Simple tips for TV Installation

If you are in search for a new television in New York, then you have endless options. With so much advancement in technology why not indulge and get the TV you have always dreamt of?

Once you have bought a new TV for you and taken it out of the box, now is the time to find a good TV stand for it. And this is where you need to hire professional TV installation service. A lot of flat screen televisions are designed with pre-made holes for wall mounting. There are plethora of reasons for it.

  1. It saves floor area and wipes out the clutter of wires and cables.
  2. It gives a sleek and unique look to your room
  3. Once the TV gets installed at the right angle and height, it makes viewing an enjoyable experience.

If you want to go for TV installation, then here are some tips which you should keep in mind. Also make sure that you go through the TV manual before installing it.

Select the location and viewing height

Plan before you just commence drilling holes in the wall. Notice these points when selecting location:

  • For a perfect viewing experience, your television should be placed at an eye level where you sit down to watch.
  • Select a location which has easy access to cable inputs
  • Don’t mount in direct sunlight to avoid glare.
  • Don’t mount above a fireplace to lower the risk of damage by heat and soot.

Fix the mounting arms

Put the TV facing down on a soft cloth. Now attach the arms in the four holes placed at the TV’s back using right hardware. Ensure that mounting arms are level. Do not over-tight the bolt

Search wall studs

Locate two studs to support the TV. Point the stud with a pencil. Measure the distance between the top and bottom holes of the mounting arms. Use level to ensure that the holes are straight and even.

Place TV bracket

With the help of drilling machine, drill pilot holes in the studs you have marked. Attach the bracket to the wall and check the level before you tighten it.

Mount the TV on the wall

Before you hang the TV and connect the wires, place the TV on the frame and adjust it. Ensure that it is safely attached. See if the television is working properly and if the view is nice.

Hide the wires

In order to get a clean and modern look for your television, make sure you hide the mess of the cables and wires. There are several options to do it.

If you want to avoid all the hassle and enjoy a reliable and comfy TV installation, then you should hire tv installation service in New York. The professionals will mount your new TV in the most perfect manner and provide you a unique experience. They will also take care of the extra wires and cables and hide in the right way. So, hire and services and escape all the hard work.