Seven Most Important Features of Spa Software

From managing appointments to point of sale transactions, there are certain features you need in your spa software to make your life as a business owner easier and keep your spa running smoothly. This article will detail seven of the best spa software features that are necessary for businesses that specialize in anything spa-related.

1. Point of Sale

It probably goes without saying that being able to use your spa software to allow your clients to make transactions is absolutely vital. After all, you need some method for exchanging your goods or services for money.

Any good spa software will make it easy for your customers to make purchases, and it will also allow you to efficiently access receipts and purchase history.

2. Subscription Affordability

Although almost all spa software companies provide you with a free trial for a specific amount of time, it is important that once you decide to commit to signing up for a subscription, it fits into your budget.

3. Employee Management

To be able to keep track of your employees’ hours and schedules is something that any good spa software like Book4Time should include. Not only should it have a way for your employees to easily see their shifts, but it should also include payroll information. This makes your management job easier, and it makes your employees’ lives simpler.

4. Client Management 

Giving your clients the most convenient, stress-free experience is part of the spa package, so it is very important that your software makes pulling up your clients’ information easy and fast. There should be appropriate fields included, such as the client’s reason for their visit, their first and last name, and contact information.

It is also vital that there is a noticeable field that has any allergy information, as it can ruin your client relationship if you mistakenly use a product that irritates their skin. There should also be an area where you can put client preferences, such as a specific product they favour.

5. Online Booking

In this day and age, your software should definitely provide your clients with a way to book appointments online. Many people seeking out a business for a specific reason expect to be able to take care of everything on the Internet, and making appointments is certainly no exception.

6. Inventory Management

It is smart to utilize spa software that makes it fast and straightforward to find your inventory. Your software should include multiple ways that you can categorize the items and services you sell.

It should show how much of each item you have in stock, the prices for your inventory, where it is all located, and any other information you find necessary to include. Your software should also make it easy to export an inventory report.

7. Loyalty Program

The final feature that is important to have in your spa software is the ability to create a loyalty program and to keep track of your customers who are a part of it. Typically, this will include an area where points are added up according to client purchases.