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You’ve often thought about smoking marijuana but aren’t quite sure about its benefits. Well, for starters, you must realize that marijuana is an all-natural herb that provides a pleasurable sensation. Modern medical science has incorporated marijuana in various drugs to help patients numb their physical pain. THC, found in marijuana, is a great substance to calm the mind and help get rid of anxiety and hypertension. Communities all around the world have used marijuana for its health benefits for centuries. However, it is only a few decades that medical science in the western world has acknowledged the healing properties of marijuana. Continue reading this article to find out different ways of consuming marijuana. 

Smoking Marijuana: One of the most common forms of consumption is by smoking the herbs. It is no secret that people in the eastern countries used to and still consume marijuana for its therapeutic benefits. For example, Sadhus in India smoke marijuana before meditating to gain better access to the higher consciousness of the human psyche. When one experiences a higher state, he can visualize sounds as colors. That is why the hippie movement was so popular in America back in the 80s. The hippies used to consume marijuana and cannabis to get high, and they also held music concerts, which gave them the trippy feel that so many crave. 

  • You can visit any certified weed shop in your area and get marijuana buds. These buds are broken into pieces before smoking. Once you are in the shop, you can ask for a recommendation or browse through different strains to select the one you like. 
  • Be sure to create a mellow atmosphere at home, with soothing lighting and calming music. You may also light scented candles while you enjoy the quiet smoke. 

Capsules and Gummy Bears: Those who dislike smoking but still want to experience the sensation may go for CBT capsules and gummies available in the market. These tablets provide an instant high that lasts longer than other forms of consumption. There are multiple online stores from which you can get the CBT tablets and Gummy bears without going out to buy them. For example, many people get Rosin, Gummy Crunch from online stores such as Lewpow Extracts that have their offices set up in multiple locations in America. These marijuana edibles are lab tested and are completely safe for consumption. 

Pot-Brownies: Many people incorporate marijuana leaves into making pot-brownies and pot-cookies. These things are easy to make and can be enjoyed with friends who are also weed-enthusiasts. You can make large batches of pot brownies and store them in containers to consume later. 

CBT oils and Lotions: Those who suffer from joint pain and chronic discomfort for sensitive nerves can apply marijuana-infused oil to calm their nerves and have a soothing spa experience. These modern oils and creams help people achieve a sense of calm without having to consume marijuana orally. Nowadays, young people prefer THC-infused herbal makeup products over chemically enhanced beauty brands that are harmful in the long run.