How to Prolong Ceramic Coating     

As vehicles evolve, so do the ways people protect and maintain them. In the past, vehicle owners turned to polymer sealants. Today, the ceramic coating is the new trend. Initially, the product gained popularity as an expert service offered by detailing shops. Currently, they’ve become widely available, easier to use, and affordable. 

Essentially, Ceramic Pro coating offers extra protection to a vehicle’s exterior to give it a new look with minimal maintenance. This product achieves this outcome by making your car easier to clean and more resilient. 

With its numerous benefits and popularity among vehicle owners, you might wonder, what is a ceramic coating? If you’re wondering how to protect your car, here’s what you should know.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

This term describes a liquid polymer, which needs a manual application to a vehicle’s exterior. It works by bonding chemically with a car’s factory paint to create a protective layer. Therefore, it doesn’t break down or wash away. Neither does it need repeated application every couple of months. 

It’s worth noting that it doesn’t substitute paint protection film. Instead, it’s an alternative for premium wax.  Typically, the ceramic coating comprises silicon dioxide obtained from natural materials, for instance, sand and quartz. 

Some brands, however; use titanium oxide as an extra hardening agent. During its application on a vehicle’s paint, the two develop a chemical bond with hydrophobic (water-repellent) properties. You should only apply it once your vehicle is in top-notch shape following a wash. 

Make sure you don’t leave any dirt, contaminants, or oily films on a vehicle because the coating won’t seal properly. Remember, the amount of money you’re ready to spend will establish the product quality you buy. 

Tips to prolong ceramic coating lifespan 

Don’t wash your vehicle for 7 days after applying a ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings typically take some time to cure and offer the required protection to your paint job. The product is a considerable investment, so unless you want to waste it, avoid washing your vehicle for a week at least following its application. This duration permits ceramic coating to cure properly. 

Don’t wash your car in direct sunlight

Direct sunlight produces heat, which affects professional coating. To make sure you obtain the best outcomes, ensure you wash the vehicle in a garage or wherever there’s shade.  You should wash the vehicle in the early evening or morning hours when the sun will be at the lowest levels. This will help prevent water spots. 

Use an Automotive Particular Shampoo or Soap

Make sure you use products developed specifically for vehicles; these don’t comprise chemical agents, harsh abrasives, or other contaminants. Moreover, you should use quality car shampoo or soap. You don’t have to use any products with added polish or wash. 

Myths Surrounding Ceramic Coating

Various myths exist surrounding this product, including:

  • Any soap will work on ceramic-coated vehicles – Ceramic coatings aren’t bulletproof. Once they harden, they develop an invisible protection shield by solidifying on the substrate. While the product is as strong as glass or quartz, it’s somewhat specific when washing it. You should wash ceramic coating with a specific shampoo that lacks wax and is pH neutral. Most detergents, on the other hand, comprise high alkaline. This could leave a film above the coating if you don’t rinse completely or dries too fast.
  • Use Fast Detail Spray – People commonly suggest that it’s okay to use this spray to sustain a ceramic coating. This is partially true. You find that the solution is acceptable if you’re looking for a fast means of removing light dust upon arriving at a vehicle show.

If you’re a new vehicle owner, you’re probably wondering what is a ceramic coating? Thankfully, this guide describes what it is and how it functions.