How to Avoid Clogging on your Drains

In Five Dock homes, everyone hates clogged drains. That’s because this problem can lead to other hazardous issues, not to mention, endangering the health of the household members. That’s why it’s important to make sure that certain measures have to be done to avoid this problem. To help you out, here are some tips you can do to prevent clogging on your drains.

How to Avoid Sink Clogs

It’s a universal rule to be careful of whatever you put on the garbage disposal. To avoid sink clogs, only go for things that can easily break down. Don’t dispose of those food products which are starchy or greasy. Chances are, these wastes will accumulate inside your pipes, hence, resulting in clogging. Even bones and other hard materials can be dangerous since these can break the blades and the plumbing system will be damaged.

How to Avoid Toilet Clogs

Another universal rule in avoiding toilet clogs – don’t use too much toilet paper. This may be easily done, but if you have kids, always remind them of this rule as well.

Anything that isn’t human waste or toilet paper should not go down the toilet drain as well. These can include baby wipes, flushable wipes (yes, flushable wipes are a no-no), facial tissues and even feminine products. If this confuses you, do flush down anything that’s not easily degradable. Otherwise, you’ll soon be experiencing toilet clogs and that’s not good.

How to Avoid Shower Drain Clogs

Although shower drain clogs are less likely to happen compared to clogs on kitchen sinks and toilets, these cases can also happen especially if the pipes connected to the shower are not regularly maintained. Commonly, the most common culprit of shower drain clogs would be the hair. To avoid this incident, you can attach a mesh hair trap to the drain. It will easily fit on your drain opening, plus, it’s inexpensive.

How to Avoid Bathroom Sink Clogs

When it comes to clogging caused by soap scums, stray hairs and trimmed beards, it’s usually the bathroom sink that suffers the consequences. To keep this from happening, practice minimising the hair getting rinsed down the drain. When you’re done with trimming, make a little effort to wipe your hair and dispose of it in the trash bin. Additionally, removing the sink stopper and cleaning it for at least once a month is also a good idea to prevent bathroom sink clogs.

When the worst case scenario happens and you’re unable to fix the clogs by yourself, always opt for the last resort – calling a licensed emergency plumber Five Dock tradesman to do the hard work for you. Still, it’s a great idea to prevent any clogging by being responsible household members.