How to Generate Buzz for a Community Fair

A community fair is a fun way to bring locals together, support local organizations and businesses, and build a sense of togetherness. But it takes work to generate excitement and get people to show up. Use these tips to create major buzz for your upcoming community fair.

Spread the Word Early

Start marketing your community fair at least 2-3 months in advance. Create flyers, posters, social media posts, email blasts, and other promotional materials with the fair name, date, time, location, and highlights. Distribute these materials widely in your community at local businesses, schools, churches, rec centers, busy intersections, and anywhere people congregate.

Recruit Local Schools and Organizations

Connect with neighborhood schools, youth sports teams, churches, civic organizations, and other established local groups. Many will be happy to help promote the fair to their members if you offer them an informational booth or opportunity to fundraise at the event. This builds anticipation and ensures their members will attend.

Launch a Website and Social Media

Develop a website and social media pages specifically for your community fair. On these platforms, provide continuous updates on fair activities, vendor registration, entertainment lineups, contests, special attractions, and sponsorship opportunities. Encourage social media sharing and interactions.

Hold Contests and Giveaways

Generate excitement by holding contests like logo, food vendor, parade float, or talent show competitions related to the fair. Offer fun giveaways like free ride tickets or t-shirts for sharing fair posts and tagging friends. Award prizes from local businesses to drive interest.

Rent Exciting Rides

A key way to create major buzz is to offer fun rides and activities at your community fair. Rent rides like a Ferris wheel, carousel, or roller coaster that will appeal to all ages. Also rent a drop tower ride, which shoots riders up a tall tower before dropping them back down at exhilarating speeds. Unique and thrilling rides will get locals talking and eager to buy tickets.

Book Popular Entertainment

Hire local musicians, bands, magicians, dance troupes, and other performers to entertain at your fair. If your budget allows, see if you can book “name brand” acts with a regional or national following. Popular entertainment tends to generate the most excitement and social media mentions.

Throw a Spectacular Parade

Organize a kick-off parade the morning of the fair with floats, marching bands, dance teams, fire trucks, decorated cars, and local organizations marching. Line the streets with spectators by promoting it widely in advance. End the parade route at the fairgrounds.

Offer Discounted Pre-Sale Tickets

In the weeks leading up to the fair, sell discounted tickets online and at local vendors. This allows you to gauge interest, lock in sales, and create urgency to buy tickets before prices go up. Families will jump at the chance to save money. 

Partner with Local Media

Work with local media outlets like newspapers, TV stations, magazines, blogs, and radio shows to promote the fair. Give them exclusives, invite them to cover events, or work out a media sponsorship. Their visibility will spike awareness and highlight can’t-miss attractions.

By using these tips, you can generate major buzz that turns your community fair into the event of the season! The excitement will be palpable.