular maintenance alert features have freed me up quite a bit of time to go into my local garages every time the car breaks down. The best thing for me is that prevention is better than repairs, so I can fix the problem before it causes more damage.
  2. I do not know how to repair a car, but I love driving them. It’s sad when you need to go to your local garage and find out that your car needs to be replaced with other parts because the problem escalated from a minor issue. Since I had the FIXD sensor installed, my car works with optimal performance every day.
  3. I always loved cars. I followed that passion and became a car mechanic. In my opinion, it is better to spend money on prevention than to wait for the car to break down before it gets the repair it deserves. Thanks to the team who created this device.

Final Word 

Does the FIXD device really work? It prevents you from buying unnecessary car parts since it has updated the price of car parts and repair costs. It detects all issues from the car’s OBD2 port. It can sync with all smartphones easily and provide accurate data on the Fixd app.

Simple to major car problems can be detected with the Fixd so you can be prepared before starting your trip. On the app, you can store diagnosed data for future needs and mechanic’s support. Get fixd now and make your trip stress-free in the driveway.