Prison System and Mental Health

Getting arrested for a crime that you did not commit can come as a shock. At times minor faults can turn into something of major consequence. When someone is arrested, the fear of being ostracized by family, friends, or co-workers can lead to anxiety and even depression. Human beings are social creatures, so people cannot handle the loss of reputation easily. They might feel worthless and even have suicidal thoughts. In prison, many factors may lead to the downfall of mental health, including:


California has one of the highest prison populations in the nation. Studies have shown that overcrowding increases the risk of panic, insomnia, paranoia, and aggression. It further increases the chances of riot and violent attacks in prison.

  • Detention centers are infamous for bullying and gang violence. Hence, an early release is necessary to avoid any form of torture or ill-treatment by prison authorities or prisoners themselves. In California, one can rely on 24 hours Santa Barbara county bail bonds agents to post their bail application and get it processed so that they can return home to friends and family. All one needs is 10% of the bail amount as a bond fee and a contract requiring the defendant to appear for all court appearances.
  • Inmates who wish to isolate themselves will likely be ostracized or subject to mistreatment. On the other hand, one who chooses to engage with others will lose their privacy owing to a lack of hygienic private spaces.

Lack of meaningful activity

Recreation includes sports events, telephone calls and walks. Federally mandated tasks are limited to employment in the foodservice, pharmacy or the warehouse, or work as a painter, plumber, gardener or volunteer. For these laborious work assignments, one earns a measly 12-40 cents per hour.

  • Most detainees face insecurity over their work and relationships. It is human nature to ponder on what might happen when released from jail. The fear of getting fired and losing relationships loom over their heads.
  • Statistics show innocent defenders too lose employment and meaningful relationships once they are face criminal charges. That is why it is of utmost importance to have a support system that works for you.

Inadequate Health Services

There is an alarmingly low rate of detection, prevention and proper treatment of mental disorders inside the prison facility. To promote overall wellness the prison system must employ techniques to help the prisoners be engaged in meaningful activities.

Don’t let your loved one fall prey to the damaging effects of unnecessary prison. Ensure their safety with a bail bond. Once they are out of the system, they can employ the best lawyers to represent them in the courthouse. After the trial is over and you are proven innocent, you need to take care of your mental health. Visit an experienced psychologist to talk about the trauma you endured over the last few months. You may not even comprehend the damage done to your psyche due to the inhuman conditions you had to face in jail. To have a positive outlook towards life itself, you need to fix your own self first. Mental and psychological health is as important as physical health, so don’t ignore the necessity for a proper therapy session.