TheOneSpy Spy app for android; The Parental Care Your Kid Needs


There are certain times in life when the universe remind you how blessed the normal days are. Good health, access to favourite food, a normal day at work and more. The importance of these days is highlighted when we have to spend our day without them. We spent a day like that last month and since then our life has changed.

It was a normal day when we got a call from the school. Turn out the teen was missing school for at least a week and they were unable to contact us because of an apparent glitch in the system. Well for the record the kid was going to school like normal days regularly and now we had no idea what he was up to. Things were so messed up that he even did not think of getting caught. The kid came back home right on time and we apologize to the school authorities. His father was furious and ready to ask the questions but he simply refused to tell us anything. Later on, after I had a calm talk session with him, shocking things were revealed. We found out that his close friend died from suicide and he has not gone to school since that day. Call us careless parents but we did notice his change in behaviour but thought of it as normal teen routine stuff so didn’t bother to ask him anything. It was a major mistake from our side. He was going through an extremely tough time and we didn’t know about it.

My husband asked him to hand over his gadgets as punishment and he simply handed them over without any protest. I was not in favour of this harsh treatment but turned out my husband had a plan in his mind. The confiscation of the device was for the installation of a spy app for android. Once the app started working I got to know how much we need that tool and how bad the situation was for the kid. Here is what we have found out so far about the kid thanks to the oggy movies by the app.

  • It is a simple tool that allows real-time notification about the target.
  • The app needs physical access to the password-free device. The fake punishment thing was for installation purposes.
  • Once the app is installed everything is in the remote access of the parents. 
  • You can track the real-time location of the target at any given time with the GPS feature.
  • You can limit the location of the target by marking a buffer zone under a safe and restricted area zone. Any movement around the marked zone is notified to the user by the app. 
  • TheOneSpy spy app for android offers a long list of social media and instant messenger chat app monitoring features. You can check their newsfeed and more by simply accessing the online webportal. Facebook spy app, WhatsApp spy app, Snapchat spy app, Tinder spy app and more are just some of the features. 
  • Another interesting feature offered by TheOneSpy is tracking the browsing history of the target person. You can timely know if your kid is going through some rough patch and can take immediate action right away. 
  • The access to the bookmark or favourite feature tells the user many things about the general habits and interests of the target person. 
  • You can follow them around like a shadow with the camera bug feature. It allows the user to use the front and rear cameras of the target device. 
  • Listen to them when they think they are not around the family as with the mic bugfeature you can listen to their random discussion and chat with friends and other companies. 
  • His digital diary revealed shocking things as the keystroke logging feature reports all the keypad-related stuff. He needed therapy and with the TheOneSpy spy app for androidwetook timely action to save further damage. 

TheOneSpy spy app for android offers three types of bundle deals for its users. You can enjoy all the basic and advanced features in the monthly, seasonal and even yearly bundle. It is the best wayto keep in touch with your kids as in the digital era kids share more with their gadgets than with their family members.